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Fishing Lures

Slayer Inc. Sinister Swim Tail
Measuring 3 1/8 long, you can see how it compares to several other popular swim baits. The difference between all them is the SST's tail. The larger design, almost double the other brands, along with the angle, which is almost a 90 degree angle to the body gives this swim bait unbelievable action in the water. Rigged with either a 3/0, 1/8 oz Penetrator Weedless Wide Gap hook or a Predator or Destroyer Jig head in the same size, this lure can be slow trolled back, twitched and let fall or ripped back. which ever your style of retreive, the fish cant resist it.
Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Walleye
$10.99 - $12.49
Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Walleye lures reflect all subsurface light for the utmost visibility, even at maximum depth's and speeds. This highly effective trolling bait (recommended speed at 1-3 knots) creates a tight wiggling pattern that perfectly mimic's the action of a swimming forage fish. Brilliant UV colors and translucent patterns Walleye will find irresistible! The Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Walleye Series can also be cast and retrieved at a slow steady pace or with a stop-n-go action. This series includes some of Yo-Zuri's newest and most advanced painted colors that walleye seek out and strike!
Boyd Duckett BD Soft Squarebill Crankbait
Designed and tested by Bassmaster Classic Champion, Boyd Duckett, the Castaic Boyd Duckett BD1.5 Soft Squarebill delivers a hybrid design that excels around big bass and shallow cover. Providing far-reaching effectiveness, the Castaic Boyd Duckett BD1.5 Soft Squarebill features a collapsible soft body that is able to contort and slip through tight spots like no other crankbait.
Berkley SquareBull Crankbait
Berkley® paired its world-class bait design engineers with a team of pro-anglers which includes hard bait legend and expert, David Fritts, to simply create dream baits. These hard baits capture the essence and action of artfully handcrafted wooden baits with exactness and durability delivered in a synthetic bait. The balanced designs throw straight and far and are consistently ready to run right out of the package without tuning.
Wordens Rooster Tail® Trophy Paks
$12.99 - $24.99
Three or six Rooster Tails per blister card.
Mustad Elite Crappie Ball Jighead
Hook: 450 Degree, Forged, Opti-Angle, Forged, Ringed, In Black, Chartreuse, Red, Pearl, Plain, Black Nickel Finish.
Vudu Voodoo Glow
Youll think its magic the way the new Vudu Shrimp catches fish! The New Vudu Shrimp has a Nylon weave through the body and tail section. Up to 50 Trout have been caught on just one Vudu Shrimp! Its unique tail gives it a natural swimming action. Comes pre-rigged and ready to go, right out of the pack. We highly recommend a popping cork for best results, but its just as deadly without. 2 per pack.
Zoom Trick Worm
The Trick Worm was the original floating worm, deadly for twitching and deadsticking weightless for a stealth approach to shallow water bass, but in recent years it has become the gold standard for so much more. Savvy pros have realized that its straight, slender profile is perfect on the back of a shakey head or Carolina rigged when fish have seen every other lure under the sun. With its subtle approach and wide range of color options, there's a Trick Worm for every situation. Amazing fished weightless around shallow cover, but also deadly on a Carolina rig or shakey head. Segmented worm with a natural slithering action. Salt Impregnated.
Zoom Ultra-Vibe Chunk
The ultimate movement trailer combines the best of two worlds for a hard-flapping action. The addition of Zoom's patented Ultra Vibe tails to the back of a traditional chunk-style trailer makes the perfect addition to any flipping jig, swim jig or vibrating jig. Despite the appearance of a slim profile, these tails move tons of water on both the retrieve and the fall, giving the fish a sound profile they haven't yet experienced in this lure class. Salt impregnated.
Little Joe True-Spin
Snap on a True-Spin Spinner in front of a hook, jig, spoon, or just about any lure in your tackle box and you have a presentation that active fish will find hard to resist. Featuring the famous Little Joe® bead lock system, the True-Spin is the highest quality in-line spinner ever to grace the end of a line. Also a favorite of trout stream anglers.
Panther Martin Deluxe Dressed
$5.49 - $5.99
The Panther Martin Deluxe Dressed lure features the proven effective deluxe style bodies and genuine silver or gold plated blades.
H&H Double Eye Jighead
A long-time favorite of anglers, this jighead can be used on any style grub or soft plastic. It has a powder-coated finish and corrosion-resistant, super-sharp hooks. Per 10.
Panther Martin Deluxe
$5.39 - $6.49
Panther Martin Deluxe lures are a classic! Featuring bullet shaped solid brass bodies, unique shaft allowing for the easiest and fasting spinning action out there. The genuine gold and silver blades along with their convex/concave shape send out sonic vibrations that are irresistible to fish. The super sharp premium quality hooks keep your fish caught!
Panther Martin Hammered Uv Spinner
The scientific premise of UV lures is simple -fish see colors as if they were under a blacklight.These lures are truly eye-popping the way humans see them, but if you put them under a black light you will truly be amazed at the way the fluorescent colors and fluorescent orange bead stands out and calls out to passing fish. This makes these lures particularly effective on cloudy days or in murky or muddy waters. Great for trout, salmon & steelhead. Because these UV colors are so eye-popping, they are also very effective in low light conditions. They will catch many other species. A UV Hammered blade reflects light throughout the whole surface area of the blade producing a kaleidoscope of continuous lightning flashes that is hard to miss and hard for the fish to resist.
Panther Martin Bull Frog
$5.69 - $5.99
Vibrant New Colors Patterns To Outsmart the Fish! Here are 3 dramatic new colors. The new Vibrant Image? lures feature a UV enhanced iridescent pearl base finish and colorful graphics optimized for maximum attraction while spinning. Color graphics are digitally applied into the paint for extreme durability and detail for all fishing conditions.
Panther Martin Nature Series
$5.29 - $5.69
The realistic colors of the nature series attract more hits by mimicking the fish's natural prey.
Panther Martin Holographic Lures
$5.39 - $6.49
Made with the same high tech holographic painting techniques as our superior frog, these lures reflect light in exotic, shimmering colors.
H&H Cocahoe Jigheads
These jigheads are ideal for a range of species, from redfish, snook and tarpon to flounder. It's best when used with a slow retrieve.
LiveTarget Sunfish Crankbait
Designed to mimic an isolated bluegill frantically fleeing from a predator. Precision tooling provides unrivalled detail in the body and is finished with a cutting edge multi-layered paint process.
LiveTarget Rainbow Smelt Jerkbait
Designed to be the ultimate realistic stick bait, this tool has it all featuring a weight transfer system, rattle chamber, suspension capabilities, and speed versatility. The precise lip design and intricately positioned stabilizers are strategically aligned to offer a deadly rolling and tail kicking action.
Mepps Little Wolf
$4.69 - $5.09
Mepps Little Wolf is a rugged, solid brass spoon that will not rust or tarnish like many other ordinary spoons. Its genuine silver-plating produces one bright wht flash after another as it is pulled through the water, and its reverse-curve design features ten distinct highly-reflective surfaces that disburse light equally in all directions. All Little Wolf's feature a perfect blend of vinyl and acrylic oven-baked finishes with a contrasting logo for maximum visibility and durability. As if this wasn't enough, all Mepps Little Wolves have a razor-sharp, perfectly honed hook with high-visibility strike-attractor tube. Together, these entice more fish to strike while yielding a higher hooking percentage. Every Little Wolf is perfectly balanced to maintain the same intense side-to-side wobbling action at all retrieval speeds. It doesn't stall when you stop your retrieve. Instead, it maintains its action as it falls.
No Image
$10.49 - $12.49
Hand Crafted in Europe, every Rattlin' Hornet is painstakingly assembled, painted, tank tested and hand tuned to ensure it produces results right out of box. Available in three sizes, the floating Rattlin' Hornet features the revolutionary Salmo Infinity Cast System (SICS) featuring a weight transfer mechanism to ensure the Hornet has exceptional range with every cast. The Rattlin' Hornet's new rattle chamber, combined with its already proven swimming action and Triple Grip Mustad KVD hooks, the Rattlin' Hornet is a universal, multi-purpose weapon that will catch all predatory fish. Backed by Salmo's Lifetime Warranty, the Rattlin' Hornet will provide years of aggressive strikes and always come back for more.
VMC UV Neon Moon Eye Jig Kit
This VMC® upgraded version of the traditional Aspirin-shaped heads provides added control. 3-D holographic eyes create the illusion of a wider profile while adding realism. Assembled with a VMC® Premium high-carbon steel hook with top of the line black nickel finish. Kit contains 10 assorted UV colors.
Dreamweaver Spoons
$7.59 - $10.49
Dreamweaver spoons are designed and tested by professional fishermen to give the best possible action, and are the spoon of choice for anglers throughout the Great Lakes and ocean. Every spoon is hand-painted & assembled in the USA. Our finishes have been tried & tested for the last 15 years & are simply the toughest out there.
Bagley Spintail Minnow
Bagley introduces the Bagley Spintail for 2015. A must have for any tackle box. This exciting new addition to the Bagley lineup is designed to swim with an amazing tail action, cast easily and allow for multi-purpose retrieves. Work it on top, or 2-3 feet down. You can also twitch and jerk it and then let it pause and rise head first - just like a real minnow - with propeller spinning. Amazing. The Bagley Spintail is available in two sizes (4 and 5) and in 15 fish catching colors. A truly versatile fishing tool.
Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbait
The Strike King Tour Grade Buzzbaits features premium components, including exclusive Gamakatsu hooks designed to maximize your hookup ratio. The sculpted, quick-planing head and the single rotating blade ensure the bait tracks perfectly straight and creates the necessary lift and water commotion to attract attention. Additionally, Strike King's exclusive Magic Skirt provides more action than typical skirts. The Tour Grade Buzzbaits from Strike King provide you with the quality and performance pro anglers require, giving you that extra edge in the water.
Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Caffeine Shad
Features a unique bubble tail to give this topwater shad bait an action never seen before. Use it weightless and twitch it for an awesome topwater bite or fish it on a Carolina rig or jig head for that deep water bite. The new Caffeine shad contains the worlds best blend of soft plastic ingredients. This allows the use of large amounts of salt yet keeps the bait soft, pliable & fishable. The Coffee scent just adds to the appeal as it masks human scents and oils and causes added bites and longer hold times which increase your hook-up chances.
Northland Gum-Drop Floater
$4.29 - $4.49
Constructed from foam and features a sleek elongated body, Mustad® Needle-Point hook and pliable rubber paint in all the hot attractor colors.