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Fishing Line

Yo-Zuri YZSB10LBDG150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB10LBDG150YD SuperBraid Line, 10Lb Test, 150yd, Green, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB15LBDG150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB15LBDG150YD SuperBraid Line, 15Lb Test, 150yd, Green, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB20LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB20LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 20Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB40LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB40LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 40Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB20LBDG150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB20LBDG150YD SuperBraid Line, 20Lb Test, 150yd, Green, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB30LBDG150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB30LBDG150YD SuperBraid Line, 30Lb Test, 150yd, Green, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB80LBDG150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB80LBDG150YD SuperBraid Line, 80Lb Test, 150yd, Green, Boxed
Vicious No-Fade Braid
Unlike traditional braids that put the color on as a coating, our color fast technology utilizes a pre-dyeing technique that makes the color part of the line. The specially coated line features 8-carriers insuring a smooth cast, quiet retrieve, superior strength and minimal fraying. Vicious No-Fade Braid also has zero stretch to deliver superior bite detection and hooksets.
Vicious Pro Elite Fluorocarbon
$8.09 - $26.99
Newest addition to the strong, reliable and proven fishing lines in the Vicious Fishing series that offers great results at the best value. Anglers who use spinning reels with braided line can benefit from a clear fluorocarbon leader to get the best of both worlds - strength and durability from lure to spool with the two types, along with the near-invisibility of fluorocarbon at the terminal end. (Measures 200 yards in length)
Malin Hard-Wire Stainless Steel Wire
$2.49 - $22.99
Highest grade chromium nickel alloy stainless steel wire. Guaranteed not to corrode or rust. Solid single strand. Perfectly straight when uncoiled. 42 ft. coils or 1/4 #. coils. Sizes 2 through 9 feature exclusive dispensers - roll off what's needed, roll back what's not.
Vicious FLB-17 Fluorocarbon 17Lb
Fluorocarbon 17Lb 800yds Clr
Yo-Zuri YZSB30LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB30LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 30Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB50LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB50LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 50Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB65LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB65LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 65Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Yo-Zuri YZSB80LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB80LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 80Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Mason IGFA Green Dot Braid
$54.99 - $124.99
Guaranteed to meet IGFA line class sizes to insure record catches. Low stretch, tightly braided to insure extra strength to resist fish striking power. Reliable fresh and salt water line guaranteed not to mildew.
Vicious FLB-12 Fluorocarbon 12Lb
Fluorocarbon 12Lb 800yds Clr
Vicious FLB-15 Fluorocarbon 15Lb
Fluorocarbon 15Lb 800yds Clr
No Image
$17.49 - $34.99
Seaguar Gold Label 100luorocarbon Leader is designed to exceed the expectations of the most demanding saltwater anglers. Gold Label retains the same legendary knot and tensile strength that characterizes Seaguar's other leaders, but is exceptionally thinner and stronger. Baits rigged on Seaguar Gold Label will swim more naturally, triggering more bites and putting more fish in the box than ever before.
Vicious FLB-20 Fluorocarbon 20Lb
Fluorocarbon 20Lb 800yds Clr
Yo-Zuri YZSB15LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB15LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 15Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Trik Fish Armor Tough Camo Monofilament
$10.49 - $54.99
"The Original"! European-made premium monofilament...this Camouflage line disappears in a natural underwater environment. Unlike nylon, which weakens when stretched, this line returns to near full strength.An excellent choice for any type of fishing!
AFW Surfstrand Titanium Leader Wire
Titanium Surfstrand is an uncoated, 1x7 super-elastic leader wire that stretches to absorb the strike of a fish - then snaps back and recovers during the hook-set! This wire is made with a special blend of Titanium alloy wire and engineered to deliver tremendous strength along with dramatic kink resistance. Fish with confidence knowing this is among the highest quality leader wire available. Use Titanium Surfstrand for the best bite protection, flexibility, and unmatched kink resistance! Made in USA by AFW.
P-Line Soft Fluorocarbon
$17.99 - $54.99
P-Line's castable 100% Soft Fluorocarbon is extruded from the highest quality Japanese Fluorocarbon Crystals. With a reflective index very close to that of water, FLUOROCARBON is clear in color and nearly invisible in the water, ensuring more strikes. (Measures 250 yards in length)
Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon
$26.99 - $84.99
Super fluorocarbon line that was born in Japan and remains in the perennial No. 1 spot in the Japanese market, with too many tournament trophies to count. A line with huge potential, steadily racking up wins in the United States as well. Newly revamped and even easier to use now for anglers in the USA.
Yo-Zuri YZSB10LBBL150YD SuperBraid
Yo-Zuri YZSB10LBBL150YD SuperBraid Line, 10Lb Test, 150yd, Blue, Boxed
Frenzy Flourocarbon Leader
$23.99 - $74.99
Virtually invisible to finicky fish, Frenzy's new line of fluorocarbon leader material is a must have for serious anglers. As a result of its superior construction, Frenzy's fluorocarbon is more impact and abrasion resistant than monofilament and other fluorocarbon lines. It is designed with a smaller diameter than comparable fluorocarbon material to allow it to sink fast and maintain high knot strength. The light refractive index of this line is similar to that of water, making it practically disappear once it moves below the surface.
No Image
$10.49 - $209.99
Great value in a conventional braided PE Line. Diameters 2 to 3x smaller than mono of the same lb-test. Spider-sensitivity near zero stretch. Ideal braid for cutting through weeds and thick vegetation. SpiderWire® DURA-4 Braid is a durable and reliable 4 carrier conventional braid offering superior value to the consumer. Dura-4 is a vailable in moss green making it less visible to fish and blending into most backgrounds and has a slick coating for effortless casting.
Malin PDS Straight SS Leader Wire
100 pieces per tube, each 36" long.