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Fishing Lures

Blue Water Candy Spreader Bar
Loaded with 6""Bling" skirts tied on plastic head with a 1 oz "Bling" chaser rigged on 130lb. mono with an 8/0 ballyhoo rig. Be prepared for some of the most aggressive strikes you've ever had. These are fish attracting and catching machines. For those that wish to use as a teaser bar only, the hook bait can be detached at the ball bearing snap swivel covered by the last teaser in line. 36" w/bag.
Sea Striker Jet Head Cedar Plug
$21.99 - $131.94
The jet head Cedar Plug has all of the fish catching features of the original Cedar Plug. The jet flow head makes an irresistible bubble or smoke trail. Available rigged in East Coast or West Coast style. Models rigged East Coast style have 8' of leader, a plastic thimble and size 10/0 style 3412 Mustad hook. Models rigged West Coast style have 4' of mono and a 2/0 crane barrel swivel.
Manns Giganticus G-50+
Sets a depth standard for bluewater fishing lures. It has no equal in being able to reach over 50+ feet depths. The floating, diving G-50+ also incorporates a thru-body wire to support its hooks and prevent fish loss due to "bite-offs". With its extra thick walls and steel leaders, everything about the G-50+ makes it the top choice for deep bluewater trolling. (Measures 16" in length)
Bullet Weights Bullet Jig
$1.59 - $251.76
Ideal choice for both ocean and reverbank fishing.
No Image
$99.99 - $139.99
Fish Razr StripZ Dredge
$15.99 - $139.99
Small Kit - 60 fish contains 22" dredge bar, 6 arm with 13 drops, 12- 3.5' StripZ with 5 fish per strip and dredge bag. Super Kit - 91 fish contains 32" dredge bar, 6 arm with 13 drops, 13- 5' StripZ with 7 fish per strip and Dredge bag.
Fathom Spreader Bars
When targeting tuna and other meat fish, it's hard to deny the results of a good spreader bar. This Northeast favorite is now being utilized all over the world due to the fact it simply raises and catches fish like crazy. These stainless steel mono braced 5 drop bars are pre-rigged here in house and built using the finest squids and components available on the market. Choose your squid color and mix and match stinger baits to create a custom look. Pull the bar alone as a teaser or simply attach the rigged stinger via snap swivel hidden within the last squid on the bar to pull as a rigged bait. Each bar comes rigged with squids and stinger, along with a 38" bag to designed to keep your bar organized and ready for the next trip.
Yakima Bait Flatfish® - Trout, Steelhead & Walleye Sizes
The high-action produced by FlatFish® at slow troll or retrieve speeds can produce violent strikes from game fish. While the F-7 through T-4 sizes were designed to catch a wide variety of fish (the reason Yakima Bait offers over 40 finishes), they are favored most by avid trout, steelhead and walleye anglers. For best results, tie your line directly to the round-eyed connector snap or figure-eight eyelet provided with the lure. A barrel swivel can relieve line twist associated with spinning reel use and should be placed from 24-to-36 inches ahead of lure.
C&H Sand Eels
$4.29 - $139.99
The C&H Sand Eel has become one of the best kept secrets for catching game fish. The paddle tail helps it swim at if it were alive fooling game fish into striking. Works well in fresh and salt water and can be trolled up to 6 knots.
Panther Martin DB48GS Box Spinner
Box Spinner Kit, 12 ea 2PMRG, 2PMRS, 4PMRG, 4PMRS
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