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Fishing Line

Stren 100% Fluorocast Fluorocarbon
$10.99 - $11.99
Easy to cast and handle. Excellent knot & shock strength. Virtually invisible. (200 Yards in length)
Ardent Gliss Polyethylene
Gliss is a new 4th form of fishing line that is produced by a breakthrough extrusion process of high modulus polyethylene fibers. Gliss has qualities of both monofilament and braid. Gliss has zero stretch and the lowest diameter to breaking strength of any line. .010 diameter Gliss equals 4kg/8lb strength.
Ardent Strong Braid
$19.99 - $39.99
Strong Braid is a fishing line created for extreme fishing. Color preserved, round braided Strong Braid is the ultimate braided line with maximum abrasion resistance qualities.
Trik Fish Flippin & Pitchin Fluorocarbon
$13.49 - $20.99
If you like to pitch and flip in heavy cover, this line absolutely deserves your attention. It's tough as nails, manageable and has allowed me to present my baits in some very precarious places with plenty of confidence.
Scientific Anglers Frequency Fly Line Sink
Scientific Anglers started from scratch when designing the Frequency Series.The Sink Tip features a fast-sinking 10' tip and a braided multifilament core. It is ideally used in moving water with streamers and wet flies. Ideal for streamers and wet flies for trout, steelhead, salmon, and smallmouth bass in moving water. Fast-sinking 10' tip sinks flies through the water column. Mid-length head enhances control. Best used in moving water. Sink Rates: 2.5 - 4.0 ips (Type III). Braided multifilament core. Color Yellow/Dark Green. SA FR ST WF X S (X = line weight).
Maxima Tuna Blue Monofilament Line
$20.99 - $219.99
The offshore fishing environment is no place for the weak of heart, or weak line. With many species pushing the 1,000-pound mark, strength and durability are paramount. Tuna Blue incorporates the proven characteristics of extreme tensile power to land world-class catches, and superb abrasion resistance to protect from razor-sharp teeth. But Tuna Blue offers even morea new molecular structure that delivers the industry's toughest shock resistance. Vicious strikes and multiple 1000-yard runs are no match for Tuna Blue. The precise amount of stretch prevents line stress, while Tuna Blue's ability to recoil smoothly and quickly never fails to keep the right amount of tension between the angler and prey.
Tuf-Line Classic Braided Superline
$17.49 - $54.99
The original salt and pepper line, TUF-LINE® is manufactured with Spectra® fibers and has an amazing 4% stretch which translates into super sensitivity and more powerful hooksets when compared to monofilament. TUF-LINE® is also hydrophobic, meaning it repels water and won't swell in diameter. TUF-LINE® is over 40% smaller than equivalent test monofilaments, which substantially reduces line drag.
Tuf-Line Braided Sturgeon Leader
$7.89 - $349.99
This heavy duty shock leader was created for the angler who ties their own leaders. Manufactured with polyestermultifilament yarn, our sturgeon leader has excellent abrasion resistance and superior shock resistance.
P-Line Halo Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
$19.99 - $29.99
100% Fluorocarbon Co-Fluoride! The union of unmatched proprietary extrusion technology, coupled with the finest raw materials available, has produced P-Line HALO Fluorocarbon;the first Co-Fluoride introduced into the United States. In a tireless effort of research and development, P-Line has engineeredthe next generation of fluorocarbon fishing line by introducing HALOCo-Fluoride. Different fluorocarbon crystals have different characteristics.With HALO, P-Line has blended different types of pure fluorocarbon crystals, giving anglers the best combination of strength, sensitivity, and castability in the best all purpose fluorocarbon line available.
Sufix 832 Advanced Lead Core
$44.99 - $79.99
832 Advanced Lead Core is the first lead core fishing line to combine both Dyneema and GORE performance fibers for the fastest sinking, strongest, most abrasion resistant, roundest, UV protected lead core line on the market. Dives 30% deeper & is 70% stronger than traditional lead core. Infinitely more sensitive. 3X the abrasion resistance. Greater resistance to UV rays and sunlight.
Shur Strike Bulk Monofilament Line
$2.69 - $5.39
Premium quality clear monofilament fishing line at an economical price. This is one of the smallest diameter monofilaments, per pound test, on the market. High abrasion resistance, yet soft and flexible.
AFW Surflon® MicroSupreme Nylon Coated Stainless Leader Wire
$15.49 - $21.99
Miniature 49 strand stainless steel wire that is extremely flexible and kink resistant. The nylon coating seals out water, prevents fraying, and makes the wire easy to knot. This wire is ideal for presenting life-like bait at any depth and can fool tackle-shy Billfish while withstanding violent razor-sharp strikes of King Mackerel and Shark. Excellent for casting flies and tempting the most discriminating toothy fish to the surface. Low elasticity and high sensitivity allow you to set hooks faster and with more accuracy. (Measures 16.4' or 5 meters in length)
No Image
$16.49 - $17.49
The most abrasion resistant, supple and sensitive monofilament ever. Sufix® Advance? Monofilament is a combination of HMPE and Hyper Copolymer? creating superior abrasion resistance, low stretch and sensitivity that has never been seen before.
Mason Hard Type Leader
$2.99 - $30.99
Ten yard per coil. The growing demand for Hard Type Nylon is the finest product of its kind.
Frenzy Flourocarbon Leader
$23.99 - $74.99
Virtually invisible to finicky fish, Frenzy's new line of fluorocarbon leader material is a must have for serious anglers. As a result of its superior construction, Frenzy's fluorocarbon is more impact and abrasion resistant than monofilament and other fluorocarbon lines. It is designed with a smaller diameter than comparable fluorocarbon material to allow it to sink fast and maintain high knot strength. The light refractive index of this line is similar to that of water, making it practically disappear once it moves below the surface.
Yo-Zuri TKLD30LBNCL30YD Topkot
Yo-Zuri TKLD30LBNCL30YD Topkot Fluorocarbon Leader, 30Lb Test, 30yd, Clear, Boxed
Hi-Seas Quattro 100% Fluorocarbon Leader
$12.49 - $22.99
Virtually invisible. Smaller diameters. Incredible knot and tensile strength. Perfect shock leader. Extremely soft, with low memory. Seaguar Fluoro Premier & Seaguar Fluoro Premier Big Game.
AFW Surflon® Nylon Coated Stainless Leader Wire
$4.49 - $8.29
Improved Surflon® 1x7 is a great, all-around leader wire for toothy fish. This wire is our Surfstrand® 1x7 stainless steel with a smooth coating of nylon. A specially selected grade of nylon, tough yet flexible, is used to seal out water, reduce visibility, and improve the life of the line. We added more strands to the smallest diameters, changing them from 1x3's to 1x7's. We also increased the breaking strengths of these sizes without increasing the diameters. The result is a stronger, more flexible product that is more responsive in the water. Surflon® 1x7 is an effective leader wire for hard-charging, toothy fish such as Bluefish and Mackerel. (Coil measures 30 feet in length)
Berkley FireLine Fused Tracer
$17.99 - $19.49
Combines the ultimate in low-visibility with all of the FireLine features and benefits. Incredibly thin diameter for unbelievable lure action and low visibility. Incredibly strong, three times stronger than mono. Ultimate sensitivity, telegraphic feel for structure and strikes.
Berkley Trilene XT Mono
$3.69 - $74.99
Flexible monofilament line that maintains toughness against sharp objects and in heavy cover. This filler spool is easy to manage for all your fishing needs.
Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon XL
$12.49 - $269.99
Super strong, incredible strength for confidence and control. Shock resistant, controlled stretch adds fighting power. Extra tough and abrasion resistant, tough against rough or sharp objects. Outstanding knot strength, strong and durable holding power.
Berkley ProSpec Mono Line
$49.95 - $139.95
Thin and supple with excellent knot and impact strength. Premium co-polymer monofilament. Built to withstand the abuse that professional saltwater anglers handle on a daily basis.
Berkley Fireline Fused Original
$17.95 - $169.99
Fast casting, no memory and smooth finish. Ultimate sensitivity, instant feel for structure and strikes. Ultra-thin diameter, incredible lure action and low visibility. Exceptional strength, three times stronger than mono.
Berkley Professional Braid
You'll want to stock up on this super sensitive line that will detect the slightest of nip from looming fish. The Berkley® Pro Braid Fishing Line has no memory and a smooth finish for fast casting. The incredibly strong line is up to 3 times as strong as mono line, and the thin diameter promotes lure action and low visibility. So sensitive you'll be able to feel every structure and strike, use the Berkley Pro Braid line next time you fish.
Berkley Trilene Braid Professional Grade
$19.95 - $24.95
You'll want to stock up on this super sensitive line that will detect the slightest of nip from looming fish. The Berkley® Pro Braid Fishing Line has no memory and a smooth finish for fast casting. The incredibly strong line is up to 3 times as strong as mono line, and the thin diameter promotes lure action and low visibility. So sensitive you'll be able to feel every structure and strike, use the Berkley Pro Braid line next time you fish.
P-Line Soft Fluorocarbon
$17.99 - $54.99
P-Line's castable 100% Soft Fluorocarbon is extruded from the highest quality Japanese Fluorocarbon Crystals. With a reflective index very close to that of water, FLUOROCARBON is clear in color and nearly invisible in the water, ensuring more strikes. (Measures 250 yards in length)
Yo-Zuri YZSB80LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB80LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 80Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB10LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB10LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 10Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB20LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB20LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 20Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Yo-Zuri TKLD100LBDP30YD Topkot
Yo-Zuri TKLD100LBDP30YD Topkot Fluorocarbon Leader, 100Lb Test, 30yd, Pink, Boxed