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Dodgers & Flashers

Mack's Lure Sling Blade Ultraviolet
Sling Blade Dodger is finished with a Special Ultraviolet tape for greater visibility in low light conditions.
Dreamweaver Spindoctor Trolling Flasher
$16.49 - $18.49
Spin Doctors have proven to be the most productive rotator on the market today. An Action fly, Strong Fly, spoon or cutbait combination behind this rotator is the rig of choice for anglers throughout the Great Lakes and ocean. It has proven itself so effective, Kings and Cohos swim in fear of being lured into its hypnotic action.
Dreamweaver 11
$18.49 - $20.99
Innovative design allows the Spin Doctor to roll properly and effectively at speeds from near zero to speeds upwards of 4 mph. This speed tolerance has revolutionized Great Lakes Salmon Trolling by allowing fisherman to integrate highly effective rotators into their spread of spoons and plugs. Long gone are the days of having to choose between an all Dodger Program or all Spoon Program. With the Spin Doctor, you can always include the effectiveness of a rotator in your spread. Charter Captains across the Great Lakes make sure that a Spin Doctor is deployed into their spread.
Sep's Sidekick Dodger
Designed to provide maximum vibrations from the smallest, lightest dodger available. When trolled at slow speeds, SideKick transmits a swimming, surging action to lure or bait. Its side-to-side erratic action produces vibrations and action that cause fish to strike. Works well with lures or bait & with SEP'S trolling flies. Use a 6-12" leader, attached to the swivel. Troll slowly and feel the action "kick" in.
Sep's Pro Dodgers
$8.09 - $18.49
Ultra-light trolling blades, designed for optimum fishing enjoyment. These small and lightweight trolling blades move through the water with little resistance. SEP'S Pro Flashers produce smaller vibrations when trolled slowly, similar to those of minnows and bait fish. These smaller less offensive vibrations and flashes add action and attract fish, enticing them to strike your bait or lure. They move through the water with less drag because they are made of small and lightweight blades.
Luhr Jensen Jensen Dodger
$12.49 - $16.99
Attractor for use with flies, spoons, plugs or bait. Welded construction, fish calling vibration built-in. Premium plating & polishing.
Sep's Strike Master
$12.99 - $18.49
With the increased flash and weight, vibrations to the lure/bait increase and trolling speed can be a bit faster. The erratic "thump" causes the lure/bait to really jump and kick which is exactly what entices fish to strike.
Mack's Lure Sling Blade #3 Ultraviolet
This 4" Sling blade is built with a Special Ultraviolet tape. Great in low light conditions.
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