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Bait, Eggs & Pork Rind

Atlas-Mike's Big Boy Salmon Eggs
Top quality eggs put through a special process creating a large jumbo sized salmon egg. Perfect texture - soft enough to entice trout to bite, yet firm enough to stay on a hook in fast current. 1.6 ounce jar.
Atlas-Mike's Dancing Eggs
Imitation egg with a tail that creates a dancing action irresistible to steelhead, salmon, trout and walleye. Excellent for drifting or casting. 10 per bag.
Atlas-Mike's Best Bite Salmon Eggs
Small to medium size egg. String two or more on a hook to give the appearance of a small egg cluster.
Atlas-Mike's Cured Salmon Roe
Premium natural egg skeins. Secret process handed down over the years assure a a soft, yet durable cluster. Needs no refrigeration. 1 ounce jar.
Atlas-Mike's Mr. Trout Eggs
Highest quality soft textured eggs. Special sugar cure process forms a creamy center which produces a "milking action" when fished.
Atlas-Mike's Supreme Glitter Egg
It starts with a premium grade egg. Then Atlas uses a unique process that makes these eggs worthy of the name SUPREME. The eggs are specially processed to produce a soft, gooey center that actually milks out into the water. This slow, milking process has already been a proven trout-catcher with our Mr. Trout line. To make it even better, we've added Glitter! The reflection from the glitter attracts trout and brings them closer.
Atlas-Mike's Super Scented Marshmallows
Mini marshmallows specially treated and scented to help tempt the reluctant fish to strike. Use alone or in combination with other baits. Will keep bait off bottom away from weeds, rocks, and other snags while floating at fish feeding level.
Atlas-Mike's Glitter Mallows
Neon Glitter has been added to popular marshmallow color scent combinations. Special jar keeps mallows fresher longer. 1½ ounce jar.
Atlas-Mike's Yarn Eggs
Excellent color attractors and scent holders. Very productive when drift fishing. Use alone or in combination with salmon eggs, marshmallows or live bait. 5 per bag.
Atlas-Mike's Chinook Natural Single Egg
Natural eggs carefully treated to retain natural qualities. Soft enough to entice trout to bite yet firm enough to stay on a hook when fishing fast moving water.
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