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Fishing Hooks

Gamakatsu Worm Hook
Standard straight shank worm hook.
Gamakatsu Worm Hook
$5.29 - $23.99
A standard offset shank, but with a round bend to give a larger bite area.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Crappie Hook
Light wire, non-offset, ringed eye.
Eagle Claw Trokar Primal Circle Hook
The Eagle Claw TroKar Primal Single Circle Hooks Multipack are made of high-carbon steel wire for strength and durability and feature chrome plating for corrosion resistance. Includes a vinyl pouch. Made in USA.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Wide Bend Hook
$2.69 - $79.99
This wide bend, plain shank hook has an extra-wide gap to hold bait and keep fish firmly hooked, from steelhead to walleye. Ringed eye. Lazer sharp® needle tips penetrate quickly.
Mustad Classic Tarpon Hook
$2.59 - $84.99
Ringed, with superior point.
Mustad Carlisle Hook
$1.79 - $8.19
Kirby, ringed, durantin.
Mustad Aberdeen Hook
$1.79 - $7.99
The Aberdeen Hooks from Mustad are light wire, round-bend hooks that will bend before they break. They are great for fishing with minnows.
Sea Striker Snelled Hook
$4.89 - $107.76
Mustad® wide gap hook snelled on 12" leader. 4 per pack.
Mustad UltraPoint Live Bait Hook
$1.89 - $5.79
O'Shaughnessy Bait hooks, opti-angle needle point, chemically sharpened, nor-tempered, 3 extra short shank, extra strong, black nickel finish.
Mustad Classic Circle Hook
$3.59 - $21.99
Demon Perfect Circle hook is black nickel in color and approved and endorsed by the Billfish Foundation as the hook's design makes for a very high jaw hooking percentage with the point angled in a 96 degrees. It is designed for easy baiting, fantastic presentation and high performance.
Mustad Classic Beak Live Bait Hook
Forged, reversed, extra long point, turned up tapered eye, extra strong. Nickel plated.
Mustad Ultra Point Grip-Pin KVD WormHook
$9.09 - $10.99
KVD Grip-Pin hook, Opti-Angle Needle Point, chemically sharpened, Nor-Tempered, offset shank, extra wide bend, extra strong, welded pin, 1X bait retainer, and black nickel. 5 Pack.
Eagle Claw Double Line Snelled Hook
Classic plain shank offset, down eye, light wire, double snell, bronze, 2X long shank.
Mustad Ultra Point Power Lock Plus Weighted Hook
New sprint keeper with centering pin. Improves soft plastic grip strength as much as 80%. Features adjustable weights, Opti-Angle needle point, chemically sharpened, Nor-Tempered, includes bait holder.
Mustad Sea Demon Big Game Hook
$9.29 - $119.99
Forged knife edge long point, Duratin. The following come as 10 packs of 2 per pack: 0179-0354, 0355, 0364, 0664, 0665, 0666, 0667, 0668, 1078, 1079, 1080
Eagle Claw Trokar Medium Wire Octopus Hook
Long shank, offset, up eye, forged. Black chrome finish.
Eagle Claw Trokar Lancet Non-Offset Circle Hook
Features non-offset, light wire, wide gap, welded eye and is forged.
Mirrolure Replacement Hook Kit
Original parts to repair your favorite Mirrolure® lures. Now available in extra strong red finish #2 treble hooks that fit Mirrolure® models. S7MR, S20MR, S51MR, S52MR and STTR. Each kit contains all necessary hardware to renew three of your favorite Mirrolures.
Trapper Tackle Jig Hook
The Trapper 30 Degree Jig Hook has a lot to offer do it yourselfers and manufacturers who wish to incorporate the patented Trapper Box design into their baits. The extra wide Trapper Box significantly increases hook up ratios and accommodates trailers of all sizes. X Heavy gauge hi-carbon steel makes it ideal for braided line and other fishing applications that require a stronger jig hook.
Tru-Turn Baitholder Hook
2 slice, down eye, forged. Ideal for worms, salmon eggs and cut bait.
Owner K-Hook
$3.59 - $4.09
Kahle hooks features a Super Needle Point (aimed at the hook eye for quick penetration), extra wide gap, and black chrome finish.
Owner SSW Straight Eye Hook with Cutting Point
The straight eye allows for more efficient-in-line hook sets. Features include forged shank, reversed-bend point and black chrome finish.
Mustad UltraPoint Live Bait Hook
$5.89 - $10.49
Opti-angle needle point, chemically sharpened, nor-tempered, 3 extra short, extra strong.
Trapper Tackle Finesse Series Drop Shot Hook
Comes in a broad range of application specific sizes. The patented Trapper Box design performs as well with a Drop Shot or Wacky Rig as it does with corn, salmon eggs, dough balls and all manner of live, natural and artificial baits. It excels as a live bait hook that improves presentations and the longevity of baits and is well suited for freshwater, saltwater, fly fishing and ice fishing applications.
Owner Grander Tournament Marlin Circle Hook
$22.99 - $30.99
There is no circle hook stronger than Owner's new Grander Tournament Marlin Hook. Designed to meet accepted billfish tournament specifications with its in-line, non-offset hook point that is angled 90° to the super strong shank that will handle 1,000 pound Black and Blue Marlin. Features a forged hangnail point and a black chrome finish.
Berkley Fusion19 Heavy Cover Hook
The Heavy Cover flipping hook sizes include 6/0 to 3/0. Needle point with SlickSet Coating for easier penetration, Stainless steel wire bait keeper. Closed eyelet for line security. Smoke Satin Finish. Package features innovative resealable clam for tackle management.
Berkley FSN19COCT2P Fusion19
Fusion19 Colored Octopus Hook, Size 2, Barbed, Needle Point/Forged, Offset, 6/Pkg, Pink