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Pkgd Hooks-Dbl,Treble

Mustad Triple Grip Treble Hook
$7.39 - $7.49
Special wide bend, austempered, chemically sharpened.
Owner Stinger-36 Tournament Trailer Treble Hook
Features and reflective Mylar flash hand tied around the shank to stimulate more strikes. When pulled behind a crankbait or spoon, the feathers undulate like the tail of a minnow but stop the lure and the feather spread, triggering an "attack" response. Hook features include Cutting Points? and a black chrome finish.
Owner Stinger-41 Treble Hook
$9.99 - $11.99
2X strong with a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish, are the ideal replacement hooks for improving the hooking power of heavy freshwater and most varieties of saltwater plugs, spoons and die cast jigs. Lethal when used as a "stinger" for rigging natural baits. Features include a short shank, round bends and three slightly curved in Cutting Points?.
Mustad Ultra Point KVD Elite Triple Grip Treble Hook
$9.79 - $13.49
Standard wire, standard length. Same shape as the original KVD in a llighter wire, longer shank version. Ideal for longer lures where hook tangling is not an issue and in applications where the heavier wire hook is not needed.
SpoonBill King Snagging Hook
$14.99 - $17.49
Built to snag and drag heavyweight paddlefish and spoonbill. Strong barbed treble hooks are perfect for the lake, alongside the river or on the boat. Per 12.
Mustad UltraPoint Pete Maina Treble Hook
$7.49 - $10.49
Mustad Pete Maina 2X Strong / Long Treble hooks are extremely wide gaped treble hooks for big lures and big mouths. Featuring Mustad's 4.3 Ultra Point technology. Absolutely ideal for targeting big freshwater species like pike and musky. Outstanding hooking and holding capacity. Coated with Mustad all new Black Nickel that are 4 times as rust resistant as traditional Black Nickel. Chemically sharpened high carbon steel.
Mustad Classic Live Bait/Liver Hook
$13.99 - $15.49
Extra long shank with safety pin, ringed.
Mustad Ultra Point Dressed Treble Hook
Features opti-angle needle point, chemically sharpened, nor-tempered, short shank, round bend, ringed, red hook, hand tied feathers.
Mustad Classic Tarpon Hook
Ringed, special tinned, short shank, 3 extra strong. 5 Pack.
Team Catfish Mini Furry Thang Hook
They are made with loop after loop of bait holding ability. These babies are bait hogs, they don't like to let go of your dip bait! Just poke these in our SECRET-7 Dip Bait, cast it out, and hang on to your pole! These rigs are made with the original Looper material that has been wacking catfish for many years. Also the rigs include our very own DEAD RED TITAN treble hooks, needle sharp and strong.
Team Catfish Dip Bait Tube Hook
This is a red dip bait tube treble hook. It is great for dough balling and features 4x strong and able to hold lots of bait.
Magic Big Bite Dough Bait Spring Hook
The spring keeps your baits from falling off. It is designed to work with various Magic baits including, Magic's Catfish Dip Bait, Catfish Bait, Premium Catfish, Carp Bait, Premium Carp Bait and Trout Bait. Each hook includes the spring and treble hook. There are 3 in each pack.
Owner Double Toad Bass Hook
Designed to be fished with any of the toad softbaits on the market. The hook is made from three separate pieces of wire, which makes it 100% balanced, unlike double hooks made from 2 pieces of the wire. The weighted version has a contoured lead shape that increase castability, and creates a keel effect for balancing baits. A narrower V-angle between shanks rigs most "toads" perfectly and makes it easier for baits to slide into the gap upon hooksets. Features include a separate eye between shanks for rigging spinners, Twistlock Centering Pin Spring (patented) for straight rigging, Super needle points.
Magic Sponge Hook
These feature a treble hook and are designed to be used with punch and sponge baits such as Magic Catfish Dip Bait. To use, just dip the hook into the dip bait. There are 3 in each pack.
Stanley Unweighted Double Take Frog Hook
Designed around a super long shank that allows the twin hooks to punch through the legs at the rear of the toad without restricting the action.
Gamakatsu Feathered Treble Hook
Gamakatsu feathered treble hooks are now available. Ordinary crankbait trebles can be changed to super sharp, super strong Gamakatsu hooks and trailer hooks, chug bait rear trebles, or many other possibilities as well.
Mustad Ultra Point KVD Elite Triple Grip Treble Hook
Standard wire, standard length, and black nickel or red in color. Step up in wire strength from the popular 36102 Series. UltraPoint technology means hooks stay sharper longer.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Treble Hook
Features reqular shank, 6X strong, needlepoint.These hooks are Platinum Black Plus in color.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Treble Hook
$3.79 - $6.29
Eagle Claw, Lazer Sharp, Bronze, Regular Shank, 2X Strong Curved Point. 5 Hooks per bag.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Treble Hook
Short shank, 3X strong, straight point.
Eagle Claw Softbait Treble Hook with Spring
2X strong, curved point with spring. Bronze. 3 Pack.
Williamson Tandem Assist Hook
$6.89 - $9.29
2 strong VMC Perma Steel hooks linked by Dacron. This very efficient rig doubles your chances of hook up. Solid stainless steel ring and extra strong split ring makes this assist hook able to fight against the largest predators.
VMC Fishfighter Treble Hook
The VMC® 6x Fish Fighter is forged from extremely tough, lightweight Vanadium® Steel. It offers up to 25% increased strength over the material used in regular hooks. The Cone Cut point by VMC® is a chemically sharpened, second to none, premium point offering extremely fast and effortless penetration power. The Fish Fighter is designed for enormous fish in both fresh and saltwater applications.
VMC Treble Hook with Cut Point
$3.79 - $29.99
Features short shank, hi-carbon steel. Cut point.
VMC Inline Treble Hook
Inline hooks features an exclusive rotated eye that is perfectly in line with one branch of the treble hook. When attached to a lure, this unique feature allows a perfect balance of the lure that means better swimming action. Also less damage to the finish of your lure as no point will come to hit the lure body. You can troll or retrieve as fast as you want without losing the swimming action of your lure.
Magic Bait Big'N Hook
Holds loads. New soft plastic mesh netting allows bait to load easy & holds in swift waters.
Magic Bait Hog Wild Sponge Hook
These Magic Treble hooks last up to 4 times longer than ordinary foam hooks. American made hooks and sponge. 3 Pack.
Magic Bait Big Bite Dough Bait Hook
Designed to work with Magic's Catfish Dip Bait, Catfish Bait, Premium Catfish, Carp Bait, Premium Carp Bait and Trout Bait, Magic Dough Bait Spring Hooks utilize a spring that prevents these baits from falling off. 3 per pack.
Magic Bait Hog Wild Hook
A very effective way to catch more fish. Simply push the Bait Holder into the bottom of a bait jar, fill and pull out slowly. Refill every 10 to 20 minutes. Easy to rig. 2 Pack.
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