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Boone Unrigged Bird
$29.99 - $54.99
Constructed of urethane foam to prevent water absorption. A stainless steel-through-wire construction is used for added strength. The Boone? Bird should be attached to the snap swivel on your double line with the eye of the leader on the lure attached to the rear of the bird.
Billfisher Tuna Tail Skirts
$2.69 - $12.99
BillFisher 6" Tuna Tail Double skirts work well for dressing up Ballyhoo rigs, mullet or any offshore lure that needs additional color. Sixteen colors are available in 2 PACK or 10 PACK. All are PACKaged with a peg hole header card and BillFisher logo.
Williamson Exciter Bird
$13.49 - $30.99
Splashing and fluttering on the surface will add activity to your spread and get the predators up from the deep to see what the commotion is about. Exciter Birds can be fished in a number of ways: As a lead on a daisy chain teaser. Connect the Exciter Bird in front of your favorite lure as an added attractor or to keep the high rigger lures tracking straight in windy conditions. Make an Exciter Bird daisy chain.
Clarkspoon With Leader Wheel
$10.99 - $13.49
A bluefish and Spanish mackerel's worst nightmare, rigged and ready to go. Twenty-four feet of 30 lb. test leader with #3 ball bearing coastlock snap swivel. Wound on a 4" leader wheel for easy handling. Comes complete with instructions for fishing Clarkspoons on rods, planers or hand lines.
Bomber Spanish Mackerel Rigs
Double jeopardy best describe where this rig places spanish mackerel. If the 2Z Captain action spoon doesn't put him in the boat the Tiny Tinsel rig will. Tinsel ring features #6 stainless steel wire and 2 saltwater grade 3/0 hooks. Weighs 1/8oz.
Clarkspoon Mackerel Duster Rigs
A 1/8 oz. Duster and 0RBMS Spoon combined for fish catching action. The Duster is rigged with a 2/0 hook and 45 lb. black sealon. 0RBMS Spoon attaches with a coastlock snap swivel.
Fin Strike Flash Teasers
Brass rivets tied with Mylar flash. (Measures 3" in length, 3 pack)
Boone Bird Daisy Chain
Five 4 1/2" birds rigged in a daisy chain for trolling.
Boone Tuna Tail Weber Style Skirt
$3.19 - $15.49
Colorful and eye-catching. Boones Weber Double Mullet is sure to help you catch all kinds of fish.
Boone Squid Skirts
$3.69 - $8.69
All Boone® Squid Skirts are made of the highest quality and softest US made vinyl with super Glo Eyes. Our skirts come in a wide range of colors and sizes.
Mold Craft Squirt Squid Bonus Pack
The original Squirt Squid is soft, but not too soft. Amazing action and fish-catching ability. Bonus 6 per pack.
Boone Daisy Chain Teasers
The Boone Squid Daisy Chain combines the fish-attracting power of five 9". Boone Squid all rigged together. This daisy chain teaser is sure to bring fish from the depths to strike at your lure spread.
Boone Flare Touts
Mustad 3407 heavy duty saltwater jig hook. Stream line squid head design with heavy duty hardware. Boone deluxe squid skirt with Super Glo eyes. .
Blue Water Candy Parachute Rigs
$9.19 - $29.99
Features big bug eyes and premiere point jobs. Hair and bling combination increases catches above those made with hair alone.
Clarkspoon Bird Rigs
$18.49 - $19.49
The deadly trolling rig for fish that feed on other fish. The spoon of your choice trails our popular 5" bird, creating a "flutter" that fish can't resist. Rigged with 30 lb. test mono. Comes complete with instructions for fishing Clarkspoons on rods, planers and hand lines.
Blue Water Candy Loaded Tandem Rigs
Blue Water Candy saltwater fishing lures are made in the USA with a focus on quality and effectiveness. The extra attention to detail is what makes Captain Jodie Gay's Blue Water Candy Lures different from any other line of tackle. Whether fishing inshore or offshore our products are sure to help you catch more fish.
Blue Water Candy Tandem Loaded Parachute Rigs
Tandem rigs are rigged on 100# mono with 3-way swivel and a 4' and 14' drop back. Double hooked 9" shad included. Striper machines.
Blue Water Candy Tandem Parachute Rigs
One of the most popular and productive rigs for large stripers, these tandem parachute rigs are ready to tackle your next trophy rockfish. Each come with two parachutes with rubber shads rigged on twin Mustad hooks, connected to a super strong three-way swivel. There is a 5' leader to the heavier 'chute and a 15' leader to the lighter one
Blue Water Candy Tandem 12X8 Parachute Rig
Features 3/0 with 3-way swivel with a 14' and a 4' 100# mono leader attaching to coastlock swivels. Loaded with 9" shad and parachutes. .
Blue Water Candy 60486 12oz.
12oz. Spire Parachute Chartreuse Loaded with a 9" Chartreuse Shad
Blue Water Candy Shad Bodies
$6.29 - $30.99
6" and 9" soft plastic shad for use on umbrellas and parachute rigs. Convenient recloseable bag.
Mold Craft Original Squirt Squid
$4.59 - $64.99
The original Squirt Squid is soft, but not too soft. Amazing action and fish-catching ability.
Bomber Nylure Jig
$6.79 - $7.19
No other skirt material can match the fish alluring "shimmer" of the one and only Nylure nylon. Triple coat the finish and seal the hand tied wrap with saltwater grade adhesive. Highly effective on most species of salter fish.
Fish Razr FlapZ
$12.99 - $31.99
Blue Water Candy 60331 4oz.
4oz. Spire Parachute Chartreuse Loaded with a 9" Chartreue Shad
Sea Striker Squid Rigs - Fluke/Flounder
An East Coast Favorite for flounder. Soft 3" squid rig tied with 42 inches of 30 lb. test mono. The rig has a #4, three-way swivel at the top with a snap for easy sinker attachment. The bottom of the rig has a 1/0 saltwater wide gap flounder hook and a #2 nickel spinner blade above the squid.
Blue Water Candy Mojo'S
$29.99 - $34.99
Cannonball Mojo's tied with hair and bling are great for deep trolling striped bass. 12/0 Mustad hooks.
Sea Striker Bulbhead Squid
$9.69 - $16.99
Bulbhead Squid are popular for rigging spreader bars and daisy chains. Available in three sizes and seventeen attractive colors. Packed with header or bulk, sizes and color options vary with packaging.
Sea Striker 3
Soft 3" vinyl squid. Ideal for flounder rigs, daisy chains, and trolling. Available 5 per pack or bags of 100 pieces.
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