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Fishing Hooks

Eagle Claw Trokar Nasty Offset Worm Hook
Much like the TK133, the TK105 has is a much thicker hook than the original Lazer Trokar worm hooks. It also has a very pronounced bend which is said to help improve anglers' hook ratios when fishing in both shallow and deep water. It will be available in November in sizes ranging from 1/0 to 6/0.
Gamakatsu Octopus Hook
Gamakatsu answered the call for a fine wire Octopus hooks, the Octopus Light for use in drop shot, Walleye and trout fishing. Gamakatsu's Octopus Light features an offset beak point for optimal penetration with bait or plastics. The smaller diameter hook wire enhances hook penetration and is a certain advantage when shing timid or light-biting fish.
DOA Long Neck Hook
When you use our Long Neck custom hooks, you grab more of the bait. Our custom made Long Neck wide gap worn hook allows for a deeper bite into the lure. DOA's latest innovation reduces your chances or the lure tearing while casting or fighting fish.
Eagle Claw Trokar Primal Circle Hook
The Eagle Claw TroKar Primal Single Circle Hooks Multipack are made of high-carbon steel wire for strength and durability and feature chrome plating for corrosion resistance. Includes a vinyl pouch. Made in USA.
Gamakatsu UV Octopus Hook
Our most versatile hook, known for its durability and strength. The Octopus hook come in a wide variety of colors and finishes including Fluorescent.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Wide Gap Wacky Worm Hook
Eagle Claw®'s Lazer Sharp® Hooks are perfect for finesse and wacky worm rigging. The Wacky Worm Hook's round bend creates an extra wide gap which promotes a livelier looking action. Lazer Sharp points are all business.
Berkley Fusion19 Weighted Swimbait Hook
Weighted Swimbait hook sizes include 7/0 to 3/0. Needle point with SlickSet Coating for easier penetration. Hook Sizing on Lead for easy recognition. Centering pin on bait keeper for easy rigging. Smoke Satin Finish. Package features innovative resealable clam for tackle management.
Berkley Fusion19 Superline EWG Hook
Superline EWG comes in sizes 7/0 to 2/0. Needle point with SlickSet Coating for easier penetration. Stamped bend for added strength. Increased diameter for increased strength. Smoke Satin Finish. Package features innovative resealable clam for tackle management.
Berkley Fusion19 Offset Worm Hook
Offset Worm hooks come in sizes 5/0 to #1. Needle point with SlickSet Coating for easier penetration. Stamped bend for added strength. Slight wide gap to accommodate a wide variety of bait. Smoke Satin Finish. Package features innovative resealable clam for tackle management.
Berkley Fusion19 Drop Shot Hook
Drop Shot hooks come in sizes 2/0 to #6. Needle point with SlickSet Coating for easier penetration. Stamped bend for added strength. Eyelet designed to have bait sit horizontal in water. Smoke Satin Finish. Package features innovative resealable clam for tackle management.
Team Catfish Double Action Circle Hook
Works 2 ways, Set the hook with a long sweep of the rod or let the fish bury the pole and hook themselves. All the hooks come with a super wide gap and a bait stop barb on the shank that keeps your baits in the right place. They are Needle Sharp and Strong!
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Kahle Offset Hook
$3.59 - $35.99
Plain shank, non-forged, offset, ringed eye, Lazer Sharp®.
Mustad UltraPoint No-Twist Dropshot Rig with Mini Swivel
$3.09 - $10.99
Hook rotates 360° with no line twisting. Wide Gap, Nor-Tempered, Opti-Angle Needle Point, Short Shank, Chemically Sharpened, Ringed Eye, Fine Wire high carbon steel.
Mustad Classic O'Shaughnessy Hook
$2.09 - $129.99
MVL-V1 point technology. Ringed eye. Forged. Nor-Tempered.
Eagle Claw Trokar Tournament Tube Hook
Features Tro Kar B.A.R.B. on shank, non-offset, ringed eye & forged.
VMC Fastgrip Wide Worm
Features 3 micro barbs penetrate faster than ordinary points. Vanadium steel.
VMC Worm Hook
$5.09 - $18.49
Extra wide gap. Turned down eye. Resin closed eye. Wider bite area plus round shape for easy wacky worm rigging.
Hayabusa WRM959 Wide Gap Offset Hook
This fishing hook exemplifies all the correct characteristics found in a multi-purpose, highly durable fishing hook. Each hook has additional gauge thickness, NRB fluorine coating (smooth penetrating hooksets), an S-platform on the hook's head for holding soft plastics, more gap space for soft plastics to collapse upon hookset, and an exceptional forged wire design. Hayabusa Fishing designated this product series as the true Heavy Duty, Heavy Lifting bass fishing hook when exploring dense cover and/or when catching big largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and/or spotted bass. Anglers can trust it for haulin' big bass into the boat!
Hayabusa WRM958WT Wide Gap Weighted Hook
$7.39 - $8.89
NRB Wide gap scrw-lock hook for swimbaits with the special tapered bait keeper. The original distance between the hook point and the hook-set performance. The tapered bait keeper enables anglers to set a plastic worm easily but to prevent it from slipping off the keeper. The hook point opens slightly outward when a plastic worm is set.
Hayabusa WRM958 Wide Gap Screw Lock Hook
Made for fishing swimbaits and other thick-bodied soft plastic baits deeper in the water column. It offers a bigger bite than other screw lock hooks for increased hooking potential, and its wide gap design is perfect for accommodating bulkier baits. The hook point also opens slightly outward to further increase hooking potential, while still allowing you to rig your bait perfectly weedlessly .The weight on the hook is placed further up the shank as well, which allows your bait to produce maximum action, as well as, provide a more natural nose first descent when falling on a slack line. It also features a specially designed tapered bait keeper to hold your bait perfectly inline and put less strain on the head of your bait to reduce tearing as well.Each hook is finished with Hayabusa's silky smooth NRB (Non-Reflective Black) Fluorine Coating, which dramatically enhances hook setting performance and camouflages the hook for a stealthier presentation. Available in a wide range of sizes.
Eagle Claw Trokar Assist Hook
Surgically sharpened Hook Technology with Platnum Black Plus Saltwater finish, rated Kevlar cord, Hand-tied thread wrap that is cemented and covered with red shring tubing. Strenght-tested solid and split rings for single or tandem rigging applications. Compliant with IGFA assist hook regulations.
VMC Tournament Circle Hook
The VMC 8386 Tournament Circle Hook is 3X strong and offers the most durable wire and widest gap of any tournament approved circle hook. This hook is intended to optimize hook rates when live bait trolling for billfish. This hook is forged from Vanadium steel. This hook features chemically sharpened needle point. This type of hook by VMC ensures effortless penetration and resists pressure applied by braided lines.
Daiichi Tommy Skarlis Awesome Walleye Hook
Tommy's Awesome Walleye Octopus Hooks Black Nickel 11 Count Pack
Hayabusa TBL930 Premium Treble Hook
$5.29 - $7.89
Standard treble hook which has straight hook points and round bend gaps. It was also designed to achieve the maximum strength and sharpness with the balanced hook design
VMC SureSet Drop Shot Hook
The VMC SureSet Drop Shot Hooks are available in smaller sizes ideal for drop shot rigging. The hooks are also lightweight and extra bend-resistant for live bait rigging. Forged from Vanadium Steel - the same material used for hard wearing Formula-1 engine parts - the VMC SureSet Drop Shot Hooks are super strong, and also equipped with Needle Cone Points for maximum fish penetration.
VMC Sureset Circle Hook
The SureSet Circle hook locks into a fish's mouth and won't let go until you release it. Circle design minimizes throat or gut-hooking of fish. Made with strong and light Vanadium steel, the Needle Cone Point? is designed to set into the corner of a fish's mouth and lock into place when you set the hook. Forged with a ringed eye and reversed-needle point hook. Black Nickel finish
Daiichi Stopgap Circle Chunk Lite Hook
$3.49 - $20.94
Stop Gap® keeps bait from getting jammed in the gap between the point and shank, bait holder. Packed 6 No Break.
VMC Spinshot Neko Hook
Designed and certified by Bassmaster Elite Series standout Michael Ike Iaconelli, the VMC Ike Approved Spinshot Neko Hook delivers increased performance for neko-rigging soft plastics. Especially effective when dropshotting, the VMC Ike Approved Spinshot Neko Hook features a premium swivel and a line clamp, which eliminates line twists and makes it easy to adjust your weight. Backed by a super-sharp offset hook point, the VMC Ike Approved Spinshot Neko Hook delivers lightning-fast hook sets, whether you're targeting finicky spotted bass or trophy largemouth. Covered in a black-nickel coloring for increased stealth, the VMC Ike Approved Spinshot Neko Hook puts an innovative twist on neko-rigging soft plastics.
Hayabusa Spin Muscle V-Bend Multi-Use Hook
$3.99 - $5.59
Hayabusa Fishing embarked on a creative, yet intuitive journey when the company engineered the Spin Musclefishing hook. Unlike traditional wacky worm fishing hooks or other drop shot fishing hooks, the Spin Muscle incorporates angled bends for a quick penetrative hookset and deeper penetrative hook-ups for when smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and spotted bass attempt to throw and/or spit hooks. Traditional wacky worm and drop shot fishing hooks, though they work well, do not offer bass fishermen such precise deep penetrative hooking power. The unique V-Bend angles on the fishing hookmake all of this possible, in combination with the sharp, durable Hayabusa Original Point (pressed formed hook point) and semi-twisted hook point ensuring fish don't get off the hook. The two primary hook bends are the critical physical features that differentiate this drop shot and wacky worm fishing hook from other standard hook styles.
VMC Round Bend Treble Short Shank Hook
Designed for hardbait applications, the VMC Short Shank Round Bend 1X Treble Hooks increase the hook size of your baits while maintaining a compact profile in the water. The short shank design won't foul as much, helping you get away with using a bigger hook around cover. Strong and reliable, these VMC Short Shank Treble hooks are 1X strong, eliminating flex for more solid hook sets. Constructed from hi-carbon steel for exceptional durability, these Super Sharp cutting points will keep fish pinned.