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Fishing Hooks

Eagle Claw 066 2X Long Shank Hook
$3.09 - $29.99
Forged, offset, ringed eye. In assorted packaging.
Gamakatsu Finesse Heavy Cover Worm Hook
$8.39 - $9.99
The Heavy Cover Worm features our rock solid welded eye, perfect for tying a Snell knot with braid. Gamakatsu has worked with our top pros to design an improved keeper. Instead of a bulky heat shrink barb, the Heavy Cover Worm features a small wire keeper. The keeper has a small compact profile and is strategically placed for superior holding power.
Mustad Double O'Shaughnessy Hook
$33.99 - $74.99
Forged, 2 extra strong, short shank, brazed, 70° angle, dublin point, ringed. Packed 10 PER BOX.
Mustad Classic Live Bait/Liver Hook
$13.99 - $15.99
Extra long shank with safety pin, ringed.
Gamakatsu Octopus Hook
$4.69 - $5.09
Same design as the Octopus Circle hook, but without any offset to conform with some billfish tournament regulations & some fisheries that require non-offset circle hooks. T
Mustad Classic Central Draught Hook
$1.79 - $10.49
Central draught, ringed, bronzed.
Owner TwistLock Light Soft Plastic Hook
$5.59 - $6.59
Features include a 30° eye-bend, an X-strong forged shank, Super Needle Point, and black chrome finish. "Open" gap allows for more positive hook sets.
Owner Super Mutu Circle Hook
$17.49 - $20.99
Ideal for rigging both live and chunk baits. Unique offset, "hangnail" point means fish are jaw-hooked, not gut-hooked a majority of the time. Great for catch-and-release. Features include a super sharp forged point, heavy-duty XX strong shank and a corrosion-resistant.
Owner Ringed Offshore Bait Hook
$14.49 - $17.49
OFFSHORES are mean bait hooks, featuring a totally unique offset, blade-like, super sharp forged point for instant sticking. XX-Strong with a corrosion resistant black chrome finish. Sizes #2 thru 7/0 are now available in ringed models only.
Gamakatsu Big River Bait Hook
$5.09 - $12.99
Designed for use with really big baits to catch really big fish. Ideal for larger cut baits used for big catfish, sturgeon and halibut.
Eagle Claw Trokar EWG Magworm Hook
Features TroKar B.A.R.B., extra wide gap, Z-Bend, Non-Offset, forged, ringed eye.
Owner Grander Tournament Marlin Circle Hook
$22.99 - $30.99
There is no circle hook stronger than Owner's new Grander Tournament Marlin Hook. Designed to meet accepted billfish tournament specifications with its in-line, non-offset hook point that is angled 90° to the super strong shank that will handle 1,000 pound Black and Blue Marlin. Features a forged hangnail point and a black chrome finish.
Gamakatsu Walleye Wide Gap Hook
Designed specifically for walleye, with an in-line needle point design that won't roll or twist when trolled. These hooks are lightweight to enhance the natural presentation of live bait, and they are unmatched in sharpness and forged for extra strength. Constructed from high quality, high carbon steel specifically made for the demands that a fishing hook can endure. Feature a black finish, up eye, and barb.
VMC Spinshot Drop Shot Hook
$7.39 - $7.69
Completely eliminate the line twist that has long plagued drop shot rigs, while also improving the action of your baits, and improving hooksets. By incorporating a light, but super strong, high-carbon steel spinning system into their premium 7119 drop shot hook, the VMC Spin Shot guarantees 100% free rotation and mobility of the hook with any size bait. The unique wire structure of the Spin Shot also not only transfers, but increases the energy transferred to the hook point during hookset. Crafted from Vanadium steel with a sticky sharp VMC Spark Point.
Gamakatsu Nautilus Circle Hook
$6.79 - $31.99
One of the meanest circle hook designs around. The Nautilus grabs its prey and simply doesn't let go. This hook can be used for live bait or chunk bait presentations and has proven its strength many times.
Owner Worm Hook with Cutting Point
$5.59 - $6.09
These wide gap worm hooks are for rigging large baits and setting the hook on big bass. Features include a black chrome finish, a round bend, Cutting Point?, baitholder slices on the inside of the straight shank, and they're XXX strong.
Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hook
$5.79 - $9.69
One look and you can see that these are the most advanced circle hooks on the market. NS BLACK.
Mustad Classic Double Hook
$11.99 - $32.99
Double, ringed, loose.
Gamakatsu Spinner Bait Trailer Hook
Give any spinner bait that extra edge. Clear surgical tube included.
Gamakatsu Treble Hook
Extra wide gap.
Team Catfish Super Circle Catfish Hook
The awesome new series of hooks includes the BIGGEST circle hooks ever designed for a catfish brand of tackle! They are called the Super Circles, and come in 9/0, 10/0, and 12/0. The 9/0 is a little larger than our 8/0 Double Action, which makes it one BIG hook!
Mustad Carlisle Hook
$1.79 - $8.39
MVL-V1 point technology. Needle point. Kirbed. Extra long shank. Ringed eye. Forged. Nor-Tempered. Bronze finish.
Gamakatsu Superline Worm Hook
$6.19 - $34.99
Offset shank, extra wide gap. Designed for use with heavy braided lines. This hook is the ultimate hook for flipping in heavy cover.
Tru-Turn Bass Worm Hooks
$2.49 - $14.94
Sproat design, ringed eye, bass worm hook w/two slices in shank, spear point. Comes in a ziplock.
Eagle Claw O'Shaughnessy Hook
$3.59 - $74.99
Forged, non-offset, ringed eye, stainless steel.
Mustad UltraPoint Croaker Live Bait Hook
$2.09 - $31.99
Features hollow point, wide gap, slightly reversed, turned up ball eye.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Octopus Striped Bass Octopus Snelled Hook
$23.94 - $24.54
Ideal when fishing for Octopus and Striped Bass. This hook features: Offset, Curved Point, Up Eye, and Plain Shank.
Mustad Sea Demon Big Game Hook
$9.49 - $124.99
Forged knife edge long point, Duratin. The following come as 10 packs of 2 per pack: 0179-0354, 0355, 0364, 0664, 0665, 0666, 0667, 0668, 1078, 1079, 1080
Mustad Classic O'Shaughnessy Live Bait Hook
$2.09 - $19.99
Forged, ringed, nickel-plated, straight.
Owner K-Hook
$3.59 - $4.09
Kahle hooks features a Super Needle Point (aimed at the hook eye for quick penetration), extra wide gap, and black chrome finish.