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Luhr Jensen Crippled Herring
$7.99 - $14.49
This bait-shaped metal jig has attracted the attention of all types of fish all over the country. For jigging, mooching, casting, or trolling.
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Goldeneye jig heads are the perfect compliment for any soft plastic, but we prefer the Matrix Shad! 6 sizes to choose from with a 3/0 eagle claw .045dia. hook Perfect for water depths of 0-25.
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$5.99 - $13.49
The Boone Needlefish Jig? is a cost effective product that produces great results on a variety of bottom fish. Colorful abalone finishes are designed to attract and stimulate bone jarring, aggressive strikes. The slim, long hydrodynamic styling allows the Boone Needlefish Jig to drop quickly through the water column.
HR Tackle 1543PS Painted
HR Tackle 1543 PS Painted Stingsilver Jig, 1 1/2 oz, Pink Pearl Silverside, 3X Strong Mustad Hook, Single Hook
Yo-Zuri Squid Jigs
$9.29 - $9.69
Perfectly balanced for a precise lifelike swimming action, these jigs prove irresistible to squid.
HR Tackle 1526GOLDS Painted
HR Tackle 1526 GOLD S Painted Stingsilver Jig, 1/2 oz, Gold Silverside, 3X Strong Mustad Hook, Single Hook
Hopkins No Equal Plain Treble
$6.89 - $14.49
The design of these drop-forged stainless steel lures make them unusually versatile because while they are unsurpassed for castability, they are highly effective when trolled or jigged. They are outstanding ice fishing jigs. The lure body will not rust, chip or peel.
Savage Gear The Squish Erratic Fall Jig
Vertical jigging for pelagic and bottom dwelling gamefish has been around for a while now and anglers are aware of how effective these baits can be. The only downfall to knife and butterfly jigs is how quickly they can move through the strike zone before a fish can react. The Savage Gear Squish is a center balanced jig that moves erratically sideways through the water column to keep the bait in a fish's strike zone longer. Just freespool the Squish to the desired depth and then put the reel in gear and use a jerk and fall retrieve.
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The LIVETARGET Fleeing Shrimp soft lure, bristling with three-dimensional anatomical features, is rigged on a custom jig head and armed with a strong, corrosion-resistant hook. The Shrimp's silicone skirt animates the lure's appearance by mimicking the action of a live shrimp's front legs while in motion and at rest. The Fleeing Shrimp combines realistic anatomy, profile, colors, sound, scent, and action to provoke aggressive feeding responses from inshore predators. Glass rattle. Shrimp scented. Comes with one replacement body.
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HR Tackle 1526 CS Painted Stingsilver Jig, 1/2 oz, Chartreuse Pearl Silverside, 3X Strong Mustad Hook, Single Hook
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Built with a custom wire weedguard engineered to prevent fouling or snagging when pulled through vegetation, wood, or oyster shell while still allowing for easy hooksets, the new Weedless Eye Jighead features the same dual, conical trailer keepers and heavy-duty Mustad® UltraPoint® hook that have made the other jigheads in the Eye Strike® family so popular. And of course, the oversized 3D eyes attract strikes like no other jighead, because Predators Strike the Eye!'
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$12.99 - $19.99
The aggressive SALTIGA SK JIG falls, spins and flutters to the desired depth. Once the SALTIGA SK JIG has reached the bottom or a targeted depth, simply wind the reel. The unique swimming action of the SK JIG allows the jig to kick and slap throughout the water column. High Quality Assist Hooks.
Bridgeport Diamond Jigs
$7.69 - $19.49
Blues, stripes, mackerel, cod, pollock, and other game fish are attracted by the Diamond Jig's fluttering action which closely imitates a crippled bait fish. While Diamond Jig's are effective under almost all conditions, they simply can't be beat when the fish are down deep or there is a current. Steel end rig retains shape, even when worked over rocks. Diamond shape has 8 points for maximum light reflection. Tough, Mustad® O'Shaughnessy hooks sized for maximum effectiveness.
Williamson Abyss Speed Jig
$17.99 - $25.99
This unique potbelly shaped body will get your jig down fast and enable you to fish deeper and faster. Tapered design offers less resistance on the retrieve. Special Super Fluoro Lumo paint on the belly and gill plates triggers strikes. Lures come pre-rigged with a single VMC® Assist hook.
Z-Man DieZel Spin
A heavy-guage, stainless spinner with a double-barb stamped stainless keeper that will hold soft plastic swimbaits
Ahi Live Deception Jigs
$6.89 - $14.99
Live Deception Jigs are designed with real fish images laser printed (not wrapped) onto jigs to highlight the highest level of accuracy and realistic definition. We will have them available in the 3 most popular baits on the California coast - Sardine, Mackerel, and Anchovy. Imagine this.. When fish are keyed in on pinhead anchovies, grab a 2" long, 1 oz Live Deception Anchovy and you'll be sure to hook up. Live Deception Jigs are made with heavy duty hardware, including Mustad 3X hooks, welded rings, and fully wire through construction to ensure you land that trophy fish. This is as real as an iron will get.
Bagley Weedless Spoon
$8.89 - $9.99
Weedless and can be fished in fresh or saltwater weedy environments. It has a wide wobble and comes with a super strong Mustad hook. For more action, try fishing with a plastic trailer.
Sea Striker Flats Jigs
This inshore lure is hand tied with natural bucktail and accented with shimmering mylar. Perfect for casting to bonefish on the flats. Features chip-resistant paint and saltwater hook. Dual Mono weed guard.
Sea Striker Nickel/Prism Casting Spoon
$4.89 - $14.49
Reflective prism tape. Trolling, casting or spinning - Excellent for shad, herring, perch, crappie, bluegill, etc. Lifetime jewelry finish will not tarnish. Solid welded ring. Replaceable saltwater hook.
Sea Striker Bucktail Jig with Rattle
$6.09 - $8.89
These jigs are meant to be seen and heard. An internal 7 mm pyrex rattle brings fish to the lure. Hand-tied, multi-colored, premium bucktail with glo trailer and epoxy coated thread is another attractant. Custom head shape features gill plates and recessed eye sockets. Scaled, holographic, multi-color paint with 3D eyes and a UV clear coat finish provide a realistic look. Made with Mustad 32786 black nickel hook.
Sea Striker Bucktail Big Game Jig
$9.59 - $10.49
Built to target larger game fish, these jigs are equipped with an internal 7mm pyrex rattle and Mustad 3407 Duratin hook. Hand-tied multi-colors of premium bucktail with glo trailer and epoxy coated thread flow naturally through the water. Custom head design features gill plates and recessed eye sockets. Scaled, holographic, multi-color paint with 3D eyes and a UV clear coat finish provide a realistic look.
Sea Striker Nickel Plated Single Hook Casting Spoons w/Bucktail
$6.49 - $13.99
Nickel plated and polished casting spoons. Single hooks are dressed with White Bucktail and plated for saltwater use. Individually packaged.
Ahi Assault Diamond Jig Single Hook
$6.29 - $9.39
This bait has all the benefits of a standard diamond jig but with added enhancements designed to improve both performance and durability. Ahi jigs make use of a thicker gauge loop at both ends for extra strength. The hook end has welded rings while the line end makes use of a high strength swivel.
Billy Bay Flounder Fanatic Jigs
$4.09 - $8.29
The only jig that fits a flounders mouth.
Williamson Benthos Speed Jig
$21.99 - $25.99
This diamond shape design drops vertically at high speed and gets you right on top of the fish even with a heavy drift. Then the glow in the dark painted details will get the predator's attention and trigger the strike. A series of jigs that is a pleasure to fish with. Comes pre-rigged with a single assist hook.
Sea Striker Nickel/Prism Casting Spoon with Teaser Tab
Reflective prism spoons available in chartreuse, blue, pink and silver.
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