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Spinners-In Line

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The TinBuck combines the perfect balance of original 700 Series Buchertail and the flashy skirt of the 700 Series Tinsel. You'll be sure to lure in attention with the TinBuck!
Panther Martin Classic Regular
$5.29 - $6.39
Panther Martin Classic Regulars are deadly on Trout, Bass, Pike, Muskie, Salmon, Pickerel and Steelhead. These popular lures feature genuine gold or silver plated blades.
Blue Fox Vibrax Size 20
$7.09 - $46.14
The Classic Vibrax features a patented two-part body which emits low-frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes. Has a 45┬░ mid-depth blade that runs at two to four feet.
Panther Martin All Gold/All Silver
Unique shaft through blade design creates easiest and fastest spinning action in the world. Convex/Concave blades send out sonic vibrations that are irresistible to fish. Heavy weighted bodies cast like bullets and go down deeper. Super sharp premium quality hooks keep fish caught. Genuine gold and silver blades reflect more light & attract fish. The All-Gold, All-Silver patterns imitate baitfish. These spinners can be effective on many species such as Trout, Bass and Pike.
Joes Super Striker Elite
Hook and hold Trout, Bass and Panfish in big waters with Joe's 1/4 ounce light-medium weight in-lines. Absolutely the slowest retrieve speed of any inline. Signature "trolling treble" securely hold "short striking" fish. New for 2010, Treble attached with Surflon? 30lb stainless wire for the big Browns and Steelhead.
Musky Mania Sneaky Pete
The Sneaky Pete bucktail is designed to be worked over structure and in shallow water. Specially designed to cast like a bullet and retrieve smoothly - better than any bulging bucktail on the market.
Panther Martin Best Of The Best Kit
These three Panther Martins Classic spinners are proven to catch trout, Bass, Pike, Crappie, and many other species. This world-class value pack contains Panther Martin's three best-selling, No. 4 spinners: the Silver, Gold and Holographic Tiger Green.
Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spin Spinner
$8.59 - $9.29
Balsa body features countdown capabilities and great detail. Flash is contributed by the Vibrax® spinner, which also creates quite a racket when moving through the water.
Buds Lure Steelhead Spinners
$2.39 - $2.69
Terrific action for steelhead, salmon, trout, bass, pike & all other game fish.
Mepps XD In-Line Spinner
Features include easy spinning blades, computer age finishes, strong ultra sharp hooks, Swedish stainless steel shafts, and environmentally-safe lead-free components.
Panther Martin OD3 Opening Day 3
Panther Martin OD3 Opening Day 3 Hammered Holographic Spinner Kit, #4, 1/8 oz, Assorted, 3 per Pack
Panther Martin 9L-PMBBJ-CWH Bearded
This natural hand tied bucktail spinner bait is designed specifcally tocatch Large and Smallmouth Bass, but like many other Panther Martinsthese new lures also work great for Pike, Walleye and Panfsh.Our unique Panther Martin Blade spins on the Free Floating Sonic Armwith bearing bead and creates extra vibration not found in other spinnerbaits. Another unique feature of the Panther Martin blade is the spinningaction that allows this lure to helicopter down into a free fall.Outftted with a Mustad 1/O Black Nickel Opti-Angle Needle Point, RoundBend hook on size 1/8 oz. and Mustad 2/O Black Nickel Opti-Angle NeedlePoint, Round Bend hook on sizes 1 oz. & 3/8 oz. Each lure is outftted with ahand-tied bucktail jighead body.
Panther Martin 1PMHMH-HSF Holy
We took two great features and combined them into one great series.Featuring Hammered Brass Blades and New Holographic Patterns, thesenew lures provide more re?ection in the water combined with dazzlingholographic patterns. Great for Trout and Bass in the smaller sizes andSalmon & Steelhead in larger sizes.
Panther Martin 9WRPMHR-G HulaRunner
HulaRunner Weedless In-Line Spinner, #9WR, 3/8 oz, Gold
Panther Martin 6PMHMTTR-HPB
Two-Tone Roe Holographic Hammered In-Line Spinner, #6, 1/4 oz, Pink & Blue
Panther Martin 4PMHMTTR-HFRB
Two-Tone Roe Holographic Hammered In-Line Spinner, #4, 1/8 oz, Flourescent Red & Black
Panther Martin 2PMHMTTR-HCO
Two-Tone Roe Holographic Hammered In-Line Spinner, #2, 1/16 oz, Chartreuse & Orange
Panther Martin 18WRPMHR-BBH
HulaRunner Holographic Weedless In-Line Spinner, #18WR, 3/4 oz, Blue & Black
Panther Martin 18LPMSSHR-HPPK Holy
Holy Roe Holographic Hammered In-Line Spinner, #18L, 1/2 oz, Purple & Pink
Panther Martin 15LPMSSHR-HLC Holy
Holy Roe Holographic Hammered In-Line Spinner, #15L, 3/8 oz, Lime & Chartreuse
Mepps B5FT S-PPK Aglia Flashabou
Aglia Flashabou In-Line Spinner 1/2 oz Silver-Purple/Pink
Mepps B4FT S-PPK Aglia Flashabou
Aglia Flashabou In-Line Spinner 1/3 oz Silver-Purple/Pink
Mepps B4FT G-BRG Aglia Flashabou
Aglia Flashabou In-Line Spinner 1/3 oz Gold-Brown/Gold
Mepps B4FT G/RW-RG Aglia Flashabou
Aglia Flashabou In-Line Spinner 1/3 oz Red/White-Red/Gold
Mepps B3FT HO-BO Aglia Flashabou
Aglia Flashabou In-Line Spinner 1/4 oz Hot Orange-Black/Orange
Mepps B2FT S-PPK Aglia Flashabou
Aglia Flashabou In-Line Spinner 1/6 oz Silver-Purple/Pink
Mepps B2FT HFT-FT Aglia Flashabou
Aglia Flashabou In-Line Spinner 1/6 oz Hot Fire Tiger
Panther Martin 0 MNR-S Vivif Style
Great for both fresh and saltwater species. These lures use a very lifelike, soft minnow body with an intriguing fluttering tail action. The smaller size can be used for trout and bass, the larger sizes for walleye, steelhead, salmon, bluefish, striped bass and many other species.
Hildebrandt Snagless Sally
$8.59 - $9.69
Made for taking bass around logs, snags or in the weeds. This bait will not get hung up. Made of stainless steel and brass with an overall plating for durability.
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