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Snelled Hooks

Eagle Claw Double Line Snelled Hook
Classic plain shank offset, down eye, light wire, double snell, bronze, 2X long shank.
Eagle Claw Salmon Egg Snelled Hook
Up eye, offset, single slice.
Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$4.89 - $107.76
Mustad® wide gap hook snelled on 12" leader. 4 per pack.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Baitholder Snelled Hook
$2.89 - $21.54
Nylon monofilament, 18" leader. 6 Per pack.
Eagle Claw Circle Sea Snelled Hook
$28.14 - $30.54
Most popular circle hook style with a 10 1/2" wire leader. Great for pike, muskie, striper or any other fish species with sharp teeth.
Eagle Claw Aberdeen Light Wire Snelled Hook
$2.59 - $9.99
Offset, down eye, 1x long shank, plain shank, light wire, live bait, single snell, gold.
Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$59.76 - $107.76
Mustad® wide gap #37161 nickel-plated hooks snelled on 12" leader.
Fin Strike Pro Series Blackfish (Tautog) Snelled Hook
Black Mustad® octopus beak hooks. Three hooks per pack.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Octopus Snelled Hook
Monofilament, 18" leader, octopus snell, Black Pearl?.
Gamakatsu Walleye Snelled Hook with Glowbead
Featuring our sticky sharp octopus hook in the most popular walley catching colors. All colors are skillfully tied on 7' of premium of premium Japanese 8 lb. monofilament.
Eagle Claw Medium Wire Double Line Snelled Hook
$2.39 - $29.88
Classic hooks, Plain shank, offset down eye and medium wire snell.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Octopus Striped Bass Octopus Snelled Hook
$23.94 - $24.54
Ideal when fishing for Octopus and Striped Bass. This hook features: Offset, Curved Point, Up Eye, and Plain Shank.
Fin Strike Blackfish (Tautog) Snelled Virginia Hook
$74.16 - $76.56
Blue Mustad® Virginia hooks with 12" leaders. Six hooks per pack.
Fin Strike Bluefish Snelled Hook
$83.76 - $90.96
Bronze Mustad® O'Shaughnessy hooks with black nylon coated stainless steel wire and swivels. Three hooks per pack.
Eagle Claw Pro-V Bend Baitholder Hook
$2.09 - $2.59
Quickly separate your media and brass. An ideal accessory for sifting media from cleaned cases. You can simply place it on top of a bucket, dump in your brass and you will be able to save your media for another use. It is an economical alternative to rotary media separators.
Eagle Claw 139 Baitholder Snelled Hook
$2.59 - $10.49
Down eye, 2 slices, single snell, bronze. 6 per pack. Assortment pack includes sizes 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2. 18 per pack. 139GE is a classic, baitholder, offset, down eye, two slices, medium wire.
Gamakatsu Single Egg Hook
$4.69 - $6.39
Barb on shank. A premier bait hook, for single eggs. Also great for floating dough baits.
Eagle Claw Nylawire Snelled Hook
$28.14 - $40.74
2X long shank, offset, down eye with leader. Comes with a extra long plain shank offset hook that lends itself to a variety of species, situations and fishing environments.
Bear Paw O'Shaughnessy Nickel Nylawire Snelled Hook
$4.89 - $5.59
Nylon coated stainless steel wire snelled hooks are hand tied for extra strength.
Eagle Claw Live Minnow Snelled Hook
Ready to fish as soon as you take them out of the package! Simply add your bait and get going! These pre-tied mono snells feature a smooth shank bronze non-offset hook with up eye. Eagle Claw Live Minnow/Perch Snelled Hooks are designed specifically for perch fishing.
Bear Paw Black Octopus Snelled Hook
Hand tied monofilament leaders with no slip knots.
Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$66.96 - $76.56
Mustad® # 92642 gold beak bait holder hooks snelled on 12" and 36" leaders. 6 PACK.
Eagle Claw 147 Kahle Snelled Hook
Classic Kahle® horizontal, Up eye, offset, wide bend, single snell, bronze.
Tru-Turn Snelled Hook
$2.69 - $32.28
O'Shaughnessy design, forged, ringed down eye, spear point, two slices, bronze with 7" clear DuPont® monofilament. Cam action. 6 per card.
Owner Walleye Plus Snelled Rig
Walleye Plus Snells, designed for the pros, feature a feather light, super sharp hook, with a green glow bead covering and protecting the knot. Eight feet of leader, and the hooks come in either red or chartreuse glow. 6 pack.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Super Snelled Hook
Lazer Sharp® baitholder, Super? snell, offset, eye, two slices, medium wire, hydro-dynamic presentation.
Bear Paw Flicker Snelled Circle Hooks
$61.08 - $67.08
Hand tied using either 8 or 12" monofilament or nylon coated stainless steel wire leaders and are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. All Flicker Snelled Hooks use brilliant fluorescent red beads and personalized spinner blades, sized and balanced to hook size for superior action.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Snelled Circle Sea Hook
Monofilament, 18" snell, Circle Sea?, Black Pearl?. 5 Per Pack.
Eagle Claw Nylawire Snelled Hook
Comes with a red baitholder hook. Attached to the red baitholder hook is 6" nylawire snell. The nylawire snells are also red in color, camouflaging itself with exact color of the hook, making the bleeding presentation complete from the tip of the hook to the tip of the snell.
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