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Boone Unrigged Bird
$35.99 - $54.99
Constructed of urethane foam to prevent water absorption. A stainless steel-through-wire construction is used for added strength. The Boone? Bird should be attached to the snap swivel on your double line with the eye of the leader on the lure attached to the rear of the bird.
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Five 5" Humming Birds come together with 200 lb. Momoi mono to be used from a low transom line. The 200 lb. ball bearing swivel allows use in-line on heavy tackle trailing a lure or bait behind 5 to 20 ft.
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$4.99 - $6.99
Clarkspoon Mackerel Duster Rigs
A 1/8 oz. Duster and 0RBMS Spoon combined for fish catching action. The Duster is rigged with a 2/0 hook and 45 lb. black sealon. 0RBMS Spoon attaches with a coastlock snap swivel.
Sea Striker Squid Rigs - Fluke/Flounder
An East Coast Favorite for flounder. Soft 3" squid rig tied with 42 inches of 30 lb. test mono. The rig has a #4, three-way swivel at the top with a snap for easy sinker attachment. The bottom of the rig has a 1/0 saltwater wide gap flounder hook and a #2 nickel spinner blade above the squid.
Yo-Zuri Octopus Trolling Skirt
$7.49 - $10.49
Yo-Zuri Octopus Skirt Lures are trolling skirts made from proprietary vinyl material that is particularly soft, yet extremely strong.
Fathom Shell Squid
$3.59 - $3.99
Looking for a Bulb squid that is light weight, durable, with great swimming action? The Ocean Lure Concept ST line of squids are perfect for spreader bars, daisy chains, or simply rig one for a killer stinger bait. Made from the same proprietary blend of plastic as the OLC skirt line, these Bulb Squid are simply the best on the market today.
Boone Tuna Tail Weber Style Skirt
$3.39 - $16.49
Colorful and eye-catching. Boones Weber Double Mullet is sure to help you catch all kinds of fish.
Boone Bird Daisy Chain
Five 4 1/2" birds rigged in a daisy chain for trolling.
Frenzy Ballistic Flyers
$8.19 - $15.99
Extremely durable and innovative one piece design. Casted, flown from a kite, rigged as a teaser, or slow trolled...This is an exciting bait to fish.
Bomber Bug Eye Duster
Dressed with a highly reflective tinsel, has a proven track record of bringing in the big ones. Made of the most durable materials to insure our lures are saltwater grade.
Billfisher Tuna Tail Skirts
$2.69 - $12.99
BillFisher 6" Tuna Tail Double skirts work well for dressing up Ballyhoo rigs, mullet or any offshore lure that needs additional color. Sixteen colors are available in 2 PACK or 10 PACK. All are PACKaged with a peg hole header card and BillFisher logo.
Boone Squid Skirts
$3.89 - $9.09
All Boone® Squid Skirts are made of the highest quality and softest US made vinyl with super Glo Eyes. Our skirts come in a wide range of colors and sizes.
Blue Water Candy Shad Bodies
$6.29 - $30.99
6" and 9" soft plastic shad for use on umbrellas and parachute rigs. Convenient recloseable bag.
Williamson Flash Feather
$10.49 - $13.99
The Flash Feather design is a major draw to all baitfish. Bonito, mackerel, bluefish, small dorado and small tuna all fall for the allure of this attracting lure. All come pre-rigged with proper rigging for size.
Boone Flare Touts
Mustad 3407 heavy duty saltwater jig hook. Stream line squid head design with heavy duty hardware. Boone deluxe squid skirt with Super Glo eyes. .
Fathom Octopus Skirt
$3.59 - $6.19
Is your favorite Fathom lure getting a lot of attention and in need of a facelift! These high quality replacement skirts are essential to general lure maintenance, changing them frequently will ensure the lures action stays true and remains at peak performance. Available in various sizes to fit all types of lures and plugs.
No Image
$12.99 - $15.99
Blue Water Candy Mini Skirt
Blue Water Candy's Mini Skirt is made with 100% mylar skirt material cut 4 inches long with a 1/8 ounce painted head. These versatile skirts have many uses, from dressing up your Spanish mackerel and king mackerel rigs to making teasers and dredges for targeting dolphin and tuna offshore.
Blue Water Candy Dolphin Weenie
Squid with mylar insert rigged on 80 pound mono with 7/0 Mustad hook. Great for dolphin and sailfish.
Blue Water Candy Tandem Loaded Parachute Rig
$27.99 - $34.99
The Blue Water Candy Tandem Loaded Parachute Rig is a must have in fishing anywhere along the gulf coast or wherever speckle trout and redfish can be found.
Mold Craft Original Squirt Squid
$4.59 - $69.99
The original Squirt Squid is soft, but not too soft. Amazing action and fish-catching ability.
Bomber Spanish Mackerel Rigs
Double jeopardy best describe where this rig places spanish mackerel. If the 2Z Captain action spoon doesn't put him in the boat the Tiny Tinsel rig will. Tinsel ring features #6 stainless steel wire and 2 saltwater grade 3/0 hooks. Weighs 1/8oz.
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