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Plugs-FW Minnows&Jerkbaits

Bagley Bang-O-Lure Spin Tail
Made of balsa wood with a tail spinner blade that spits & sputters, an ideal imitation of a bait fish for fresh and saltwater.
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$7.49 - $7.99
Soft trailer chases the main body & blade, imitating a hungry, distracted bait fish, creating intense flash & attraction. Patented 2 part bell and gear made of machined brass emits low-frequency sound vibrations while virtually eliminating line twist.
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The Salmo Fury Pop is an evolution in top water fishing. By adding a lifelike flocking to the surface of the lure, this textured material provides greater surface friction, helping keep the lure in place after each pop so the lure can be stalled while still displacing and moving water. This revolutionary finish also provides a more realistic feel and is designed and balanced for extreme versatility. The Salmo Fury Pop can be worked like a traditional popper or walk the dog retrieve, handling a wide range of speeds and cadences.
Rapala Jointed® Minnow
$10.99 - $13.49
With a slight exaggeration of the unique Rapala baitfish in distress swimming action, the Jointed® gets the undivided attention of otherwise disinterested gamefish. This articulated, or broken-back bait can be fished top-to-bottom. Swimming action at the slowest of speeds makes this bait the perfect choice after a cold front when fish are traditionally finicky and in a negative feeding mood. Balsa wood construction with VMC® black nickel hooks. Each is hand-tuned and tank-tested for perfect swimming action right out of the box.
Rapala Jointed Deep Husky Jerk®
The Jointed Deep Husky Jerk® swims with the classic Rapala "wounded-minnow" wobble and an exaggerated tail action that fish can't refuse. Whether you're working a slow, back-trolling crawl or a high-speed pass, this lure runs straight and true. Slow-sinking properties allow this lure to be fished at any depth. Tough plastic body house internal rattle for added attraction.
Bandit Walleye Shallow
An excellent trolling choice when walleye are located on the top side of drops and bars, along deeper edges. Also casts well and cranks quickly down to 8 to 10 feet for steep banks or structure in deep water. Tracks true, casts great.
Rapala Shadow Rap®
Most jerk baits continue on a forward plane with each jerk. Not the Shadow Rap®. It kicks almost 180 degrees right then left, so it can be fished nearly in place with very little forward travel, keeping the flickering fade of the Shadow Rap® right in a fish's strike zone. That's when things really get interesting. Incredible Life-Like Finishes; Kicks Almost 180 Degrees Right Then Left; Action Keeps Shadow Rap® in Strike Zone Longer; Slow-Sinking on Pause; Running Depth: 2 ft. to 4 ft.; Premium VMC® Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks.
Yo-Zuri Pins Minnow
$9.59 - $12.49
Yo-Zuri Pin's Minnows are classic floating lures that have been angler favorites for over 20 years. These lures are constructed of a durable molded body and polycarbonate lip. Natural colors and holographic finishes attract all types of gamefish. The tight wiggling action makes Pin's Minnows great for casting or trolling.
Yo-Zuri L Minnow
$9.59 - $10.99
L Minnow was originally introduced in the early days of Yo-Zuri and partly responsible for Yo-Zuri's success. We proudly re-introduce the L-Minnow lure series. A small shallow running bait that catches everything.
LiveTarget Dace Jerkbait
A small lure designed to attract various game fish found in small lakes, reservoirs, streams, and rivers. Ideal for small Trout, Bass, and Walleye. High impact polycarbonate inserted lip. Slow sinking. Weight transfer. Freshwater.
Berkley Cutter 90+ Suspending Jerkbait
Suspending jerkbait with long-distance castability. Versatile -- twitch, jerk, pause, rip, burn and standard retrieves. Coffin shaped bill allows maximum darting action and side flash with minimal rod movement.
Berkley Cutter 110+ Suspending Jerkbait
Suspending jerkbait with long-distance castability. Versatile -- twitch, jerk, pause, rip, burn and standard retrieve. Coffin shaped bill allows maximum darting action and side flash with minimal rod movement.
Spro Mc Stick 110
Features 3 sticky sharp Gamakatsu #5 trebles that insure sure and solid hook ups. Designed to suspend at lower water temperatures for those finicky fish. A bait that is very easy to adjust for those aggressive warmer season fish.
Rebel Jointed Minnow
$6.59 - $7.59
For dependable, true-running action, nothing compares to the one that started it all - the Rebel Minnow. This jointed version is equipped with rustproof hooks to keep it healthy, even after repeated saltwater use. And the extra wiggle might be just the right action to catch that wary fish.
Storm Original Thinfin®
This multi-species shallow running crankbait, with its detailed scale pattern, imitates many baitfish including shiners, shad and herring. The ThinFin has an erratic, darting action produced by its flat sides and deep body. This top of the line bait is finished off with premium VMC® treble hooks.
Smithwick Suspending Super Rogue®
A premier "jerkbait"-one that will always run true every time whether cast or trolled. The lure also feature a unique counter-balance weighting system that allows the weight to shift to the rear of the lure when casting, thus producing longer, more accurate cast. This Rogue model boasts an exclusive scale pattern, patented 3-D eyes and is designed and engineered to run true and suspend right out of the package.
Rapala The X-Rap® Pop
$14.99 - $16.49
Big poppin'. Big splashin'. Big bassin'. The X-Rap® Pop brings X-Rap attitude to topwater. Starting in a tail down position, its arched body shape sets lure up for a large kerplunk-pop and splash with every snap, even the slightest tug and the X-Pop comes to life. With the X-Rap textured translucent body, internal holographic foil, 3D holographic eyes fish can't resist. Internal long cast mechanism allows you to fish vast amounts of water without changing spots. Internal rattle adds to the noise and commotion. VMC® black nickel hooks with flash feather teaser tail seal the deal with reluctant fish that are taunted to strike during slight pauses between snaps. With quick tip down snaps, you can even get the X-Rap® Pop to walk-the-dog!
Cotton Cordell Jointed Red Fin®
High riding and extra buoyant Classic V-wake runs truer for more strikes. Hollow head lets you twitch it like no other minnow lure. An all-world striper lure and especially effective for largemouth. Also productive for specks and redfish on the Gulf Coast Another Cotton Cordell striped bass lure that catches all kinds of fish, including bass, specks, and redfish.
Luck-E-Strike Rc & Rc 2 Series Jerkbaits
Designed to suspend perfectly on the pause. The lures hydrodynamic design and advanced rolling weight transfer system, provides a deadly, erratic, darting action, combined with the ability to suspend perfectly on the pause will entice more strikes.
Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk® 
Thanks to its oversized deep diving lip, the Down Deep Husky Jerk® reaches depths of 20 feet when trolled and will run up to 10 feet deep when cast and retrieved. The perfect choice when you want a lure that runs straight and true, even when running fast and deep. Neutral buoyancy allows lure to suspend on pause in retrieve. Tuned internal rattle chamber creates loud and rhythmic attraction. Premium VMC® black nickel hooks. Each lure is hand-tuned and tank-tested to swim perfectly right out of the box.
Rapala Scatter Rap® Jointed
Building on the classic articulated body style, the Scatter Rap® Jointed swims with an irresistible, seductive action. The jointed body combined with a Scatter Lip takes action to the "Nth" degree, triggering strikes from otherwise uninterested or hesitant fish. The undulating action created by the body style and Scatter Lip loses, then regains tracking, often the movement many fish strike. Features - Balsa Body; Scatter Lip Design for Evasive, Erratic Floating Action; Non-Rattling; High buoyancy; Premium Black Nickel VMC® Hooks.
Cotton Cordell Ripplin' Red Fin®
The Cotton Cordell Red Fin is a legendary lure for a variety of gamefish, from bass and walleye in freshwater to specks and redfish on the coasts. The wavy sides of the Ripplin' Red Fin create an appearance of constant motion, even when the lure is sitting still. Floating, Diving to 3 feet, the Ripplin' Red-Fin is the bait-of-choice for shallow water stripers, walleyes and all types of bass. When retrieved at a constant speed the Ripplin' Red-Fin swims with a wide wobble. When twitched, the bait darts erratically to the side, and when waked on top it produces a V wake topwater fish can't resist.
Lucky Craft The Pointer
$14.99 - $16.99
The Pointer has been designed with a very low center of gravity through the use of special brass weights. The low center of balance causes the lure to wobble and vibrate whenever the retrieving motion is stopped. The Pointer will suspend 4 -5 feet deep and will emit an intriguing bass-calling vibration, while in the suspended state. A short twitch of the fishing rod will generate the 'Walk the Dog' action under the water.
Lunkerhunt Sushi Jerkbait
The Lunkerhunt Sushi 110 Jerkbait is a tournament-grade ripbait that delivers a number of key features for unmatched action in the water. Equipped with a weight transfer system that allows for maximum casting distance, the weight transfer system also gives the Sushi Jerkbait its wide, erratic, darting action. The Sushi Jerkbait is fitted with three sticky sharp treble hooks as well that provide a much higher hook-up percentage over two hooked baits, and it features a very loud internal rattle system that calls in fish from greater distances. Loaded with realistic details, like 3D eyes, 3D molded gill plates, and Lunkhunt's natural series paint jobs, you don't want to leave the boat dock without a Lunkerhunt Sushi 110 Jerkbait.
Lucky Craft Lightning Pointer
$11.99 - $13.49
As it is said in its name, it has an extremely fast beginning action and incredible casting distance like lightning! From these 2 major features, imagine the amount of bites you will get. This is definitely Lucky Craft's best masterpiece of the 21st century!
Savage Gear Glide Swimmer
$14.49 - $17.49
The Savage Gear Glide Swimmer has been under development for the past two years, as it was tuned and adjusted to have the most natural gliding action of any bait in this category. The super slow sinking action and continued gliding action on the pause makes this the perfect bait for big bites on a twitch and pause retrieve.Seductive S pattern swimming action.
LiveTarget Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait
Designed to be the ultimate realistic stick bait, this tool has it all featuring a weight transfer system, rattle chamber, suspension capabilities, and speed versatility. The precise lip design and intricately positioned stabilizers are strategically aligned to offer a deadly rolling and tail kicking action.
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