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Braided Line

Northland Bionic Walleye Braid
Utilizes optimized construction and is made with the highest quality "stronger then steel" Japanese gel spun polyethylene fibers. Using a unique 4-carrier braid with different sized deniers and different constructions, this premium braid features Balanced Braid Technology creating a braided line that is limper, smoother and stronger than the leading competitors.
Berkley FireLine Fused Crystal
$17.95 - $169.99
Combines the ultimate in low-visibility with all of the FireLine features and benefits. Incredibly thin diameter for unbelievable lure action and low visibility. Incredibly strong, three times stronger than mono. Ultimate sensitivity, telegraphic feel for structure and strikes.
Berkley Pro Spec 5
$69.99 - $209.99
At last - a premium metered braid that fully suits theneeds of the North American big game angler. NewBerkley® ProSpec® 5 x 20' Metered Braid is ProSpec®Premium Saltwater Braid marked with a 5-color pattern-- each color at a 20-foot length for easy andrepeatable marking of line depth and distance.
Spiderwire EZ Super Braid
$9.49 - $18.49
Extra strong, easy-casting, yet inexpensive multipurpose fishing line. Spiderwire® Super Mono® EZ makes the monofilament choice for anglers EZ. Recommended rod and reel use is included on the box label for each pound test.
Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid Line
$19.99 - $449.99
The worlds VERY BEST braided line, just became the worlds very first TRANSLUCENT braided fishing line. Spiderwire® Ultracast? Invisi-Braid's patented translucency technology makes this line the nearest thing to clear and invisible. AMAZING. Spiderwire® Ultracast? is the BEST braided fishing line ever made PERIOD. In addition to it's translucency, Ultracast? Invisi-Braid outcasts, and outlasts all the competitors. Unlike the other braids, Ultracast® requires no break-in period. It is limp and ready-to-fish right out of the box. It's stronger, smoother, and much more durable, while still amazingly thin and sensitive. With Spiderwire®, Nothing Get's Away.
P-Line XTCB 8-Carrier Braid
Teflon® Coated Braid P-Line XTCB-8 is a braided line which features DuPont's Teflon Surface Protector. It has more abrasion resistance, flows through the guides with less friction and allows for longer casting. XTCB-8 is constructed using 8 strands of fiber during the braiding process, which allows for a braid which is extremely tight and compact, with an ultra smooth finish. XCTB-8 will also retain its round shape while having a smaller diameter than traditional braids. XTCB is now available in low visibility green and high visibility yellow. Many angling situations require a high visibility line. With the success of XTCB-8 in the low vis green, expanding the product family with a more visible line was a natural development. From fishing in the Keys, to casting into the surf, or float fishing a river, anglers are going to love the performance and versatility of this product. Available in 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 65 and 80 pound test. Spools are available in 150, 300 yards.
Calcutta Ultra Braid
$16.49 - $239.99
This high quality braid is manufactured by Western Filaments exclusively for Calcutta.
Berkley FireLine Metered
Metered FireLine -An exceptionally practicalcolor-coding on the Strongest, Most Abrasion-Resistantsuperline! Five, 10-foot color sections make measuringyour line simple. Know exactly how much line you haveout at all times. A simple, revolutionary idea thatenhances all techniques that rely on precise baitlocation.
Mason Braided Dacron
Professional quality tournament grade braided dacron line, the favorite of fresh and salt water anglers for years. A firm braid of dacron fibers offers maximum sensitivity. Instant strike response.
Cortland Micron Fly Line Backing
Tough, smooth and popular. Has been made better over the years with technically advanced braiders and high pressure color drying.
Power Pro MaxCuatro Spectra HT Braided Line
$27.99 - $669.99
25% thinner than existing PowerPro of equivalent test pound. 4-End lighter and softer construction ensures longer casting distance. Available in; 50lb, 65lb, 80lb, 100lb, 150yard, 500yard, 1500yard, 3000yard. Moss-Green or Hi-Vis Yellow.
Berkley Solutions Braided Line
Berkley® Solutions Braid is an incredibly strong, thinand sensitive fishing line at an excellent value.Features a tough, dependable 4-carrier braidconstruction will raise your fishing line experienceto a new level.
Yo-Zuri SuperBraid Line
$26.99 - $299.99
Formulated for high visibility above the water, and low visibility from below, Yo-Zuri® SuperBraid is ideal for fishing clear water, especially on sunny days. Made of specially coated stranded polyethylene, it's well adapted for use in both fresh- and saltwater. You'll find SuperBraid braided fishing line to be extremely strong and durable, with little to no stretch and outstanding abrasion resistance, yet it handles smoothly regardless of the conditions. 10 to 40 lb. test versions have a 4-strand configuration; 50 to 65 lb. test are 8-strand.
Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 Braided Superline
$20.99 - $41.99
The Finest FireLine® Ever! The scientists at Berkley®have applied the famous FireLine® process to thermallyfuse a remarkably strong 8-carrier Dyneema® PE fiberbraid. The fused 8-carriers create a line that istougher, rounder and smoother, delivering longer caststhan ever before.
Power Pro Depth Hunter Braided Line
$24.99 - $449.99
There are 4-colors (Blue/Yellow/Green/Orange), with 25' of color per segment. There is also a black tic marking every 5' for accurate and instant depth measurement. This allows you to present your lure in the strike zone easily, accurately and repeatedly. (Ideal for jig/troll)
GOT-CHA Braided Line
Four carrier PE braided line. Low memory for increased casting distance. Near zero stretch for greater sensitivity and solid hookups.
Ardent Strong Braid
$19.99 - $39.99
Strong Braid is a fishing line created for extreme fishing. Color preserved, round braided Strong Braid is the ultimate braided line with maximum abrasion resistance qualities.
Sufix Performance Braid
$11.99 - $309.99
Built with the high strength and durability needed for the toughest offshore battles and the unique handling features required by freshwater and light tackle anglers. Built with exclusive Y6 Digital Braiding? Technology.
Mason Legend Baitcast Nylon Braid
$49.08 - $53.88
Manufactured with precision diameter to insure smooth accurate casting. Heat stretched, tightly braided and waterproofed for long life.
Yo-Zuri YZSB40LBDG150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB40LBDG150YD SuperBraid Line, 40Lb Test, 150yd, Green, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB50LBDG150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB50LBDG150YD SuperBraid Line, 50Lb Test, 150yd, Green, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB10LBDG150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB10LBDG150YD SuperBraid Line, 10Lb Test, 150yd, Green, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB15LBDG150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB15LBDG150YD SuperBraid Line, 15Lb Test, 150yd, Green, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB20LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB20LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 20Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB40LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB40LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 40Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB20LBDG150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB20LBDG150YD SuperBraid Line, 20Lb Test, 150yd, Green, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB30LBDG150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB30LBDG150YD SuperBraid Line, 30Lb Test, 150yd, Green, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB80LBDG150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB80LBDG150YD SuperBraid Line, 80Lb Test, 150yd, Green, Boxed
Vicious No-Fade Braid
Unlike traditional braids that put the color on as a coating, our color fast technology utilizes a pre-dyeing technique that makes the color part of the line. The specially coated line features 8-carriers insuring a smooth cast, quiet retrieve, superior strength and minimal fraying. Vicious No-Fade Braid also has zero stretch to deliver superior bite detection and hooksets.
Yo-Zuri YZSB30LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB30LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 30Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
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