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Bait, Eggs & Pork Rind

Otter STY Straight Thin Tails 4
Straight Thin 4 1/4" Yellow 10/Jar
Magic Preserved Emerald Shiner Baits
Comes in a jar or re-closable laminated pouches. Natural emerald shiner minnows preserved to keep their natural life-like appearance. So convenient to use. Universal bait for many different gamefish and panfish. No Jars at Henry's. Take out pic and fix description.
Magic Preserved Fathead Minnows Bait
Preserved minnows in a re-closable pouch.
Magic Carp Bait
Combines a food attractant with great fish catching flavors for enticing the big ones. This bait is formulated to stay on the hook and be used with several rigging styles. Biodegradable bait retains color and is easy to use. Six ounces of preformed baits packed in a reclosable bag. #3720 White/Vanilla, #3721 Red/Strawberry, #3722 Yellow/Corn, #3723 Orange/Anise, #3729 Mixed (Vanilla, Strawberry, Corn).
Magic Preserved Wax Worms
Real wax worms preserved in their natural color and are available in red and chartreuse. Thirty-five wax worms in plastic box inside reclosable pouch to preserve freshness and avoid crushing.Great for trout and panfish, including ice fishing.
Magic Mini Marshmallows
Brilliant dyes and quality scents combine to make the finest floating baits available. Biodegradable.
Team Catfish Secret-7 Dip Bait
SECRET-7 catches channel cats and blue cats alike. It has a silky smooth texture with sticky blend of fish attractants that drive catfish wild. SECRET-7 dip bait is great in ponds, lakes, rivers, or streams.
Mike's King Glitter Egg
Anglers already know about Mike's King Salmon Eggs: jumbo-sized, proven trout catchers! We've made them even better by adding glitter! These eggs are dry packed and are just what trout are hungry for; the glitter shimmers and shines just enough to attract the trout to come closer. Once they see and smell that salmon egg, they can't resist! They will strike and strike hard!
Mike's Shrimp Salmon Eggs
Top-of-the-crop salmon eggs with a natural shrimp flavoring. These eggs have the features of being soft, yet are firm and elastic enough to stay on the hook.
Mike's Corn Eggs
Jumbo size eggs with a natural sweet corn flavoring. Fluorescent yellow color packed in a corn-scented oil. Top quality eggs with an excellent texture. 1.6 ounce
Mike's Glitter Mallows
Neon Glitter has been added to popular marshmallow color scent combinations. Special jar keeps mallows fresher longer. 1½ ounce jar.
Mike's Nightcrawler Eggs
Large size - top quality egg packed in a special nightcrawler oil. Combination of nightcrawler scent and natural salmon egg will attract even the wariest of trout. 1.6 ounce jar.
Siberian Cheese & Shrimp Flavored Eggs
Medium sized and packed in cheese or shrimp flavored oil. Their firm center holds the hook extremely well and has excellent milking characteristics. The added scents will draw fish from greater distances, producing strikes when fish are reluctant to feed and difficult to hook.
Siberian Radiant Salmon Eggs
Firm skin and center for better hook holding. Medium and small eggs packed dry.
Otter STP Straight Thin Tails 4
Straight Thin 4 1/4" Pink 10/Jar
Otter CLP Curly Long Tails 6 1/2
Curly Long 6 1/2", Pink 8/Jar
Pautzke Fire Bait
Trout find it hard to resist krill, and this innovative floating bait is supercharged with the leading krill scent in the industry. 1.5-oz. jar.
Berkley Gulp!® Dough Trout Nuggets
You will experience up to a 55% greater catch rate than the leading competitors product. Floating formula floats hook in the visible strike zone, then lets the magic of GULP!® scent dispersion do the rest.
Berkley Gulp! Corn
Great for trout and panfish. GULP!® Corn has out fished real corn in field tests, and is 100 percent biodegradable. 1/4".
Berkley Power Eggs Floating Magnum
Buoyant enough to float a #10 hook. All the advantages of Power Eggs, in a larger size. Won't dry out. Available with or without glitter. 0.5 ounce
Magic Shiner Minnows
$4.29 - $7.79
Comes in re-closable laminated pouches. Natural emerald shiner minnows preserved to keep their natural life-like appearance. Universal bait.
Magic Preserved Leeches
$4.89 - $23.99
Genuine leaches preserved to retain the flexibility and texture of live leeches.
Berkley Powerbait Power Eggs Floating Magnum
Magnum size floating magnum offers a more natural presentation. New Garlic scent for increased attraction. 1 ounce jar.
Magic Catfish Dip Bait
Dip your sponge or worm in this powerful bait to attract huge catfish from a distance. Strong currents won't wash the extra-sticky formula off lures and hooks.
Magic Preserved Shiner Baits
Comes in re-closable laminated pouches. Natural emerald shiner minnows preserved to keep their natural life-like appearance. Universal bait.
Magic Trout Bait Eggs
Magic Products Trout Bait Eggs are simulated eggs made of biodegradable protein that have the texture, firmness, and durability to last cast after cast. These eggs come in random sizes in each pack and are enhanced with flavors and scents that trout can't resist.
Magic Micro Marshmallows
Marshmallows make excellent floating baits with brilliant dyes and quality scents. Biodegradable mallows are made in USA. Packed in 1oz. re-closable pouches.
Atlas Sac Attack
Soft plastic egg cluster looks and feels like the real thing. Super casting and drifting bait for steelhead, salmon and trout. Push single hook through the egg cluster and place desired weight 18-24 inches up on the line. Ideal for fishing in fast moving water conditions.
Otter SSP Straight Short Tails 4
Straight Short 4 1/8" Pink 8/Jar
Otter SLC Straight Long Tails 5
Straight Long 5 1/8" Charteruse 8/Jar
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