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SW Plugs-Trolling

Rapala Magnum® CountDown® 
$21.99 - $32.99
IGFA records confirm that these are the world's number one saltwater hard bodied lure. Built to take the abuse of hard hitting fish like blues, tarpon, tuna and wahoo the Rapala Magnum® CountDown® is rigged saltwater tough. Metal lip, welded line tie, heavy-duty split rings and Perma Steel hooks provide long life and premium performance. Made of super tough African Abachi wood, these sinking lures swim true at any speed, cast or trolled. More World Record fish have been caught with these Rapalas than any other lure. Magnums® are truly "Your Best Shot At A World Record."
Yo-Zuri Hydro Magnum
$17.99 - $23.99
Extra Durable Construction. Computer-aided Design. Life-Like Swimming Action. Works at Various Trolling Speeds. Can Be Trolled up to 12 Knots! Holographic Vacume Metalization Finish. Realistic Over-sized 3D Eyes. Integral Gill Plates + Etched Lateral Line. Through Wire Construction. Extra Strong. Hydro Magnum - No 1 Lure For Tuna!
Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Deep Diver
$15.99 - $19.49
Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Premium Classic reflects all subsurface light for the utmost visibility, even at maximum depth's and speeds. This highly effective trolling bait (recommended speed at 3-5 knots) creates a tight wiggling pattern that perfectly mimic's the action of a swimming bait fish. Coupled with the brilliant Prism Flash, anglers will attract all types of game fish. The Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Premium Classic can also be cast and retrieved at a slow steady pace or with a stop-n-go action.
Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Deep Diver
$17.99 - $19.49
Brilliant crystal fish attracting reflection. Deep diving lip to get down and stay at the fishes feeding depth. Bleeding Ruby & UV Sapphire balanced weight insert. Durable ABS body. Sharper and stronger treble hooks. The 5 1/4" has a max depth of 14' and the 6" has a max depth of 20' and both are floating lures.
Manns Textured Stretch 25+ & 30+
$20.99 - $33.99
Rock solid construction. True-tracking out of the box. Realistic high-tech colors and patterns. Super strong 4X hooks.
Bomber Certified Depth Trolling Plug
$19.49 - $21.99
Features a 350,000-modulus polycarbonate (pc logo) body set that boasts a tensile strength of 70 MPa (10,200 lbs/ square inch) and a puncture resistance factor of (1,200lbs of hydraulic force) designed to withstand the crushing power that toothy saltwater game fish can deliver. These lures possess the toughness of bulletproof glass, with the clarity and brilliance of fine crystal. Heavily equipped masteel Inline hooks, heavy-duty Saltwater Grade through wire hangers, split rings, and a super strong solid forged pull point.
Rapala X-Rap® Magnum®
$28.99 - $34.99
X-Rap® Magnums® run perfect right out of the box, no wasted time tuning. The massive diving-lip takes the X-Rap® Magnums deep unassisted. Nothing to hinder the action. Each dives to its preset depththe XRMag10 to 10 feet, the XRM15 to 15 feet, etc. Run up to 13 knots for big game fish worldwide. Big water patterns compliment the X-Rap construction standards textured translucent body, internal holographic foil, 3D holographic eyes. Built saltwater tough with 3X split rings holding 4X VMC® Perma Steel hooks. Some models feature colored lip for added attraction.
Halco Laser Pro
$10.80 - $14.99
Choose from a range of diving depths, from 1 metre up to 7 metres (LP190 XDD). The outer body has extra secure hook anchoring and towing points that are built in as an integral part of the lure body. Halco's Bulletproof bib securing system provides added strength, and ensures faultless swimming performance at high and low speeds. Halco Laser Pro lures are precision built for maximum performance.
Yo-Zuri 3D Magnum
$20.99 - $22.99
The 3D Magnum features a tough polycarbonate body, 3X strong treble hooks and through wire construction making it the most durable trolling lure of its type on the market. Yo-Zuri's proprietary and patented Internal 3D Prism Finish, coupled with our internationally patented Color Change technology, makes these baits stand out in any fishing condition!!! They are designed to be fished with a crimp, loop knot, cable or single strand wire, to give the bait the freedom to swim correctly. 3D Magnums are deadly on a number of offshore species including Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin and King Mackerel, just to name a few. This versatile trolling lure can be pulled from 4-9 knots with a wide swimming action and runs true out the box, no tuning necessary! The 3D Magnum comes in two sizes and eight color patterns to cover a variety of fishing conditions and species.
Manns Heavy Duty Stretch 12+
$19.99 - $20.99
These lures dive almost vertically for maximum time at their designated running depths. Features include high impact plastic construction, internal rattles, two-stage Davis System Lip, and strong one-piece lip/body design. (Measures 8" in length, weighs 2 oz, Dives 12')
Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow Jointed
Wide swimming action which fish find irresistible. "Attack Point" on belly to ensure more hook ups. Unique Triangle lip design, which enables lure to be fished slowly. Brilliant crystal fish attracting reflection. Responsive darting action. Bleeding Ruby & UV Sapphire balanced weight insert. Durable ABS body. Sharper and stronger treble hooks. Additional UV colors on certain color patterns. Attack point on belly hook for an increased hook-up ratio.
Yo-Zuri Hydro Squirt
$17.99 - $21.99
The Yo-Zuri Hydro Squirt is the most realistic hard bait squid imitation on the market. The Yo-Zuri brand skirts, found on each Hydro Squirt, add to the irresistible wide swimming action. Designed to be cast or slow trolled for near-shore or offshore species, this bait is deadly on Dorado, Tuna, Cobia and Striped Bass to name a few. Featuring through wire construction, 3X treble hooks and extra strong split rings, it has the durability to handle large inshore and offshore gamefish. The Hydro Squirt comes in two sizes and four color patterns to cover a variety of fisheries around the world. Simply put, if it eats squid, it will eat the Yo-Zuri Hydro Squirt!
LiveTarget Spanish Mackerel
$16.99 - $22.99
Saltwater fish everywhere love to eat Mackerel. Fishing the LIVETARGET Spanish Mackerel is as close to using live bait as it gets. The elongated body, intricate head detail, and wide wobble action, drive Grouper and Kingfish into aggressive assaults. This is the preferred pattern used by pros when trolling near shore. Expect to have some epic battles while fishing the LIVETARGET Spanish Mackerel. It will leave you wanting more.
Manns Smooth Body Stretch
$20.99 - $33.99
The Manns Smooth Body Stretch 25+ and 30+ Baits are built rugged to run true and dive to anglers desired depths. Features include internal rattles and high impact construction.
Rapala Husky Magnum®
$19.49 - $22.99
This heavy-duty, high speed trolling lure is built for battling large predators. Translucent body, internal scale pattern, flash foil and distinct high-frequency rattle combine to create attraction like no other. Heavy-duty through wire construction and 4X VMC® Perma Steel® hooks withstand the stresses of demanding use. Trolls up to 12 knots without failure.
Manns Magnum Stretch 40+
A lure designed with a larger size and more depth than the Magnum Stretch 30+ but with all the toughness of the Giganticus G50+. Has a patented lip feature that guarantees true running at high speed, 2 Mustad double hooks and a lip to tail through-wire. Can be trolled at depths over 40 feet. 14".
Manns Giganticus G-50+
Sets a depth standard for bluewater fishing lures. It has no equal in being able to reach over 50+ feet depths. The floating, diving G-50+ also incorporates a thru-body wire to support its hooks and prevent fish loss due to "bite-offs". With its extra thick walls and steel leaders, everything about the G-50+ makes it the top choice for deep bluewater trolling. (Measures 16" in length)
Mirrolure Deep 25
These lures flash and rattle when retrieved or trolled. They look and swim like a small mullet or other bait fish. Great for a variety of game fish.
No Image
If you're into launching a lure over the horizon and looking for that bone-jarring, nerve-rattling strike as you rip it back then look no further. The all new Halco Slidog will be just the ticket. Halco has developed an ultra tough, sinking, sliding stickbait that is sure to give you a workout from all the GT's, XOS Mackerel, large Tuna and many others that try to take it home to their trophy cabinet. Featuring heavily reinforced side walls, Halco's legendary ultra tough fish rings and Mustad inline singles, this Slidog comes with a bite that matches it's bark.
Williamson Speed Pro Deep
$21.99 - $22.99
Constructed for pelagic gamefish. The patent pending "Auto-Tune" free-moving line tie design is self centering, automatically aligning the lure for consistent action at very high trolling speeds, up to 15 knots, with optimum action at 6-10 knots At 15 knots the minnow's smooth swimming action allows the lure to be fished on lighter line, even with a light drag setting. Heavy-Duty oval split rings. VMC® Heavy-Duty Perma Steel® hooks. laser cut plate hook hangers. .
Manns Jointed Stretch 25+
Comes with saltwater tough hardware featuring stainless steel split rings and two 3/0 treble hooks. It combines the diving capabilities of the regular Stretch 25+ with the injured baitfish action of a jointed or "broken back" lure.
Manns Stretch + Imitator Jr.
A smaller version of its big brother, the Stretch + Imitator? which is a scale model of an 8" Bunker. The famous patented lip has been attached to provide the deepest diving depth possible. The shape also lends itself well to mimic the outline of other popular baitfish preferred by anglers for offshore species. (Measures 8" in length, weighs 2 oz)
Manns Textured Stretch Alive
Featuring a four-piece, multi-segmented body that undulates and wiggles seductively while diving and maintaining its stated depth, the Stretch Alive provides the fisherman with a lifelike action not available in any other deep diving lure. Made with super-tough Poly carbonate for tough saltwater fish and large inshore species, the lure uses a proprietary hinge system specifically designed to withstand the abuse inflicted by large predatory game fish. The Stretch Alive will be offered with a textured body featuring 9 of the top fish-catching colors and will feature Eagle Claw® Lazer Sharp® 4X saltwater hooks. (Measures 9" in length, weighs 3 oz)
Yo-Zuri 3D Squirt
The computer aided design of the versatile SASHIMI 3D Magnum produces incredibly lifelike action no matter the trolling speed. The realistic holographic vacuum metallization finish is augmented by the oversized 3D eyes, integral gill plates and etched lateral line. All SASHIMI 3D big game lures have an Ultra Violet Attack Point incorporated into the body. It is made of durable ABS material and has wire through construction of strong holding power.
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