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SW Lures-Slow Troll

Billy Baits Rigged Turbo Whistler
Creates multiple jets for unbelievable action. The lure head weighs about 2 oz. but stays down due to the cupped head design. The mylar under skirt is topped with a 4 inch rubber skirt. Works great with or without bait. Pull at 7-9 knots. Great for Dolphin, Wahoo, Tuna and small billfish.
C&H Wahoo Whacker Feather
This lure is deadly on Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo and all types of billfish. The Wahoo feather was tested for over two years and earned its place in the C&H line of big game lures. The feather can be used plain or combination with dead bait like select size ballyhoo. The lure works great at eight to nine knots.
No Alibi No©Alibi®
$5.09 - $11.99
The famous No©Alibi® Trolling Feathers, introduced in 1926, are a must for many saltwater anglers using them plain or with natural baits.
C&H Lil Stubby Rigged For Bait
Deadly plain or rigged with strip bait, ballyhoo, cigar minnow or in front of live bait. These lures improve action and increase strikes. Skirts are easily replaced. Lure comes rigged with 100# mono, 3407 7/0 mustad hook, rigging pin and a bait spring for easy rigging.
Billy Baits Mini Turbo Slammer
$8.57 - $16.99
This famous Billy Baits lure is a smoking rocket in the water! The Mini Turbo Slammer will catch virtually any fast-swimming species, from dolphin and wahoo to marlin. The Mini Turbo Slammer is designed with a nickel-plated brass bullet head with an extra-flashy, pulsating Mylar skirt. When trolled at high-speeds, with or without bait, the Mini Turbo Slammer is deadly effective. Choose between rigged or unrigged. Measures 8-1/2". Weighs 5/8oz.
C&H Lil' Bubbler
Designed to create a large bubble trail. Use in drop back application because of its weightless head. Proven effective on striped marlin and sailfish.
Williamson Tuna Catcher Rigged
This light lure is big on high speed performance for turning tuna & other predator species. Features an acrylic bullet head that holds its troll up to 9 knots. Kit includes 4 assorted colors.
C&H Mity Lite - Strobe
$16.99 - $28.99
Super-bright Diode Strobe. Swivels with the latest technology on both ends, no twist. Easy to install. High quality Polycarbonate material. 800 meters water resistant. Lasts all night. Mega Mity Lite is double the size at 8" and uses 2 AA batteries creating brighter lite.
Iland er Trolling Lure
The Ilander® has a natural look and motion that attracts all species of game fish. Exceptional brilliance extends its detection range two-fold over naturals. (8 1/4" in length, 2 1/2 ounces in weight)
Billy Baits Magnum Turbo Whistler
The lure head weighs about two ounces but stays down due to the cupped head design. The mylar under skirt is topped with a 4" rubber skirt. This lure works great with or without bait. Comes rigged with a six foot 125 lb. mono leader and a 7/0 Mustad hook.
Billy Baits Master Hooker
With its blunt concave head, designed for smoke and turbulence trails when trolled 2 to 10 knots and used with or without bait. Precision machined to exacting tolerances and includes Billy's special 360° turbulence ring. Has 3 machine drilled vent holes which enhance the smoke trail, plus two external rattles which call in the fish.
Billy Baits Micro Mini
Big action, small lure can be used in salt water and fresh water. Trolled on downriggers, flatlines or planners, from 1 to 10 knots. Kingfish, Wahoo, Dolphin, Salmon and other striking species.
Iland Express Jet Head Trolling Lure
A jet design that combines the effectiveness of jet action with ultralight, hollow head construction. The brilliance and the exceptional bubble stream will attract game fish from the depths. (10 1/2" in length, 3 ounces in weight)
Iland Jr. Ilander Flasher
All the great fish catching characteristics as the World Famous Ilander® Flasher? (IL400F), however, smaller in size and weight. Ideal when sea conditions are calm or when gamefish want a smaller presentation. Features a bullethead for higher trolling speeds and most effective with rigged Ballyhoo. Perfect for catching Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dolphin, Tuna and King Mackerel.
C&H Smoker Choker
A lightweight lure designed to troll at various speeds. Works great at slow speeds for kingfish, sailfish, dolphin and tuna. All features luminescent head that glows in low light conditions. Ideal for use on a downrigger or subsurface bait. Can be trolled plain or in conjunction with dead or live bait. Ideal trolling speed 4-6 knots.
C&H Ballyhoo Rigs
Comes pre-rigged with a 10', 80 lb. test leader complete with 7/0 needle eye hook.
Head Start Surface Runner
A Quick-rigging system for ballyhoo, flying fish, squid and other type baitfish. This two-piece lure incorporates a through-the-eye locking system for dead baits. The Surface Runner's top water action simulates an excited bait trying to escape, attracting surface feeding game fish. The cupped wings eliminate any possibility of spinning. Can be rigged weedless by turning the hook up into the bait, allowing it to be pulled over weed lines.
No Alibi Dolphin Delight
$7.19 - $10.99
This quality combination feather lure with rubber skirt and leaded head can't be beat. Dolphin Delight is great for trolling plain or with strip bait. Plus the leaded head makes it an easy lure to sight cast when you see a school of dolphin. Comes pre-rigged with a 7/0 hook on 135-lb. cable with a swivel.
Iland Tracker Flasher Trolling Lure
This popular lure features a bullet nose which eliminates spinning and can be pulled from 5 to 12 knots depending on sea conditions. Deadly when used in conjunction with natural baits. Ideal for Tuna, Dolphin, Sailfish and Mackerel. Can also be used on a spreader bar for attracting game fish. (4 1/4" in length, 1/2 ounce in weight)
Williamson Lure Kits
A great starter pack or a one-off weekender kit. Four all-around lures that will do well for Dorado, Tuna, Bonito, etc.
Williamson Sailfish Catcher Rigged
With the rear Ballyhoo rigging spring cavity, this concave pusher design is a great little lure to use in conjunction with a strip bait for Ballyhoo for light tackle fishing fun.
Mold Craft Super Chugger
$13.49 - $45.99
This lure has a deeply concave head and a long, heavy reverse tapered body. It runs well in calm or rough water conditions. It can be trolled between 6-14 knots.
Iland Dredge Heads
Iland Lures® have become the lures of choice for daisy chains and dredges. Increase your effectiveness and your winnings with a Iland Lures® dredge.
C&H Lil' Stubby
Deadly plain or rigged with strip bait, ballyhoo, cigar minnow or in front of live bait. These 5 1/2" lures improve action & increases strikes. Large moveable eyes secured inside hard clear acrylic. Skirts are easily replaced.
Rapala Sliver®
Designed as a fast trolling needlefish lure, primarily for tuna, fisherman have found it equally effective for many other varieties of gamefish. A lethal weapon on the Great Lakes. Broken back design creates an incredible realistic needlefish simulation at any speed. Optimum performance when trolled at 4-6 knots. Rugged saltwater rigging and hardware, equipped with Perma Steel hooks and securely attached metal lip to take the beating of oyster shells and coral. Hand-tuned and tank-tested to run perfectly in any condition.
Iland er Heavy-Weight FlashIlander Trolling Lure
More weight and improved stability for higher trolling speeds. The 4 ounce weighted bullet head will allow you to troll at a much higher speed and allow you to troll deeper. (8 1/2" in length, 4 ounces in weight)
Iland Sea Star E-Series Jet Head Trolling Lure
Originally designed for sailfish, the Iland Sailure® is irresistable to white marlin, dolphin, wahoo, tuna and mackerel. The conical nose design is light-weight for finicky strikes and is most effective trolled at 5 to 8 knots. Great with natural bait and artificial ballyhoo or strip bait. Iland Lures® New E Series features electrifying color patterns which can be detected by trophy game fish at great distances. E Series have been proven to excite and aggravate marlin into striking. Iland Lures® E Series improves the visibility of your offshore trolling spread, giving you the competitive edge in bluewater trolling. (6 3/4" in length, 1/2 ounce in weight)
Iland Sailure Trolling Lure
Designed especially for sailfish, however, irresistible to white marlin, dolphin, wahoo, tuna and mackerel. The conical nose design is lightweight for finicky strikes and is most effective trolled at 5 to 8 knots. Great with natural bait and artificial ballyhoo or strip bait. (5 1/2" in length, 1/2 ounce in weight)
Iland Sea Star Jet Head Trolling Lure
The Star-Jet flow-through system provides outstanding performance over a wide range of speed and sea conditions. Ideal for all offshore game fish. (6 3/4" in length, 1/2 oz in weight)
Iland Hood Head
Simply place over a small to medium ballyhoo and watch it swim! The Model 910, with a chrome plating for long distance flash, has been scientifically designed and weighted to allow fishermen to troll natural and artificial ballyhoo at speeds up to 12 knots. This lure prolongs "washout" of natural baits and allows the ballyhoo to swim below the waters surface. Ideal for Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin, Sailfish, Marlin and King Mackerel. 2 1/4". 1 3/4 oz. Chrome.
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