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Trolling Wire

AFW Monel Trolling Wire
$35.99 - $74.99
This nickel-copper alloy provides maximum corrosion resistance in fresh and saltwater and due to its greater density, sinks more rapidly and stays deeper than stainless steel and other trolling lines. Excellent wire for dragging baits at depth and hooking hard-charging game fish such as Striped Bass and Wahoo.
Mason Lead Core Trolling Braid
$46.99 - $59.99
Fast sinking line composed of abrasion-resistant braided nylon over a flexible lead core. It is color metered every ten YARDS with non-fading dye for exact depth control. Smooth and easy to control line. 2X 100 Yards spools per box.
AFW Stainless Steel Trolling Wire
The line sinks rapidly allowing the angler to get down deep using shorter lengths of line. The high strength of stainless steel results in a small diameter per pound test providing greater reel capacity. Great for Stripers and other sport fish.
Tuf-Line MicroLead Core Trolling Line
$48.99 - $49.99
Featuring a small diamter lead core protected by a powerful Spectra fiber braid, TUF-Line MicroLead revolutionizes lead core trolling. With reduced drag, MicroLead achieves the same sink rate as standard lead core and can be fished on lighter rods and smaller reels. The Spectra fiber braid is 3X stronger than standard lead core line and delivers smooth, effortless handling. Better materials, better performance and a better experience, MicroLead puts the fun back in lead core trolling. 100 yards metered.
Sufix 832 Advanced Lead Core
$44.99 - $79.99
832 Advanced Lead Core is the first lead core fishing line to combine both Dyneema and GORE performance fibers for the fastest sinking, strongest, most abrasion resistant, roundest, UV protected lead core line on the market. Dives 30% deeper & is 70% stronger than traditional lead core. Infinitely more sensitive. 3X the abrasion resistance. Greater resistance to UV rays and sunlight.
Mason Multi-strand Wire
$22.99 - $24.99
Constructed of 1 X 7 stranded stainless steel wire. Kink-resistant. Excellent for downrigger fishing and rig making.
Malin Soft Monel Trolling Wire
$79.99 - $89.99
Pre-marked wire and cable from Main controlling your depths easy. Malin trolling wire and cable is marked every 50 feet, simply count them as you let the wire out.
Malin Stainless Trolling Wire
$25.99 - $31.99
Soft stainless steel trolling wire.
Malin Soft Monel Trolling Wire
$36.99 - $134.99
Solid monel trolling line. 300 foot spools - connected/box.
Tuf-Line Lead Core Trolling Line
$26.99 - $32.99
Tightly braided, high tenacity Nylon multifilament yarn encapsulates a 99.9% pure lead core. This "pure" lead construction offers smaller-diameter-than-standard lead core lines. Color metering every 10 YARDS with a high visibility dye enables the angler to instantly determine depth. A must for every angler who needs extra weight for deep water trolling.
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