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Fishing Hooks

Daiichi Circle Wide Hook
Forged, reversed, kirbed, black nickel.
Eagle Claw Nylawire Snelled Hook
2X long shank, offset, down eye with leader. Comes with a extra long plain shank offset hook that lends itself to a variety of species, situations and fishing environments.
Gamakatsu Catfish Hook Assortment
Gamakatsu Catfish Hook Assortment. A 20 pack featuring 5 each of the best all around catfish hooks. Includes 8/0 and 6/0 Octopus circle hooks and 4/0 shiner hooks and 1/0 NS black baitholder hooks.
Gamakatsu Tuna Hook
A great hook for stiff rings and other trolling applications. The smaller needle eye makes for easy inserting into a bait and the forged blade point helps ensure a solid hook set.
Mustad Southern and Tuna Hook
$9.29 - $59.99
Knife edge southern and tuna hook. Forged, tapered brazed ring, Duratin. 2 pack.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Kahle Fluke Snelled Hook
Nylon monofilament, 36" line with red bead, medium wire, up eye, offset, Kahle?, SW.
Eagle Claw Medium Wire Double Line Snelled Hook
$2.39 - $28.68
Classic hooks, Plain shank, offset down eye and medium wire snell.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Octopus Striped Bass Octopus Snelled Hook
Ideal when fishing for Octopus and Striped Bass. This hook features: Offset, Curved Point, Up Eye, and Plain Shank.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Hook
$4.29 - $24.99
Forged offset, ringed eye, 95% lip hook rate, Lazer Sharp®, Sea Guard?, saltwater package.
Fin Strike Pro Series Blackfish (Tautog) Snelled Hook
Black Mustad® octopus beak hooks. Three hooks per pack.
Gamakatsu Offshore Octopus Hook
$5.69 - $36.99
One of the more versatile hooks in our line up, this hook is built to handle big fish. Used for everything from catfish to tarpon, the offset beak point penetrates quickly and can be used on either bigger live baits or for chunk baits.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Hook
$8.29 - $41.99
Tournament approved Circle Sea?, non-offset, ringed eye, Lazer Sharp®, Sea Guard? Black?, saltwater.
Mustad Classic Tarpon Hook
$2.59 - $84.99
Ringed, with superior point.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Hook
$7.39 - $41.99
Circle Sea?, wide gap, non-offset, & ringed eye. Endorsed by the Billfish Foundation.
Mustad Classic Circle Hook
$3.59 - $21.99
Demon Perfect Circle hook is black nickel in color and approved and endorsed by the Billfish Foundation as the hook's design makes for a very high jaw hooking percentage with the point angled in a 96 degrees. It is designed for easy baiting, fantastic presentation and high performance.
Eagle Claw Double Line Snelled Hook
Classic plain shank offset, down eye, light wire, double snell, bronze, 2X long shank.
Mustad Sea Demon Big Game Hook
$9.29 - $119.99
Forged knife edge long point, Duratin. The following come as 10 packs of 2 per pack: 0179-0354, 0355, 0364, 0664, 0665, 0666, 0667, 0668, 1078, 1079, 1080
Owner Grander Tournament Marlin Circle Hook
$22.99 - $30.99
There is no circle hook stronger than Owner's new Grander Tournament Marlin Hook. Designed to meet accepted billfish tournament specifications with its in-line, non-offset hook point that is angled 90° to the super strong shank that will handle 1,000 pound Black and Blue Marlin. Features a forged hangnail point and a black chrome finish.
Mustad Ultra Point Neon Beak Bait Hook
Beak hook, opti-angle needle point, forged, turned-up tapered eye.
Mustad Ultra Point KVD Elite Triple Grip Treble Hook
$11.49 - $20.99
Elite Triple Grip® treble, opti-angle needle point, chemically sharpened, nor-tempered, two extra short shank, extra strong, special wide bend, ringed, and black nickel in color. (11 pack)
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Baitholder Snelled Hook
$2.89 - $20.94
Nylon monofilament, 18" leader. 6 Per pack.
Gamakatsu Worm Hook
$5.29 - $23.99
Our most popular and most versatile plastics hook. Used for everything from finesse baits to tubes and jerkbatis.
Gamakatsu Superline Worm Hook
$6.09 - $33.99
Offset shank, extra wide gap. Designed for use with heavy braided lines. This hook is the ultimate hook for flipping in heavy cover.
Gamakatsu Nautilus Circle Hook
$6.59 - $31.99
One of the meanest circle hook designs around. The Nautilus grabs its prey and simply doesn't let go. This hook can be used for live bait or chunk bait presentations and has proven its strength many times.
Gamakatsu Worm Hook
$5.29 - $23.99
This is our standard offset shank worm hook. The O'Shaughnessy bend is preferred by our top pro Aaron Martens for a variety of soft plastic riggings.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Hook
$4.09 - $21.99
Circle Sea?, offset, ringed eye.
Eagle Claw Circle Sea Snelled Hook
$27.54 - $29.94
Most popular circle hook style with a 10 1/2" wire leader. Great for pike, muskie, striper or any other fish species with sharp teeth.
Eagle Claw 140 Double Snelled Baitholder Hook
Down eye, 2 slices, bronze.
Eagle Claw Salmon Egg Snelled Hook
Up eye, offset, single slice.
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