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Fishing Hooks

Mustad Classic O'Shaughnessy Hook
$3.29 - $37.99
A time-tested, time-honored and popular hook used for a broad variety of inshore and offshore fish. Traditional saltwater style for trolling or general purpose bait fishing. Forged for superior strength and needle sharp for instant penetration.
Hayabusa Bulky Stage Muscle Gap 3X-Extra Wide Gap Offset Hook
Wide gap offset models makes an enough space a plastic worm falls in when fish bit for baits even with thick bodies and z-crank effetively holds a plastic worm and prevents it from sliding down the shank, The Non-Reflective-Black is Hayabusa original fluorine coating which dramatically enhances hook-set performance for the smoothness in penetration.
Gamakatsu Siwash Hook
A must have replacement hook for your favorite spinner, spoon, or plug. The open eye makes for fast and easy attachment and the closed eye is a popular hook for spinnerbait trailers.
Owner Mutu Light Circle Hook Hook
$4.09 - $20.99
Light wire is perfect for saltwater fishing with smaller live baits.
Magic Bait Hog Wild Sponge Hook
These Magic Treble hooks last up to 4 times longer than ordinary foam hooks. American made hooks and sponge. 3 Pack.
Gamakatsu Worm Hook
$5.49 - $24.99
A standard offset shank, but with a round bend to give a larger bite area.
Fin Strike Pro Series Blackfish (Tautog) Snelled Hook
Black Mustad® octopus beak hooks. Three hooks per pack.
Mustad Kingfish Treble Hook
$9.69 - $22.99
Super sharp point, 4X strong, ringed.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Hook
Lazer Sharp®, Circle Sea?, non-offset, ringed eye.
Daiichi Octopus Hook
$17.94 - $20.94
Octopus, Wide Gap, Bleeding Bait Finish, Sizes for Trout to Tarpon. Ideal for Live and Cut Bait.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Circle Sea Hook
Circle Sea?, mid wire, offset, ringed eye, Lazer Sharp®, saltwater.
Mustad UltraPoint Live Bait Hook
$1.89 - $5.89
O'Shaughnessy Bait hooks, opti-angle needle point, chemically sharpened, nor-tempered, 3 extra short shank, extra strong, black nickel finish.
H&H Flutter Hook
$5.49 - $5.89
Popular with inshore anglers, the design of this jighead also makes it deadly on bass. The offset, wide-gap hook has a weighted shank that shifts the center of gravity rearward to create a realistic, flutter-down effect on the drop with worms, jerk baits or virtually any soft plastic.
Owner Stinger-36 Treble Hook
$8.49 - $24.99
ST-36 Trebles?, with a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish, are ideal for both fresh and inshore saltwater. Features include round bends, plus three straight Super Needle Points for wide gap hooking efficiency.
VMC Inline Treble Hook
Inline hooks features an exclusive rotated eye that is perfectly in line with one branch of the treble hook. When attached to a lure, this unique feature allows a perfect balance of the lure that means better swimming action. Also less damage to the finish of your lure as no point will come to hit the lure body. You can troll or retrieve as fast as you want without losing the swimming action of your lure.
Gamakatsu Split Shot/Drop Shot Hook
$4.39 - $16.49
The ultimate hook for nose hooking grubs or any fine style bait. Also a light wire live bait hook. Great hook for drop shot.
Gamakatsu Live Bait Hook
$4.39 - $34.99
Our most versatile live bait hook. Sticky sharp, super strong and designed to handle tough saltwater fish.
Magic Bait Hog Wild Hook
A very effective way to catch more fish. Simply push the Bait Holder into the bottom of a bait jar, fill and pull out slowly. Refill every 10 to 20 minutes. Easy to rig. 2 Pack.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Octopus Snelled Hook
Monofilament, 18" leader, octopus snell, Black Pearl?.
Gamakatsu Superline Weighted Worm Hook
Gamakatsu's most popular worm hook would have to be the EWG. It was only a matter of time before they designed a new version, the "Weighted Superline EWG". Developed with the braided line fishermen in mind, it was designed with a heavier wire to withstand the demands of today's braids but also weighted for when a slower presentation is needed. Whether your flippin' or pitchin', your favorite tube or stick bait, in heavy cover or swimming your bait at the perfect speed, the "Weighted Superline EWG should be in your arsenal.
Owner SSW Straight Eye Hook with Cutting Point
The straight eye allows for more efficient-in-line hook sets. Features include forged shank, reversed-bend point and black chrome finish.
Gamakatsu Treble Hook
$11.49 - $35.99
Feature conically needle-honed points that are sharp from the package and stay sharp. These tempered high-carbon steel hooks provide superior strength and durability for use alone or to enhance hard baits.
Gamakatsu Magic Eye Treble 23 Hook
$11.49 - $11.99
Makes upgrading the hooks on larger hard baits much faster and easier. The special shape eye is designed to open split rings without the need for a split ring plier. The top portion is tapered flat to easily fit in between the wires of the split ring and one little twist, separates them and the hook slides right on. To take off simply push the hook onto the split ring while, at the same time pushing the old hook off. Round bend.
Gamakatsu Walleye Snelled Hook with Glowbead
Featuring our sticky sharp octopus hook in the most popular walley catching colors. All colors are skillfully tied on 7' of premium of premium Japanese 8 lb. monofilament.
Gamakatsu Worm Hook
$5.49 - $24.99
Our most popular and most versatile plastics hook. Used for everything from finesse baits to tubes and jerkbatis.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Worm Hook
$4.09 - $4.69
Light wire. Extra wide gap. Freshwater Red. Needle tip and forged point.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Treble Hook
$10.49 - $11.49
Regular shank, 4X strong, straight point, Sea Guard?.
Eagle Claw Medium Wire Double Line Snelled Hook
$2.39 - $29.88
Classic hooks, Plain shank, offset down eye and medium wire snell.
Daiichi Treble Hook
Round Bait, Xwelds. Boxed.
Mustad Classic Worm Hook
Ringed, blued, 2 slices in shank.