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Leland Neon Trout Magnet 85 Piece Kit
Perfect in almost every fishing condition. Kit comes with (10) of the following body colors: mealworm gold, bubble gum, opaque chartreuse, chartreuse/orange, green/black, pink & white. Also includes (5) gold, (5) black & (5) silver 1/64oz shad-dart heads.
Northland Gum-Drop Floater
$4.29 - $4.49
Constructed from foam and features a sleek elongated body, Mustad® Needle-Point hook and pliable rubber paint in all the hot attractor colors.
Storm Wildeye® Swim Shad
$5.99 - $8.99
One of the most fished soft plastics around began its life at Storm in 2002. The soft outer body, the holographic swimming' flash foil and the I-bolt secured holographic WildEye set the standard by which all others are measured. Many have tried, but none have matched the ideal swimming action, color choices and long-casting ability of the original.
Northland Whistler®
$4.19 - $4.49
The Whistler® Jig is the ultimate panfish enticer. It features a unique propeller spinner blade that creates flash and a "whistling" sound vibration that attracts fish and triggers them to strike. It is hand tied with genuine "hackle" tail feathers and teases and torments fish with its tantalizing, fluttering tail action. It is irresistible to crappie, perch, walleye, trout, and bass.
Northland Firefly Jig
The ultimate ultralight. It is molded with blood red LIP-STICK® hooks and features genuine "neck-hackle" tail feathers in brilliant "fire-fly" attractor colors for a slow sinking, swimming action Perch, Bluegill, Crappie & Rock Bass simply can't resist.
Nungesser Shad Darts
$1.89 - $3.39
For trolling, casting and spinning. Nungesser shad darts feature a lead head with chip resistant paint, gold plated hook, and natural hair. Great for shad, herring, perch, crappie, blue gill, and white bass.
Kalin Round Jig Heads
$3.89 - $4.49
Our round-head jigheads remain our top-selling series of jigs. Irresistible colors and are molded with eagle claw Hooks. Our line tie is open making it easy for you to tie your line on.
Eagle Claw Heavy Duty Ball Jighead
$22.45 - $48.95
Ball head, double eye.
Northland Thumper Jigs
The Thumper® Jig is designed with a sleek minnow head, and features a "thumper" belly blade that flickers, flashes & flutters to lure fish, and entices 'em to strike. Blood red Lip-Stick® Wounded Bait Hooks stimulate the bite, while a specially designed "Barb-Wire"? bait-holding collar securely hold live bait and soft plastic trailers on the hook. It's the ultimate spinner jig.
VMC Weedless Wacky Jig
$7.09 - $8.19
The VMC® "Ike Approved" Wacky Weedless Jig Head - featuring several key innovations that set it apart from other worm hooks on the market. Its hook point is offset by 3-degrees to greatly increase your hook up ratio, and it also features an extra wide gap that allows it to accommodate a wide variety of wacky rigged baits. The head is perfectly balanced as well to help elicit that crazy wacky jig head action, and its light wire stainless steel weedguard helps prevent snags, while not inhibiting hook sets. The product of 100 years of hook making experience combined with decades of tournament experience. Pitch the VMC® "Ike Approved" Wacky Weedless Jig Head into heavy cover - and watch it work.
VMC Swimbait Jig
The VMC® Swimbait Jigs add the final touch to the illusion of a live minnow. Designed to mimic a baitfish head, they feature flared gills,3D holographic eyes and a concave head that allows your swimbait to nest up tight to the jig. Equipped with a forged shank, hi-carbon steel, 1X strong hook and a double wire keeper to ensure your bait stays on.
Northland Mimic Minnow Fry
$11.34 - $11.94
The MIMIC MINNOW FRY® mimics a "young-of-the-year" baitfish minnow and is my favorite soft plastic to catch all panfish species. It sports a lifelike Baitfish-Image? minnow fry body, and features a flat "dolphin" shaped glider tail that darts and swims like a live minnow when jigged. Deadly for open water jigging, below a slip bobber or through an ice hole. It mimics a minnow and fools 'em."
Jackall Wacky Jig Head
Jackall has developed a specific Jig Head and Flick Shake worm, which works together as a system. The jig head's eye is designed at a ninety-degree angle for better hook setting and less snags. The hook has a short shank to allow the worm more action. The tungsten weight allows the worm to sink faster and has a smaller head to create the right action. 3 PACK.
Kalin Darter Jigs
Range of the most popular styles for a wide variety of fishing applications. 5 per card.
Northland Super-Glo Jig
$4.19 - $6.49
Molded with "red-hot" Lip-Stick® Wounded Bait Hooks, and features Super-Glo® neon attractor colors that lure fish like a magnet. It also features "glowing" double bait-eyes that look alive and turn the sniffers into biters. A special barbed "bait-collar" works to hold and secure live bait and soft trailers on the hook.
Strike King Tour Grade Spin Head
$8.79 - $9.09
Strike King®'s Tour Grade Spin Head is THE premium spin head lure. It has a fish shaped head, 3D eyes, long shank needle point hook with bait keeper, Spin-Eze® Ball Bearing swivel & exclusive Strike King® RAZ-R-BLADE that spins faster at lower speeds so you can reel slower & won't cause the bait to rise as much on faster retrieves. Try this flashy bait around your favorite game fish and look out!
No Image
Keitech's no-lead, tungsten powder/polymer compound limits the environmental impact, while providing a technical advantage. The Katsuichi hook provides a specific bend that enhances the hook's strength, resulting in solid hook-ups.
Slider Snagless Spider Slider Head
Features quick, easy "Texas Style" rigging. Weedless, excellent hooking and holding power. The worm holds on tighter and lasts longer. The head runs true and upright for better hooking and less line twisting.
Nungesser Shad Rigs
$2.89 - $2.99
Nungesser shad rigs are made with 15 lb test monofilament with an overall length of 28 inches. Excellent for shad, herring, perch, crappie, bluegill, etc.
Slider Classic Spider Head
Features a larger 3/0 hook and heavier wire. Proven effective on the Slider Bass Grub, worm, 6 and 8" worms, and others.
Northland Fire-Ball Jigs
$4.39 - $5.69
Features a specially designed "short-shank", wide gap hook that produces a compact, natural live bait presentation gamefish that can't resist. A patented "Double-Barb"? bait-holding sting'r hook nips and stings those short striking biters and gets them every time.
Leland 9 Piece Trout Magnet Set
The unique 1/64oz shad dart head and split tail allows the lure to fall horizontally rather than vertically. Their entire food source flows down the stream with the current. This is why most jigs do not work for trout. The Trout Magnet, on the other hand, flows naturally with the stream. With constant 1" to 3" twitches of the rod tip, the lure looks life-like as it flows downstream. Most jigs would not respond to this type of rod tip motion.
Buckeye Flick-It Jigs
The Flick-It is the best way to wacky rig a worm. This technique is quickly becoming one of the best ways to make finicky and suspended bass feed. Take any kind of finesse worm and skin hook it through the middle. The Flick-it has a weed guard and can be fished around brush, grass and docks. It comes with an ultra sharp Gamakatsu hook and powder coated head.
Mustad Elite Tube Jig Head
Mustad is using a special injection molding technique to create the finest jig heads on the market. All hooks feature UltraPoint 4.3 technology which makes the hook so sharp and more durable than any other.
Mustad Elite Wacky Jig Head
100% unique Mustad product! Developed with a spesial injection molding technique. Features Mustads 4,3 Ultrapoint technology, to stay sharp.Fine wire hook, perfect for smaller softbaits when you want a delicate presentation. Great movement in water. Super sharp hook.
Mustad Elite Wacky Weedless Jighead
Developed with a spesial injection molding technique. Features Mustads 4,3 Ultrapoint technology, to stay sharp.Fine wire hook, perfect for smaller softbaits when you want a delicate presentation. Weedless, ideal when fishing in underwater vegetation. Great movement in water. Super
Eagle Claw TroKar Tube Jig
A quality hook makes all the difference! The Eagle Claw® Trokar® Tube Jighead features a forged Trokar hook that won't give out in the tough stuff. This rugged jighook features a flat eye that slips through cover better than typical vertical designs, angled at 60? for maximum straight-line control. 3 pk.
GOT-CHA ® Bucktail Worm
$4.09 - $4.49
Tied with natural bucktail hair and a white, live action tail. A proven killer for stripers. Individually packaged.
Owner Ultrahead-Inshore
$6.59 - $7.09
The black chrome hook features high profile 3-D eyes. The dual wire keeper is quick to rig, holds baits firmly. Super Needle Points and black chrome finish. 4 Pack
Shur Strike Hot Ball Jig
$2.99 - $13.49
Round-head style jig with short shank blood red hook. UV glow red eyes and chip resistant finish. Extra eyelet to accommodate stinger hooks. Available in 5 or 25 pack.
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