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Fishing Lures

Creme Lit'L Fishie®
$1.19 - $4.39
Most minnow baits use a head wobble to imitate a swimming action. The fact is, only fake fish wobble their heads. The Lit'l Fishie® is the only soft plastic lure with two patented rear fins that make it swim with its tail.
Creme Scoundrel Worms
$1.29 - $4.49
The 4" model is an ideal ultralight bait. The 6" model is a good all-around bait and the 8" model is ideal for Texas rigging. All versions feature the vibration and swimming action.
Jackson Cardinal Adams Female
This female version of the popular Adams fly is distinct in appearance by a strip of yellow to imitate the presence of an egg sack.
Jackson Cardinal Adams Grizzly
This version of the popular Adams fly is characterized by the use of Grizzly hackle in tying the pattern.
Jackson Cardinal Ant
Ants are incredibly popular terrestrials and are often found on the water as an enticing meal for a number of fish.
Jackson Cardinal Bivisible
The bivisible is a classic trout fly that finds its use throughout the fly-fishing community.
Jackson Cardinal Egg Sucking Leech
The Egg Sucking leech is a good alternative streamer to the more famous Wooly Bugger. Its bright head tends to be particularly attractive in murky and muddy waters along lakes and rivers.
Jackson Cardinal Eyed Hornberg
The Hornberg is a kind of multi-use fly that can be fished as a dry fly and a streamer.
Jackson Cardinal Glo Bug
The Glo Bug is a simple egg-imitation fly.
Jackson Cardinal Gold-Ribbed Hare's Ear
The Hare's Ear is a classic nymph pattern, enormously popular as a great 'All-Around' fly. The Hare's Ear imitates a multitude of insects rather well.
Jackson Cardinal Halfback
The halfback is a popular stonefly pattern throughout Colorado and Wyoming.
Jackson Cardinal Helgramite
The Helgramite lives up to its name, as it mimics dobsonfly larvae, which are commonly referred to as hellgrammite.
Jackson Cardinal Little Trout
Used as a streamer to imitate various species of trout based on its specific color scheme.
Jackson Cardinal Matuka
The Matuka fly imitates small fish and leeches, and finds success with trout and many other species of fish.
Jackson Cardinal Muddler Minnow
The Muddler Minnow is an impressively popular streamer pattern around the world, that mimics a number of species.
Jackson Cardinal Parachute Adams
Easily one of the most popular flies in the world, the Parachute Adams is often argued as to be one of the best all-around trout flies. It is used by fly fisherman from every corner of the trout fishing community, beginners and experts alike.
Jackson Cardinal Platte River Special
The Platte River Special is a popular streamer pattern, particularly in Wyoming on the Upper North Platte.
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