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Bomber Value Series Crankbaits
A square paddle with chamfered corners gives you the advantage in timber, stout brush and other heavy cover. Bounces off objects and keeps on running, with its classic wide wobble. High on the toughness scale.
Bomber Bmb Fat Free Shad
This shad reaches depth never seen before in a Fat Free Shad. These baits dive 19' on a long cast with 10 pound line. Both featues the magical bass catching action that made the Bomber Fat Free Shad series the most successful.
Bomber Flat
Consistent depth and near-neutral buoyancy are the characteristics the Bomber® Flat "A" adds to the efficient design of the "lipless crankbait". Also features the ability to use a stop-and-go retrieve is a huge plus in the cool waters of spring.
Bomber Fat Free Shad Square Lip
The new Bomber Deep Square Lip combines the tried-and-true Fat Free Shad body shape with a special square-lipped bill that deflects cover like a champ. Adding more snag-free ability is the bait's nosedown attitude in the water, which positions the hooks behind the big body and keeps them out of trouble. It's the perfect crankbait for fishing mid-depth cover or structure. The perfect crankbait for working mid-depth brushpiles, stump fields, rock piles, drop-offs, ledges - anything that holds bass or provides a break at the right depth. The proven wobble and profile of the lure is borrowed from the legendary Bomber Fat Free Shad, a lure that revolutionized crankbait fishing. Now, with the new square lip, this bait becomes not only the best bass-catcher but incredibly snag resistant.
Bomber Fat Free Fry?
A good lure to use around cover as it features the Fat Free Shad's? exclusive kick-out paddles which reduce hang-ups. Each Fat Free Fry? is equipped with two No. 6 Excalibur® Rotating Treble Hooks and realistic eyes. Features color patterns with Flashbrite? inserts and SparkGel? coatings.
Bomber Deep Flat A?
Delivering the same tight vibration and neutral buoyancy characteristics as the shallow version, this Flat "A" attains depths up to 8 feet on 12 lb. test SilverThread®. 3/8 oz., 2½" 4 hooks.®
Bomber Fat Free Shad
Fat Free Shad? boasts an enticing tight wobble, kick-out paddle, 3-D eyes, a realistic scale finish, and Excalibur Tx3 rotating treble hooks. (Measures 3" in length, weighs 3/4 oz)
Bomber Model
A little slimmer, a little trimmer, a little faster wiggler, and a little dee diver than the ordinary crankbait. Its construction features an integral, molded bill-to-body design for extra strength and to insure freedom of oation.
Bomber Fat Free Shad, Jr?
With a kick-out paddle, realistic Excalibur® finish and Rotating Treble Hooks, the Fat Free Shad Junior? is the right size and has the right features to attract lots of bites from many species. Excalibur Advantage? series features striking new color patterns with Flashbrite? inserts and SparkGel? coatings. (Measures 2 1/2" in length, weighs 1/2 oz)
Bomber Fat Free Guppy?
A fish-catching crankbait made for medium to shallow waters. The Guppy? runs in the 4 to 6 foot zone that none of the other Fat Free Shads? cover. The Guppy? is an easy pulling crankbait featuring a kick-out paddle that will roll over structure preventing hang-ups. It casts for distance and features the Excalibur® finish, realistic eyes and Excalibur® hooks.
Bomber Fat Free Shad Fingerling?
This lure will run in a zone - four to six feet - that none of the other lures in the Fat Free Shad? family covers. You can throw it past stumps and just touch the edge, where a dee bait might be on the bottom and might not be in the right zone. Excalibur Advantage? series features striking color patterns with Flashbrite? inserts and SparkGel? coatings.(Measures 2 3/8" in length, weighs 3/8 oz)
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