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Hollow Body Frogs & Lures

Scum Frog Popper
Designed to make more noise than the original SCUM FROG. It is perfect for windy days or when bass are sluggish.
Scum Frog Trophy Popper
A small slender profile hides its true 5/16 easy casting weight. A hefty 4/0 Owner® hook and a full round silicone skirt. Great catching power house hooks riding high on this popper, prevents and foldback or excess rubber getting in the way.
Snag Proof Original Frog
It's legs "kick" with every retrieve. Fish can't tell it from a swimming frog. "Twitch" it across lily pads, or moss beds and get ready for action. The most natural feel frog lure ever made. Weedless and effective.
Scum Frog Trophy Scum Frog®
Features Owner? hook points up for better hook set and catch ratio. Large 3/8" reflective eyes on side of frog where fish can see them. Solid brass weight instead of lead. Flat silicon skirts instead of round. Sits higher in the water for much more erratic movement.
Spro Bronzeye Spit Shad 60
The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas. The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 was built to have a spitting and gliding action unlike any other hollow body weedless bait."The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 can be fished in areas where you could never dream of throwing a hard bait with a similar action.The unique action is caused by a special "Spit Cup" on the front of the bait and vertical living rubber tails that give the bait a special Gliding Action. The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 comes with sticky sharp Gamakatsu EWG Double hook and in an array of fish-catching colors. The Bronzeye Spit Shad 60 is tuned to Dean's standards and ready to fish right out of the package. Gamakatsu 4/0 EWG Double hook.
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The Tour Toad is also new for Big Bite Bait this year and features the typical twin buzzing legs. The difference with the Tour Toad is these legs can be split open to present a pair of curly legs for a more subtle swimming presentation. This bait can also be fished on the Suicide Buzz for a really enticing buzzbait presentation. The Tour Toad measures 4 inches in length, features a flat body and is offered in 10 colors.
Snag Proof Soft Craw
The most natural feel, looks, action available in any artificial craw. Hinged "reflex" tail makes it swim backward like a live craw. Bass, walleye, trout, northerns pick it up without hesitation.
Terminator Walking Frog
Designed for both heavy cover and open water, the Terminator Walking Frog features lifelike detail from nose to skirt. Tail-weighted to increase casting distance and stability on the retrieve, it features a custom VMC® frog-gap hook. An ability to shed water in between casts eliminates a water-logged frog that is hobbled by added weight and unbalanced action. This throws off its cadence and causes big bass to take a pass.Lifelike round rubber legs.
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$7.89 - $8.19
Made with a fast rising head design and an oversized blade, the Big Bite Baits Tour Toad Buzzbait gets to the surface quickly and produces a very loud sputtering action that calls fish from far and wide. The Big Bite Baits Tour Toad Buzzbait also comes with a pre-rigged Tour Toad that provides a more aggressive splashing action than a traditional silicone skirted buzzbait. Fitted with quality hardware, the Big Bite Baits Suicide Shad Buzzbait is equipped with a razor-sharp hook to ensure a high hook-up ratio, as well as, a double wire keeper to hold your soft plastic trailers firmly in place.
LiveTarget Hollow Body Frog Popper
Personally designed as a Signature Series product by LIVETARGET Pro Angler and TV personality Scott Martin, the Hollow Body Frog Popper will soon become a favorite to the seasoned top water angler. The narrow profile and cupped face make this bait easy to walk across the surface, creating a tantalizing sound and unique splash. The extra strong foraged hook and soft collapsible body ensures fast penetration and solid hook ups. Available in two sizes. Freshwater.
LiveTarget Hollow Body Frog
This frog features an anatomically correct shape for the body including lifelike molded legs on the belly of the bait and a large eye. But the best feature is the custom hook they've made. The soft rubber body is going to collapse easily on the hookset and that hook is going to stick em.
Snag Proof Weedless Boss Rat
Made for pulling big bass out of heavy slop. Wiggles when jigged through open water.
Snag Proof Ultra Popper
Original popper equipped with Mustad knife-edged double hook. Rides high in the water, pops and gurgles on retrieve. Brings out the big bass.
Scum Frog Pro Series Rattle
GLASS RATTLE is designed for maximum noise. It is also attached to the bottom of the hook, well out of the way for a good hook set.. but attached directly to the steel shank to magnify the noise under water. 3-D Molded Eyes. 4/0 Owner® Hooks slightly pointed up for more catching power. Brass Weight. Nose ring gives more freedom of movement to help Walk the Dog.
Snag Proof Weed Demon
Dance the Weed Demon on and off the edges of weeds or zigzag it thru stands of lily pads, reeds or tulles. The soft hollow body protects the hook from snags and feels natural to the fish, so they hold on longer.
Snag Proof Deadly Worm
Air-filled tail and weighted head make it wiggle like a swimming eel. No other worm has its "writhing" action. Soft, hollow body protects double hooks against all snags. Deadly for bass and pike. Fish won't spit it out.
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The Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog is the most life like frog currently available in the industry. The Lunker Frog replicates an adult frog and has swimming legs that extend during the retrieve and retract on the pause. At rest the Lunker Frog is 2.5 inches and will extends to 4.5 inches on the retrieve. The Lunker Frog behaves just like a living frog would in the water. At rest, the body of the Lunker frog drops down a little into the water perfectly replicating the action of a frog/bullfrog. This also results in higher hook-up percentages. The Lunker Frog features high quality components, a super soft hollow body construction, and a weedless design.
Scum Frog Trophy Chugger
Owner hook points up for better hook set and catch ratio. Large 3/8 inch reflective eyes on side of frog where fish can see them. Solid brass weight instead of lead. Flat silicon skirts instead of round. Sits higher in the water for much more erratic movement. The Scum Frog Trophy Series was designed to give anglers all of the benefits of many high dollar frog baits at an unbeatable price. The Scum Frog Trophy Series walks with ease and the hookup ratio is excellent. The 1/2 ounce weight of the Trophy Series makes casting a breeze. Load up on the Scum Frog Trophy Series and load the livewell with some giants!
Strike King KVD Popping Perch
The KVD Popping Perch was designed and tested by the entire team at Strike King®. The result is the finest topwater hollow body popping lure EVER! Resembling a perch, the bait skips, walks, splashes and pops like wounded bait. It's extremely weedless but great for use in open water. It has a big strong double hook and easily collapsible body for good hook ups. The KVD Popping Perch is truly the liveliest hollow body lure EVER!
Scum Frog Bassrat
Bassrat's slender profile allows it to glide through the thickest vegetation where fish hide. Short jerks make the pointed nose dart and bob through the water, providing exciting rat fishing.
Snag Proof Moss Mouse
The weedless design is made for pulling big fish out of heavy slop. Wiggles when jigged through open water.
Snag Proof Mini Minnow
Features a snappy, fish attracting wiggle on retrieve. Tail flutters like a live swimming minnow. Best around weedbeds, stumps, rocky places. Floats at rest. Runs medium depth. Silver glitter minnow body, with contrasting top stripe.
LiveTarget Mouse Hollow Body Topwater Lure
$11.99 - $12.99
The hollow body of Floating Mouse is the perfect choice for fishing over weed choked areas. The weed less design allows it to be worked over the cover without hanging up.
Booyah Poppin' Pad Crasher
Concave face pops violently to call fish from beneath the slop. Perfect for fishing heavy cover or in open water. Body profile accurately mimics a rat, frog or baitfish. Super soft plastic and double weedless hooks guarantee solid hooksets.
Snag Proof Leech
Weighted tail and hinged reflex body makes it "come alive". Retrieved in slow twitches it performs just like a swimming leech or hellgrammite. Steady retrieve gives it a "writhing" action.
LiveTarget Sunfish Hollow Body
Appetizing with a fast and slow retrieve, the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body delivers a tempting 180-degree swing with a steady twitch and a trail of bubbling attraction with a quick wind. Built to collapse around the custom Trokar double hook, the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body provides rock-solid hook sets and an awesome strike-to-catch ratio. Available in a number of dead-on panfish colors, the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body provides all of the attributes that are necessary to succeed around heavy cover and big fish.
Spro Bronzeye Pop 60
The Bronzeye Pop 60 was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas. Now you can own and fish the same lure that Dean Rojas used to win the BASS Elite Series tournament at Lake Oneida! The Bronzeye Pop 60 was designed to attract bass out of the thickest cover with its loud popping sound.The Bronzeye Pop 60comes with a sticky sharp Gamakatsu Double hook that fits the bait perfectly for solid hook-ups and in an array of proven fish catching colors. Gamakatsu EWG 3/0 Double hook
Westin Danny The Duck Hollowbody
Danny the Duck in the hollow body version, perfect weapon for big mean bass. They will go crazy for this baby duckling! Super weedless design to be fished in heavy cover. Just imagine a big bass inhaling Danny in front of you! If you twitch him, Danny will swing out 180-degrees in tight short swings and stays long on the hot-spot, fish him fast or slow, either way you can create that hopping action with a unique bubble trail just like a fleeing duckling, the beak will also add a unique front splash, don't forget the pause! The small soft feets adds extra attraction fluttering below the surface.Japanese-style Carbon Steel, wide-gap double-hook.
Snag Proof Moss Master Tournament Frog
Designed by the pros, this is the frog for trophy bass. Specially weighted for more accurate casting, it sits in the water like real frog. Silicone coated rubber skirt has colorful action with no matting or melting. Built-in rattle. Knife-edge double hook. 100% weedless and very effective. Each has contrasting skirts.
Terminator Popping Frog
Topwater fanatics, get ready for action. The Popping Frog with its cupped face will create a loud, strong pop that drives fish crazy. Custom designed weight is shaped and positioned to stay out of the way of the hook. This design creates a responsive, easy to impart, walking action. Extra-wide hook gap converts strikes into fights. Extra soft body compresses easily. Lifelike round rubber legs. Custom designed weight positioned at the rear.
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