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Fishing Hooks

Mustad Classic O'Shaughnessy Hook
$2.09 - $129.99
MVL-V1 point technology. Ringed eye. Forged. Nor-Tempered.
Mustad UltraPoint Demon Tuna Perfect Circle Hook
$5.59 - $69.99
Opti-angle needle point, chemically sharpened, nor tempered, point curved in, extra fine wire, ringed. The 10 packs come as 10 packs of 10.
Mustad Sea Demon Big Game Hook
$9.49 - $124.99
Forged knife edge long point, Duratin. The following come as 10 packs of 2 per pack: 0179-0354, 0355, 0364, 0664, 0665, 0666, 0667, 0668, 1078, 1079, 1080
Mustad Sea Master Big Game Hook
$54.99 - $64.99
Sea Master, forged, knife edge point, kirbed, tapered brazed ring, Duratin. 10 pack.
Mustad Ultra Point Big Gun Live Bait Hook
$8.69 - $80.90
These hooks are designed for catching big fish. They have needle point, chemically sharpened barbs. The black nickel color helps prevent damage from saltwater. There are 25 per pack.
Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$59.76 - $74.16
Mustad® #4011E Virginia hollow point hooks snelled on 12" leader.
Eagle Claw O'Shaughnessy Hook
$3.59 - $74.99
Forged, non-offset, ringed eye, stainless steel.
Mustad Double O'Shaughnessy Hook
$33.99 - $74.99
Forged, 2 extra strong, short shank, brazed, 70° angle, dublin point, ringed. Packed 10 PER BOX.
Fin Strike Blackfish (Tautog) Snelled Virginia Hook
$74.16 - $76.56
Blue Mustad® Virginia hooks with 12" leaders. Six hooks per pack.
Fin Strike Bluefish Snelled Hook
$83.76 - $90.96
Bronze Mustad® O'Shaughnessy hooks with black nylon coated stainless steel wire and swivels. Three hooks per pack.
Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$66.96 - $76.56
Mustad® # 92642 gold beak bait holder hooks snelled on 12" and 36" leaders. 6 PACK.
Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$59.76 - $107.76
Mustad® wide gap #37161 nickel-plated hooks snelled on 12" leader.
Bear Paw Flicker Snelled Circle Hooks
$61.08 - $67.08
Hand tied using either 8 or 12" monofilament or nylon coated stainless steel wire leaders and are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. All Flicker Snelled Hooks use brilliant fluorescent red beads and personalized spinner blades, sized and balanced to hook size for superior action.
Mustad Round Gaff Hook
$89.99 - $99.99
Features solid body, ground point round, shank bent back with tapered spike.
Sea Striker Snelled Octopus Hook
$47.76 - $62.16
All purpose hooks. Style #92553 nickel-plated on a 12" leader.
Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$57.36 - $62.16
Mustad® tinned style #3498A hooks snelled on 12" mono leader.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Baitholder Circle Sea Snelled Hook
Lazer Sharp®, Circle Sea?, freshwater, Finesse, for walleye, bass and panfish.
Eagle Claw Trokar Lancet Tournament Non-Offset Circle Hook
Features non-offset, light wire, wide gap, welded eye and is forged.
Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$66.96 - $105.36
Mustad® tinned style #3489A hooks snelled on 12" leader. Nickel spinner blade and red beads.
Sea Striker Wire Snelled Hook
$83.76 - $105.36
Mustad® tinned hooks snelled on 8" wire leader.
Bear Paw Circle Snelled Hooks
$50.28 - $65.88
Hand tied 12" monofilament leaders with black nickel Sport Circle Hook. The sport circle hook design allows for both extremely effective hooking and holding of nearly every species of fish in both fresh and salt water! The specific shape of the hook minimizes throat and gut hooking of the fish and results in 95% of the fish being hooked right in the corner of the mouth. The slightly wider gap design also makes it easier to bait the hook as well as catch the fish The Fish will liphook itself.
Mustad Southern and Tuna Hook
$9.49 - $59.99
Knife edge southern and tuna hook. Forged, tapered brazed ring, Duratin. 2 pack.
Fin Strike Pro Series Striped Bass Snelled Hook
With Gamakatsu® hooks. Octopus circle hooks with NS black finish, inline point, and 36" leaders. Three hooks per pack.
Mustad Southern and Tuna Hook
$29.99 - $164.99
Southern and tuna, forged, knife edge point, ringed, stainless steel.
Fin Strike Snapper Snelled Bridgeport Hook
Nickel Mustad® bridgeport hooks with 9" leaders. Six hooks per pack.
Mustad Classic Tarpon Hook
$40.99 - $69.99
Mustad Hooks cover a broad range of fishing uses and are backed by quality manufacturing. To increase the strength of their hooks, Mustad uses a unique three-stage computer-controlled tempering process, which transforms the hook into a fine-grained, ultra-strong microstructure. Mustad goes to great lengths in designing and developing hook patterns to suit a variety of fishing situations. Choose the Mustad Hook that best fits your fishing needs, and fish with confidence. Features of the Mustad Tarpon Hook - Model 7766D include forged, extra short shank, and ringed eye.
Mustad Classic Circle Hook
$1.89 - $279.99
Circle, point curved in, ringed.
Mustad Classic Tarpon Hook
Forged. Extra short shank, ringed. Duratin. 100 pack.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Big Game Hook
$19.49 - $59.99
Circle Sea?, offset, big game hook, Lazer Sharp®, ringed eye.
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Demon perfect in line circle hook. Mustad's Wire Technology And Nor-Tempering Process Means That Hooks Are Lighter And Up To 20% Stronger. UltraPoint Technology Means Sharp, Durable Hook Points That Resist Rolling And Stay Sharper Longer.
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