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Fishing Hooks

Owner Rig'n Bass N Hook with Cutting Point
$5.59 - $6.09
Engineered for Carolina Rig'N, Texas Rig'N and Split Shot'N, ride with the point upright in an optimum striking position. Features include a black chrome finish, short shank, huge wide bite, Cutting Point?.
Owner Down Shot Hook with Cutting Point
With it's eye in a "down" position, is engineered to ride perfectly horizontal when tied into a line that is to be fished straight up and down. Use any kind of knot, but pull tag end of line up, over and through the hook's eye one additional time before attaching sinker. Rig any kind of soft plastic bait, and use as a deadly presentation for suspended game fish. Light wire, forged and includes a 90° shoulder bend, Cutting Point?. Packed 20 boxes each.
Owner Worm Hook with Cutting Point
$5.59 - $6.09
Worm hooks with worm-holding 90° bend shoulder, extra wide gap bend and heavy-duty XXX strong shank for rigging big baits and hauling bass from heavy cover. Features include Cutting Point?.
Owner Weighted Beast Soft Bait Hook
$7.59 - $13.99
Features twist lock. Designed for weedless-style rigging of larger plastics. With its TwistLOCK? centering-pin spring attached to the hook eye, baits can be permanently secured by inserting the pin in the center of the nose of soft plastic, which can be screwed onto the TwistLOCK coil spring to rig perfect every time. Quick-drop shank below eye allows for rigging fat headed baits, and "maximum gap" allows for improved hook sets because of better bait clearance. Features a XXX-strong forged shank, super needle point, and black chrome finish. Weighted BEAST has all the same features with a non-movable weight attached, which not only helps to sink or swim a rigged bait down into the strike zone, but because the weight is positioned so low on the shank, it provides a "keel" effect.
Trapper Tackle Offset Wide Gap Hook
The family of Trapper Offset Wide Gap Hooks were designed to work with most baits on the market. The Trapper Box scales with hook size, making it easy to fit the right hook to your favorite bait. Ideal for Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Dropshot and Wacky Rigging larger baits and other light line applications. The patented Trapper Box design improves bait retention and fish retention so you make more casts and land more fish.
Mustad Classic Worm Hook
Sproat, large ring, bronze, weedless.
Mustad Ultra Point Neon Beak Bait Hook
Beak hook, opti-angle needle point, forged, turned-up tapered eye.
VMC Tournament Circle Hook
The VMC 8386 Tournament Circle Hook is 3X strong and offers the most durable wire and widest gap of any tournament approved circle hook. This hook is intended to optimize hook rates when live bait trolling for billfish. This hook is forged from Vanadium steel. This hook features chemically sharpened needle point. This type of hook by VMC ensures effortless penetration and resists pressure applied by braided lines.
Eagle Claw Trokar Lancet Offset CIrcle Hook
Features offset, light wire, wide gap, welded eye and is forged.
Owner Walleye Bait Hook
Features hot glow beads, super needle point hooks with flexible hollow beads.
Owner Phantom Tube Hook with Cutting Point
$7.59 - $8.59
Phantom Tube Hook? features a unique weighted system designed specifically for rigging tube and hollow baits weedless. Unlike rigs where weights are positioned along the shank of the hook, this hook allows for the placing of the weight "inside" the bait. When a bass strikes, it feels only the soft, natural texture of the tube, so it is less likely to drop the bait. Properly rigged, the Tube Hook is completely weedless. Additional features include a 45° eye bend, short shank, huge wide bite, Cutting Point®, and black chrome finish.
Mustad Classic Beak Hook
$2.29 - $33.99
Back by popular demand! Special extra corrosion-resistant black finish. Beak, extra strong, forged, reversed, turned up tapered eye. The 8 packs come as 10 packs of 8.
Owner Dancing Stinger Assist Hook
$9.09 - $12.49
Dancing Stingers?, attached to the eye of a jig greatly increase hooking power. Fish can no longer leverage hooks and jigs out of their mouths due to the flexible Technora? connection. Super strong Technora? loops attach to durable, flashy Titanium Gold Finish Super Needle Point hooks. Also available are wire versions for toothy game fish, Monster versions for bigger fish, and Sabiki stingers (pearlescent skin with multi-color foil strands.)
Mustad Classic Treble Hook
$10.49 - $21.99
Ringed and reliable treble hooks have durable hook points that penetrate and hold fish. Each 3X strong hook has a ringed eye and terrific strength for hard-fighting fish, and the special Duratin coating provides protection against harsh saltwater conditions. Duratin hooks
Owner Stinger-46 Treble Hook
Features include short shank, straight Super Needle Points, and corrosion resistant vacuum-tinned finish.
Daiichi Walleye Bait Hooks
Chartreuse gold finish.
Owner SSW Straight Eye Hook with Cutting Point
The straight eye allows for more efficient-in-line hook sets. Features include forged shank, reversed-bend point and black chrome finish.
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The Tournament Mutu Light is perfect for rigging smaller baits. Meets accepted billfish tournament specifications with its in-line, non-offset hook point that is angled 90 to the light wire shank.
Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Treble Hook
Lazer, 3X treble with regular shank and round bend.
Owner Mutu Light Circle Hook Hook
$4.09 - $20.99
Light wire is perfect for saltwater fishing with smaller live baits.
Daiichi Octopus Hook
$17.94 - $20.94
Octopus, Wide Gap, Bleeding Bait Finish, Sizes for Trout to Tarpon. Ideal for Live and Cut Bait.
Owner Tournament Mutu Light Circle Hook
$4.09 - $5.09
Designed to meet accepted billfish "tournament" specifications with its in-line, non-offset hook point that is angled 90° to the XX-strong shank. A versatile hook for presenting larger baits to big gamefish, and ideal for catch-and-release fishing. Features included a forged "hangnail" point and a corrosion-resistant black chrome finish.
Owner SSW Circle Hook
$7.09 - $35.99
Designed for presenting big baits with its big fish size, yet its all-purpose medium shank is lightweight. Also featured is a corrosion-resistant.
Mr. Crappie Cam-Action Hook
$3.49 - $32.28
Cam action hooks rotate towards pressure and will land more fish. These hooks have a fine wire for better bait performance and they are a good size when fishing for Crappies with small minnows.
Owner TwistLock Soft Plastic Hook with Centering-Pin Spring
The Centering-Pin Spring allows soft plastic sto be rigged quickly and perfectly straight with no extra modification needed. This hook also features Owner's new ZO Wire?, which is stronger than other traditional high carbon steel wires and will stand up to the heaviest braided lines and biggest fish. Also features Owner's Silky Gray frictionless finish with"Teflon"-like properties that encourage superior hook penetration and help with bait clearance on hook sets.
Hayabusa WRM957 O'Shannessy Offset Shank Hook
This gives anglers a multi-purpose hook that is great for almost any application and also provides phenomenal fish landing ratios. It features an O'Shaugnessy style bend that keeps fish pinned and prevents them from throwing the hook during the fight, as well as, an offset shank to keep your soft plastic baits perfectly inline and reduce the chance of them tearing from sliding down the hook shank.The WRM957 Offset Shank Hook is finished with Hayabusa's silky smooth NRB (Non-Reflective Black) Fluorine Coating, which dramatically enhances hook-set performance and camouflages the hook for a more natural presentation. Great for Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, weightless worms, drop shot rigs, split shot rigs, and even light flipping and pitching, the Hayabusa WRM957 Offset Shank Hook is available in a wide range of sizes to fit a variety of soft plastic baits.
Hayabusa WRM958 Wide Gap Screw Lock Hook
Made for fishing swimbaits and other thick-bodied soft plastic baits deeper in the water column. It offers a bigger bite than other screw lock hooks for increased hooking potential, and its wide gap design is perfect for accommodating bulkier baits. The hook point also opens slightly outward to further increase hooking potential, while still allowing you to rig your bait perfectly weedlessly .The weight on the hook is placed further up the shank as well, which allows your bait to produce maximum action, as well as, provide a more natural nose first descent when falling on a slack line. It also features a specially designed tapered bait keeper to hold your bait perfectly inline and put less strain on the head of your bait to reduce tearing as well.Each hook is finished with Hayabusa's silky smooth NRB (Non-Reflective Black) Fluorine Coating, which dramatically enhances hook setting performance and camouflages the hook for a stealthier presentation. Available in a wide range of sizes.
Eagle Claw Trokar Medium Wire Double Frog Hook
Similar to other frog hooks in shape and size, the Trokar Frog Hook offers the advantage of two Surgically Sharpened points that are sure to capitalize on many of those missed strikes when using inferior hooks.
Eagle Claw Trokar Nasty Offset Worm Hook
Much like the TK133, the TK105 has is a much thicker hook than the original Lazer Trokar worm hooks. It also has a very pronounced bend which is said to help improve anglers' hook ratios when fishing in both shallow and deep water. It will be available in November in sizes ranging from 1/0 to 6/0.
Berkley Fusion19 Drop Shot Hook
Drop Shot hooks come in sizes 2/0 to #6. Needle point with SlickSet Coating for easier penetration. Stamped bend for added strength. Eyelet designed to have bait sit horizontal in water. Smoke Satin Finish. Package features innovative resealable clam for tackle management.