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Double OO Flu Flu®
$3.29 - $19.08
Flu Flu Jigs are the finest quality hand-tied feathered lures available. With an open eye for hassle-free rigging, Flu Flus are made with gold-plated aberdeen razor sharp hooks.
Canyon Mini Jigs
Work slowly with a bobber in shallow water, for suspended fish over islands, trees, or without a bobber. Fish vertically in water 10 - 30 feet deep. (3 pack)
Road Runner ®
For live-bait or plastics. Drifting, trolling & casting. 5 pack
Lindy Live Bait Jig
The Livebait Jig's short-shank hook allows for ultra-natural presentations, where the minnow, not the jighead, dictates the action. At the same time, the head's weight-forward design creates a nose-down posture, matching a minnow rooting for food, and the unique shape allows for specialized presentations of night crawlers. Also, although the Livebait Jig isn't technically a stand-up jig, it tends to rest nose down to elevate a minnow, leech or crawler.
Cubby Mini Mite Jigs
The original JIG-IN-A-TUBE. It weighs 1/32 oz, has a #8 gold mustad hook, and comes in packs of 5.
Canyon Mini Jig Skirts
For use with Mini Jig Heads. 20 pack.
Canyon Minnow Lead Head Jig Heads
Minnow Heads are great heads for rigging small swimbaits or small tubes. (8 pack)
Leland Crappie Magnet 96Pc Kit
Choose from eight of our most deadly colors and pair that with your choice of 1/32oz or 1/16oz heads, add an E-Z Crappie Float and the only thing holding you back is getting the line in the water. For fisherman wanting to try some of our best colors. We receive report after report how the Crappie Magnet works like magic and outfishes other jigs every time
K&E Pinkies
Lead head and bucktail design. Darting action. 24 per card.
Leland Crappie Magnet 15Pc Body Packs
These bodies are designed to work with our 1/16th or 1/32nd oz. shad dart head. With the shad dart heads, these bodies fall more horizontal than with the round head. Crappie go nuts over this lure, so make sure you drop us a line and tell us which are your favorite colors!
Cubby Mini-Mite Jig
A long-standing favorite of panfishermen, the Cubby Mini Mite jig produces large panfish season after season. Its 1/32-oz. jighead combined with a No.8 gold hook gives the jig an ideal combination of finesse and flash. At 1-1/2" long it's a great choice for bluegill, perch, crappie and rock bass. Comes in a reusable, plastic storage tube.
Slider Spin Jig
Model Id is ZERO
Slider Spider Head Ultra
Model Id is ZERO
Slider Crappie/PanFish Grub
$4.39 - $4.49
1" Crappie/PanFish Grub with vibra-tail action; falls slow in the water; fish can't resist it...
Lindy Little Nipper
Featuring a high quality painted head and color contrasting feather tail, it combines the best of quality and fish catching performance.
Mizmo Crappie Tube Dusters
The eye-popping glitter and enticing tentacles are irresistible to the fish. These are a must for the serious tube jig fisherman.
Betts Crappie Madness®
Maribou jig expertly tied on GOLD hooks. All original materials, perfect round head, chip-resistant paint - a very durable jig. The extra large maribou feather breathes in the water.
Canyon Mini Rigged Jig Heads
All fish species will eat a Mini-jig. Trout, Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Salmon, Steelhead and many more will eat the Canyon Plastics Mini Jig. (12 pack)
Bass Assassin Crappie Jigheads
Feature top of the line Mustad Needlepoint Wide Gap hooks. The lifelike head gives the illusion of a bait fish. Used for crappie fishing these hooks will prove themselves. (6 pack)
Shur Strike 00 Feather Jigs
Neck hackle feather with mylar accent flash tied to round jig head with style 570 bronze jig hook. UV glow red eyes, epoxy coated threads, chip resistant finish. Two per Pack.
Northland Slurpies Small Fry Jig
$3.59 - $4.39
Designed with a Baitfish-Image hollow tube body and tantalizing teaser tail Panfish can not resist. Sparkling holographic FishFlakes? flash and shimmer like iridescent fish scales to lure fish from a wide radius, while a salted and spiced attractor scent called SowSauce? entices the reluctant biters.
Bass Assassin SWIM42505 Crappie
Bass Assassin SWIM42505 Swim Hook Jighead, 1/32 oz, Chartreuse, Size 2 Hook Jighead, Single Hook Jighead, 3 per Pack
Bass Assassin SWIM45505 Crappie
Bass Assassin SWIM45505 Swim Hook Jighead, 1/16 oz, Chartreuse, Size 2 Hook Jighead, Single Hook Jighead, 3 per Pack
Bass Assassin SWIM42503 Crappie
Bass Assassin SWIM42503 Swim Hook Jighead, 1/32 oz, White, Size 2 Hook Jighead, Single Hook Jighead, 3 per Pack
Slider Pro Head Wide Gap
These have an extra strong heavy wire and is better used with 8lb line and larger lines. A good hook for tube lures and other larger soft plastic lures. The hook has an offset so it can be rigged Texas weedless style.
Eagle Claw Crappie Jigs
Suitable for beginner, intermediate, or expert level fishermen. Ideal for freshwater when fishing for Bass, Walleye, and Salmon. (6 pack)
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