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Fishing Lures

Boone Unrigged Bird
$29.99 - $54.99
Constructed of urethane foam to prevent water absorption. A stainless steel-through-wire construction is used for added strength. The Boone? Bird should be attached to the snap swivel on your double line with the eye of the leader on the lure attached to the rear of the bird.
Manns Magnum Stretch 40+
A lure designed with a larger size and more depth than the Magnum Stretch 30+ but with all the toughness of the Giganticus G50+. Has a patented lip feature that guarantees true running at high speed, 2 Mustad double hooks and a lip to tail through-wire. Can be trolled at depths over 40 feet. 14".
Strike King Premier Plus Spinnerbaits
$11.49 - $68.94
Spinnerbaits featuring the Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails and Sabre Point? Trailer Hook. Spinnerbait includes the exciting Perfect Skirt that blooms wide and even, and the exclusive Magic Tails serve as a trailer while together they give more action than typical skirts. The color patterns match the head of the lure and create an appealing and natural look to the fish.
Fin Strike Flash Teasers
Brass rivets tied with Mylar flash. (Measures 3" in length, 3 pack)
Billy Baits Mister Big
Billy Baits Mister Big lures were designed for REAL high-speed 8 to 20 knot trollers. The 16 oz. head is machine-drilled with eight vent holes, which creates a huge smoke trail. It has internal chambers with stainless steel balls that rattle when trolled. Mister Big is precision machined to exacting tolerances and includes the Billy Baits special 360° turbulence ring.
Iland Express Jet Head Trolling Lure
A jet design that combines the effectiveness of jet action with ultralight, hollow head construction. The brilliance and the exceptional bubble stream will attract game fish from the depths. (10 1/2" in length, 3 ounces in weight)
Lethal Weapon Lethal Blade
The Lethal Weapon Lethal Blade is a blade bait with a highly attractive vibrating action. Used for casting, jigging, or slow trolling the Lethal Blade will catch the eyes of walleye, saugeye, both large and small mouth bass, white bass, pike and panfish.
Blue Water Candy Jag-A-Hoo
$33.99 - $64.99
One of the latest innovations from Blue Water Candy, the Jag-A-Hoo is possibly one of the most versatile offshore lures to hit the shelf. Based on the principle of a "Wahoo Bomb", the Jag-A-Hoo combines a trimmed down, compact version of Blue Water Candy's most popular wahoo lures (JAG), and a large, gold spinner blade. Rigged on 275 lb. cable with an 9/0 Mustad® hook and terminated with a 900 lb. solid ring. The Jag-A-Hoo is effective trolled both at slower and high speeds, from 5-12 knots. It also excels as a casting bait. The lure is held in place with a fixed crimp to ensure it does not slide up the leader, providing a perfect presentation each cast. Throw Jag-A-Hoo to the horizon, let her sink, and crank like mad you better be holding on!
Williamson Lure Kits
A great starter pack or a one-off weekender kit. Four all-around lures that will do well for Dorado, Tuna, Bonito, etc.
Wordens Single Hook Rooster Tail®
$4.69 - $56.28
The Rooster Tail's pulsating hackle tail and attractive spinning action just seems to make fish strike, many times when nothing else will work. Single hook
GOT-CHA ® Grub Heads
$3.69 - $74.99
Several fish-catching chip-resistant colors. Great for grubs and worms. Corrosion-resistant plated Eagle Claw® hooks.
Storm FlatStick
$21.99 - $87.96
Larger body volume allows the bait to swim this bait to swim with the power of a much longer and heavier bait. Loud deep rattle. The flat sides make this bait swim with a wide wobble and tones of flash. VMC® Black Nickel treble hooks. UV Bright finish reflects more light energy strengthening the lure's visibility. Runs 1.5' - 8'.
K&E Cork Panfish Popper
$26.28 - $78.84
The most durable cork popper available.
Magic Bait Premo Crappie Bites
$4.39 - $52.68
1 ounce great glitter colors.
Panther Martin Deadly Dozen Kit
Our best spinner kit value BY FAR. Includes 12 of our very best Panther Martin spinners in sizes 1/32 oz. to 1/2 oz. Recommended for trout,bass,salmon,muskie and many other species.
Playaction Rigged Teasers
This teaser flutters nervously across the ocean surface, making sporadic dives like a school of panicky baitfish. Deep-sea predators cannot resist this colorful temptation.
Road Runner CFR-18-557 Casey's
Premium Needlepoint 2/0 hook. US made ball bearing swivel. Holographic Eye #3 USA made Nickel Willow Blade
Road Runner CFR-18-502 Casey's
Premium Needlepoint 2/0 hook. US made ball bearing swivel. Holographic Eye #3 USA made Nickel Willow Blade
Road Runner CFR-18-500 Casey's
Premium Needlepoint 2/0 hook. US made ball bearing swivel. Holographic Eye #3 USA made Nickel Willow Blade
C&H Smoking Joe Big Game Lures
The C&H Smoking Joe is the best marlin lure on the market. This smoking hot lure is known for its constant smoke trail. Works great from any position: riggers, flat or shotgun. The jetted holes combined with the concave head creates a great smoke trail and keeps the lure in the water. Features real abalone shell inserts and hubs for tie on skirts.
K&E Floating Spider
$21.48 - $64.44
Made of strong rubber, this is the most popular and durable spider on the market. A non-slip triple tied spider with eight wiggly rubber legs.
Wordens Rooster Tail® 1/24 Ounce
$4.69 - $56.28
Unique Spinning Action. In-Line Weighted Body Design.Pulsating Hackle Tail Attracts Fish. Genuine Silver, Brass and/or Painted Blades. UV Finishes/Colors Available. In-Line Weighted Body Design.
Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Glow Spinner
$49.14 - $55.14
45 degree Mid depth blade runs 2 feet to 4 feet. The patented two-part body emits low-frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes while virtually eliminating line twist. The matching glow-in-the-dark color on the bell & skirt adds attraction that fish can't ignore.
Fish Razr Deadly DaiZy
The name says it all, this chain is deadly on marlin and every other pelagic. The chain consists of of one 9" squid, two 12 inch squid, 2 ten inch flapz rigged as droppers and an eighteen inch bubbler tuna.
Playaction Mirror Mate Teaser
12" teaser combines erratic action with the flashing of Plexiglas mirrors.
AA's Bad Bubba Shads
$37.99 - $54.99
After many requests for a beefier version of our original AAs Shad tail, a new paddle tail swimbait design was brought to the table. This new bulkier bait was designed with the idea of being able to rig these baits with a much larger hook shank with reduced body wear. Many saltwater anglers prefer using a larger hook with our shad tails, so we delivered with one bad beefy shad. With the use of CAD design and 3D printing technology, we were able to give this bait a mean 3D scale pattern and really fine tune its swimming action. Along with a fat belly for increased body wobble, the bait was also given a textured paddle tail for increased water displacement and vibration. This new body design eliminates unnatural tail flailing and provides a tighter body roll and tail kick to represent a live baitfish swimming action
Fin Strike Smooth Chrome Diamond Jig
$100.68 - $105.48
Assembled with Mustad® hooks.
Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Foxtail Spinner
$7.59 - $50.94
The Classic Vibrax features a patented two-part body which emits low-frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes. Has a 45° mid-depth blade that runs at two to four feet.
Road Runner CFR-18-533 Casey's
Premium Needlepoint 2/0 hook. US made ball bearing swivel. Holographic Eye #3 USA made Nickel Willow Blade
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