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Fishing Hooks

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Baitholder Snelled Hook
$2.89 - $20.94
Nylon monofilament, 18" leader. 6 Per pack.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Worm Hook
$3.99 - $4.59
Light wire. Extra wide gap. Freshwater Red. Needle tip and forged point.
Eagle Claw 100 & 108 1X Long Shank
$2.89 - $3.49
Forged, offset, ringed eye.
Eagle Claw Trokar Big Nasty Flippin' Hook
Skeet Reese wanted the beefiest flipping and pitching hook possible, so Lazer Trokar developed the Big Nasty Flippin Hook. It has a much heavier wire than its little brother and its pronounced bend is said to keep bass pinned in super heavy cover. It will be available in sizes ranging from 3/0 to 7/0.
Eagle Claw Jig Hook
$13.49 - $15.49
Forged, non-offset, 90° leg.
Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky Hook
Features a durable hand tied weed guard that provides anglers a the confidence to throw their wacky rig in and around heavy cover. Designed with a innovative hollow tube, hand tied on the shank. Simply run the tag end of you line through the tube, tie on your weight, and pitch the Wicked Wacky into the heaviest cover.
Gamakatsu Walleye LG Two Hook Rig
Designed utilizing a light wire, wide gap hook. Which allows your bait to float a little higher, keeping it out of the rocks and more consistently in the strike zone, and with a wide gap design for better hook ups. Each hook has a single baitkeeper barb on the back of the shank to hold bait. Also in addition to it's superior design an added attraction, on the bottom hook is a "glow bead" to protect the knot, and on the leading hook a "glow tube" that is adjustable for various sized baits. Pre-tied on 6 ft. of premium clear monofilament, and with an easy to use packaging, is sure to be a hit.
Gamakatsu Assist 510 Hook
The Assist 510 features a curved point with an outbarb that will not nick the leader if it were to catch the line. No vertical jig should be fished without one. The super strong braided line loop easily attaches to any jig. One of the first Assist hooks introduced in this country and still the best designed.
Gamakatsu Worm Hook
$5.29 - $23.99
Our most popular and most versatile plastics hook. Used for everything from finesse baits to tubes and jerkbatis.
Gamakatsu Walleye Snelled Hook with Glowbead
Featuring our sticky sharp octopus hook in the most popular walley catching colors. All colors are skillfully tied on 7' of premium of premium Japanese 8 lb. monofilament.
Gamakatsu Magic Eye Treble 23 Hook
$10.99 - $11.49
Makes upgrading the hooks on larger hard baits much faster and easier. The special shape eye is designed to open split rings without the need for a split ring plier. The top portion is tapered flat to easily fit in between the wires of the split ring and one little twist, separates them and the hook slides right on. To take off simply push the hook onto the split ring while, at the same time pushing the old hook off. Round bend.
Gamakatsu Superline Worm Hook
$6.09 - $33.99
Offset shank, extra wide gap. Designed for use with heavy braided lines. This hook is the ultimate hook for flipping in heavy cover.
Gamakatsu Worm Hook
Similar in design but with a perfect round bend for a wider bite area and superior holding power.
Gamakatsu G-Mag Oversize Worm Hook
Specifically designed to fit magnum size tubes, worms and jerk baits.
Gamakatsu Live Bait Hook
Designed with a light wire and reduced weight for a more natural presentation. Forged for strength.
Gamakatsu G-Lock Worm Hook
Locks on soft plastics even through heavy cover.
Gamakatsu Fishing Hook
Gamakatsu Walleye Wide Gap Hooks are designed specifically for walleye, with an in-line needle point design that won't roll or twist when trolled. These hooks are lightweight to enhance the natural presentation of live bait, and they are unmatched in sharpness and forged for extra strength. Constructed from high quality, high carbon steel specifically made for the demands that a fishing hook can endure. Feature a black finish, up eye, and barb.
Gamakatsu Worm Hook with Wire Weed Guard
Like our popular standard worm hook, only with a weed guard.
Gamakatsu Spinner Bait Trailer Hook
Give any spinner bait that extra edge. Clear surgical tube included.
Gamakatsu Double Hook
Designed to fit most frog style lures, it has an extra wide gap and sticky sharp points to penetrate quickly. Making your ordinary frog into a premium fish catching frog.
Gamakatsu Treble Hook
Round bend, 4X strong.
Gamakatsu Treble Hook
$9.79 - $11.99
For crankbaits of all types --- there's nothing better --- it's the perfect replacement hook. First, we opened the points of this treble up slightly for even better hooking performance. The Short Shank EWG Treble converts those fish that slash at your bait into sure hook-ups. The shorter shank and wide gap design provides less room for fish to throw the hook. In fact, this attribute actually wedges the fish between the hook and the's the ultimate in fish holding, which means fish landing, performance. That's not all. It also features Gamakatsu's exclusive "Magic Eye" that makes changing hooks a breeze. Also, the hook's inline points run parallel to the bait creating a perfect balance point so your crankbaits run perfectly.
Gamakatsu Single Egg Hook
$4.49 - $6.19
Barb on shank. A premier bait hook, for single eggs. Also great for floating dough baits.
Gamakatsu Worm Hook
$5.29 - $23.99
This is our standard offset shank worm hook. The O'Shaughnessy bend is preferred by our top pro Aaron Martens for a variety of soft plastic riggings.
Gamakatsu Snelled Hook
Gamakatsu's Walleye Snell blends all of the premium components walleye anglers have come to expect from Gamakatsu. Features our sticky sharp Octopus hook in the most popular walleye catching colors. All colors are skillfully tied on 7' of premium 8 lb. monofilament. 3 pack.
Mustad Classic Beak Hook
Beak, forged, reversed, special bend, 2 slices in special long shank and an upturned eye. 92553 are ideal for Salmon and Steelhead.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Salmon Egg Hook
Up eye offset forged. 10 hooks per carded bag. Red Salmon egg hook.
Slayer Inc. Penetrator Hook
The Penetrators are Mustad Ultra Point hooks which come with a marine grade stainless bait keeper. These fish slaying hooks are available in red or black nickel and 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 sizes with 1/16oz, 1/8oz, 3/16oz and weightless weights. The Penetrator works great with any soft plastic or scented bait rigged weedless.
Eagle Claw Trokar Magnum Swimbait Hooks
Features super wide gap, spring bait keeper, forged, ringed eye.
Berkley FSN19CH1 Fusion19 Circle
Fusion19 Circle Hook, Size 1, Barbed, Needle Point/Forged, Wide Gap, 8/Pkg, Smoke Satin