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Flies & Poppers

Betts Trim Gim?
The bullet shaped long trim body with rubber legs creates plenty of wiggle. Cork body cemented on Mustad® hook. 1 per pack.
Jackson Cardinal Eastern Trout Dry Flies
Jackson Cardinal Eastern Trout Dry Flies are tied on chemically sharpened brand name hooks. Their blends of water repellent dubbing are a mix of possum and beaver hair to provide a high floating fly. The finest Hoffman Hackles insure that our flies float like real bugs on the surface. Pro Shop quality at affordable prices.
Pistol Pete 77777 Trout Bubble
Pistol Pete 77777 Trout Bubble Combo Kit, Size 10 Hook, 6 per Pack
K&E Cork Panfish Popper
$26.28 - $78.84
The most durable cork popper available.
Betts Bream Madness
With its plump, segmented body creating an appetizing silhouette and hyper-active rubber appendages creating lifelike movements.
Jackson Cardinal Saltwater Flies
$3.59 - $3.99
Successful for many years on many different species of fish. Try it out for your Marine fishing today!
Jackson Cardinal Nymphs
Trout do most of their feeding underwater, and day in and day out you'll catch more trout onnymphs. Tied on chemically sharpened brand name hooks.
Rainbow FAB1N 1/4oz Clear
1/4oz Clear A-Just-A-Bubble, 5 Nymph Flies Assorted
Rainbow FAB1WB 1/4oz Clear
1/4oz Clear A-Just-A-Bubble, 5 Woolly Bugger Flies Assorted
Rainbow FAB1D 1/4oz Clear
1/4oz Clear A-Just-A-Bubble, 5 Dry Flies Assorted
Jackson Cardinal Wooly Bugger
The Wooly Bugger is a popular and widely used pattern for both freshwater and saltwater game fish and is generally listed as one of the top patterns to have in any fly box. Wooly Buggers are typically fished in streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, and tidal flats.
Pistol Pete 99999 Pee Wee Bubble
Pistol Pete 99999 Pee Wee Bubble Combo Kit, Size 12 Hook, 6 per Pack
Jackson Cardinal Streamers
$2.99 - $33.36
Streamer fishing is hands down the most active and exciting way to chase fish with a fly rod. Withstreamers, it's all about the retrieve and how you impart motion and action to your flies. This is what fools fish into believing they're attacking small prey.
Superfly Streamer Flies
Superfly offers many proven patterns of streamers. These flies are often ornate and exotic-looking, sometimes with great plumes of hackle and long, streaming tails hence the name. They are meant to imitate bait fish, leeches and crustaceans.
Betts Fat Gnat
A sharp trimmed small cork body with natural action. Cork body cemented on Mustad® hook.
Betts Pop N' Round
The unique shape of the Betts® Pop N' Round Popper offers a tantalizing, non-directional action that responds to gentle twitches and natural wave action. As a result, it stays in the strike zone longer, and shows bass and panfish an action and profile they've likely never seen before. If you're a serious bass and panfish junkie, you need these in your box.
Betts Fly Tackle Pack
Features assorted sizes and colors of Bream Getter, Stone Fly, woolly worm, Busy Bee, and Dry flies.
Betts Popper Tackle Pack
Features 6 of our best selling fancy grade poppers in good quality reusable tackle pack.
Mack's Lure UV Flies
Cast it, troll it, drift it or even bottom walk it. This modified Woolley Bugger pattern has proven its versatility and fish catching abilities worldwide. With the removable Smile Blade® it makes matching the hatch quick and easy.
Gaines Pan Pop?
Casts and picks up easily and is a terrific panfish popper. Straight tapered body with flat face.
Gaines Bee Bug?
Side wings and rubber feelers. Good for bass, bream and trout.
Gaines Sneaky Pete?
This is one of our most popular poppers and it doesn't even pop. Sneaky Pete? slides through the surface enough to create a wake that both bass and bream go for.
Betts Busy Bee?
An expertly wrapped, two-tone chenille fly with pre-tensioned rubber legs. Mustad® hook.
Betts Muddler Minnow?
Experienced fly tiers tie these muddler streamers under rigid specifications. Mustad® hooks.
Gaines Bass Duster?
This bug has a very large cupped face with a small slant at the bottom that makes lots of surface noise.
Gaines Gnat?
Small round body is slightly slanted on the front and rear making this a productive little panfish bug.
Gaines Bass King?
Large body with deep cup and half slant face makes the Bass King? a great action-packed popper.
Betts Stone Fly?
The Stone Fly? is a topwater sponge bug. Rubber legs with exact amount of spring and tension to bounce when jerked or retrieved. Mustad® hook.
Betts Stone Queen?
The Stone Queen? has a floating sponge body accented with spotted "true-life" wings. Mustad® hook.
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