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Bobby Garland Slab Slay'R
The perfect combination of a solid body and a thin spear-tail for enticing crappie.
Bobby Garland Stroll'R
Stroll it. Troll it. Cast it. Jig it. No other crappie bait has this much action from head to tail.
Bobby Garland BS370-18 Baby Shad 2
Baby Shad 2", Mayfly, 18/Bag
Bobby Garland Itty Bit Swim'R
With a name longer than its length, this tiny Swim'R starts every day with a chip on its shoulders to prove it can catch them big and small year 'round.
Bobby Garland Mo' Glo?
Brighten your slab slaying prospects with the Bobby Garland Mo' Glo Baby Shad crappie baits featuring a super-glow formulation for irresistible appeal. Ideal for low light conditions, stained water or when a slow bite dictates a different look, the Mo Glo Baby Shad offer plump-profiled bodies that taper down to an enticing, high-action spear-shaped tail that doesn't stop dancing. The Mo' Glo Baby Shad's glow along with its non-stop movement create a look that's sure to turn slow slab days into memorable ones. Length: 2''. 18 pack.
Bobby Garland Baby Shad
$3.69 - $3.79
Just try to hold this bait so the tail doesn't dance. You can't and that's why this bait catches more fish.
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