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Spinner Blades & Spinners

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Spin 1/32 Grub Value Pk Yellow/Black Stripes
Road Runner Reality Shad Buffet Rig
$6.39 - $229.99
Features two minnow-profile lures for extra realism. The lure combines prism-eyes, shad inspired colors and a brass willow-blade for deeper presentations and measures less than four inches long, the rigs are attractive to more game fish. Six months of testing have bagged black bass, bluegill, crappie, and white bass.The special design means no snap swivels are needed, which also means the lures look more natural.
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Shake n' Spin Underspin/wire Keeper, 3/16 oz Green Pumpkin
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Smile Blade, 0.8",UV Purple Haze 5 pack
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Smile Blade 1.1" UV Lemon Lime 5 pack
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Smile Blade 1.5" UV Purple Haze 5 pack
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Wiggle Hoochie Bill 1.5" clear
Road Runner Crappie Thunder
$5.69 - $33.48
Solid body. Life-like action formulated to make fish strike and hold on long enough for even a novice to set the hook. Flair Tails: made 90° to body, adds instant action, causing tails to shimmy and shake with more motion than plain tube tails.
H&H Pro Cajun Spin
$15.48 - $20.28
Pro Cajun Spins are uniquely hand poured with natural life like colors.
Mack's Lure Smile Blades
Easily tuned, use a wide blade angle for a slow rolling wobble or narrow blade angle for a vigorous shake and spin. When the temperature drops and the fish get sluggish, Smile Blades are my go-to lure. Whether rigged Carolina style as a finesse bait, or on a bottom bouncer as part of a live bait presentation.
Road Runner Casey's Classic Runner Heads
Casey's Classic Heads are designed by the Classic winner himself, Casey Ashley! These heads feature prism eyes, super premium hooks and ball bearing swivels. Use Casey's body color recommendations on the back of package for best results.
Fin Commander 17002 Fin Spin Jig
Fin Spin Jig Head, 2pc Pack, 1/16 oz., Chartreuse
Lindy Jig Spinners
$2.09 - $2.59
Make jigs even deadlier by adding a Lindy Jig Spinner. Now, nothing will get away.
Betts Jig Spinners
Blades are designed to turn at very slow speed. Each size perfectly balanced. Beautiful bright finish.
H&H Rubber Skirts
These rubber skirts are designed for the Original H&H spinner bait, yet they can be used for skirts on other spinner baits.
Betts Magnum Spin
$22.68 - $27.48
A heavier head for sinking fast in the river and a small body to catch more fish. This lure is a result of consumer demand and input.
Road Runner ttinsley
$36.54 - $41.34
Road Runner Curly-Tail Pro Series
Falls faster than regular Road Runners®, allowing for excellent deep water fishing. Hammered nickel willow leaf blade provides higher pitch vibration.
Road Runner Marabou Jig w/Spinner
$5.49 - $33.48
The Road Runner® Original Marabou Jig is a favourite of anlgers for many sport fish, the marabou tail pulsates during slow and fast retrieves.
Northland jstrumil
$14.94 - $16.14
Road Runner Curly-Tail Jig
$5.49 - $33.48
Bright durable chip-resistant paint. Flashing spinner or brilliant color blade. Action rubber body. Comes alive natural swimming action. Attracts all species of game fish.
Hildebrandt Jig Spinners
$3.89 - $5.99
Here is a spinner the fishermen really go for. It makes any jig or fly into an offset bait. The hook rides upright with stainless steel shafts and mirror-finished blades.
K&E Perch & Crappie Rigs
Most popular rig on the market. This no-tangle rig has monofilament arms that hold hooks away from the line to ensure it remains tangle free. Assorted Red, Chart, Orange. 1 per pack.
Road Runner Striper Buck Tail
$26.94 - $29.34
With bucktails and extra tough hooks, these Road Runners® will catch snook & Peacock.
Road Runner Turbo Tail
Combines solid bodies and serrated "tube"-type tails. Serrated tails are cut zig-zag fashion, causing the tail to shimmy, shake and dance with more motion than plain tube tails.
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