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Fishing Hooks

Daiichi Circle Wide Hook
Forged, reversed, kirbed, black nickel.
Mustad Classic Double Hook
$11.49 - $31.99
Double, ringed, loose.
Mustad Classic Circle Hook
$3.59 - $21.99
Demon Perfect Circle hook is black nickel in color and approved and endorsed by the Billfish Foundation as the hook's design makes for a very high jaw hooking percentage with the point angled in a 96 degrees. It is designed for easy baiting, fantastic presentation and high performance.
Mustad Classic Circle Hook
$1.89 - $269.99
Circle, point curved in, ringed.
Mustad Ultra Point Big Gun Live Bait Hook
$8.59 - $79.90
These hooks are designed for catching big fish. They have needle point, chemically sharpened barbs. The black nickel color helps prevent damage from saltwater. There are 25 per pack.
Mustad Classic Beak Hook
$1.89 - $29.99
Beak, forged, reversed, special bend, special long shank, ringed.
Mustad Southern and Tuna Hook
$12.99 - $139.99
Forged, knife edge long point, short barb, ringed, stainless steel.
Mustad Big Game Tarpon and Tuna Hook
$28.99 - $33.99
Tarpon and tuna, forged, knife edge point, tapered brazed ring, Duratin.
Mustad Classic Tarpon Hook
$2.59 - $84.99
Ringed, with superior point.
Mustad UltraPoint Demon Wide Gap Circle Hook
$4.69 - $21.99
Opti-angle needle point, chemically sharpened, nor-tempered, kirbed, point curved in, ringed, black nickel, 3X Strong. Designed for easy baiting, superior presentation and high performance. Working closely with fisheries experts, charter and long range captains, Mustad hook designers set out to create a new circle hook range that combines Mustad's legendary strength with important new features to enhance performance. The new Demon Perfect Circle Hooks are the only circle hooks with Precision Proportions. This revolutionary design aspect means the point angle and length, gap, front length and all other parameters have the same proportions across the entire size range for maximum effectiveness. The range also boasts a new modified point design with a 96ΒΌ angle which is optimum for insuring a high percentage of lip and jaw hooking.
Owner Super Mutu Circle Hook
$17.49 - $20.99
Ideal for rigging both live and chunk baits. Unique offset, "hangnail" point means fish are jaw-hooked, not gut-hooked a majority of the time. Great for catch-and-release. Features include a super sharp forged point, heavy-duty XX strong shank and a corrosion-resistant.
Owner SSW All Purpose Octopus Hook
$3.79 - $21.99
Ideal for baiting up night crawlers and minnows and for rigging crabs, shrimp and bookworms. Black chrome finish, up-eye forged shank and reversed-bend point.
Owner Flyliner Live Bait Hook
$5.29 - $26.99
Featuring Cutting Point?, short shank and a black chrome finish to resist saltwater corrosion. Ideal for rigging anchovies, sardines, smelt, strip baits or other small bait fish.
Mustad Ultra Point Neon Beak Bait Hook
Beak hook, opti-angle needle point, forged, turned-up tapered eye.
Mustad Classic Beak Hook
$2.29 - $33.99
Back by popular demand! Special extra corrosion-resistant black finish. Beak, extra strong, forged, reversed, turned up tapered eye. The 8 packs come as 10 packs of 8.
Eagle Claw 140 Double Snelled Baitholder Hook
Down eye, 2 slices, bronze.
Eagle Claw Salmon Egg Snelled Hook
Up eye, offset, single slice.
Sea Striker Snelled Octopus Hook
$47.76 - $62.16
All purpose hooks. Style #92553 nickel-plated on a 12" leader.
Daiichi Copperhead Hooks
CopperHead? hook,Bleeding Bait Red. The special bend at the front allows more hook to penetrate plastics than Xtra Wide Gap hooks. (The best choice for toads, frogs and jerkbaits).
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Baitholder Snelled Hook
Eagle Claw Lazer Baitholder Snelled Circle Hook - Lazer Circle Sea Snell, Non-Offset, Down Eye, Two Slices, Medium Wire. Gold. 36" Leader. 6 pack.
Eagle Claw Trokar EWG Flippin' Hook
The only hooks in the world that are surgically sharpened, using patent-pending Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST). Extra wide gap. Barbed straight shank. TroKar barb on shank.
Mr. Crappie Cam-Action Hook
$3.49 - $32.28
Cam action hooks rotate towards pressure and will land more fish. These hooks have a fine wire for better bait performance and they are a good size when fishing for Crappies with small minnows.
Mustad Bay King Big Game Hook
$36.99 - $46.99
Mustad Big Game Bay King Hooks, knife edge point, forged, tapered brazed ring, cadmium plated and tinned extra short shank 2 extra strong. Made with durable material and fine, quality craftsmanship. Duratin. 10 pack.
Daiichi Extra Heavy Duty Circle Hook
Extra Heavy Duty Circle Hook Super strong, super sharp and super durable for those giant fish you want in the boat NOW! 3 pack. Black nickel.
Daiichi Live Bait Hook
$3.49 - $20.94
This short shank, heavy duty sticky, sharp live bait hook is superior for live bait. The light weight steel allows live baits to swim with ease and look natural enticing more strikes!
Daiichi Octopus Hook
Octopus, Wide Gap in Black Nickel finish. Sizes from Striper to Sea Bass. High carbon steel, Up Eye for Snelling.
Daiichi Circle Chunk Wide Hook
Non off-set. Tournament approved. All Daiichi hooks are made with 80 carbon steel for sharpness and durability.
Daiichi Circle Chunk Wide Hook
Non off-set. Tournament approved. All Daiichi hooks are made with 80 carbon steel for sharpness and durability.
Standout Finesse Red Alert Western Bass Hook
Red alert finish. Out fishes black hooks, at any depths.
Mustad Kingfish Treble Hook
$9.49 - $21.99
Super sharp point, 4X strong, ringed.
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