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Spinners-In Line

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The TinBuck combines the perfect balance of original 700 Series Buchertail and the flashy skirt of the 700 Series Tinsel. You'll be sure to lure in attention with the TinBuck!
Joe Bucher Outdoors Buchertail
$15.99 - $20.99
This lures is built strong and is a great choice for early muskie season and big pike.
Joes Super Striker Elite
Hook and hold Trout, Bass and Panfish in big waters with Joe's 1/4 ounce light-medium weight in-lines. Absolutely the slowest retrieve speed of any inline. Signature "trolling treble" securely hold "short striking" fish. New for 2010, Treble attached with Surflon? 30lb stainless wire for the big Browns and Steelhead.
Blue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spin Spinner
$8.59 - $9.29
Balsa body features countdown capabilities and great detail. Flash is contributed by the Vibrax® spinner, which also creates quite a racket when moving through the water.
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Spotted Fly 1/16oz Yellow/Yellow
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An incredibly effective and innovative spinner. The VMC Spindrift® hook spins your bait, enticing more bites, and the Smile Blade® handles the wiggle and flash. Troll it or rig it to cast, this lure is deadly.
Panther Martin Classic Regular
$5.29 - $6.39
Panther Martin Classic Regulars are deadly on Trout, Bass, Pike, Muskie, Salmon, Pickerel and Steelhead. These popular lures feature genuine gold or silver plated blades.
Blue Fox Vibrax Size 20
$7.09 - $46.14
The Classic Vibrax features a patented two-part body which emits low-frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes. Has a 45° mid-depth blade that runs at two to four feet.
Panther Martin Holographic Lures
$5.39 - $6.49
Made with the same high tech holographic painting techniques as our superior frog, these lures reflect light in exotic, shimmering colors.
Mepps Comet® Mino
$6.99 - $10.99
Features an interchangeable hook and two or more blades can be connected in tandem for additional flash, weight, vibration, and casting distance. Airbrushed to ensure realism and their erratic swimming action makes them appear to be a wounded.
Wordens Sonic Rooster Tail®
Featuring a polished brass or silver body and French-style spinner blade, Worden's® Sonic Rooster Tail® features its own unique spinning action. The Sonic Rooster Tail® is a great in-line spinner for most any game fish.
Blue Fox Vibrax Shallow Spinner
$5.39 - $32.34
Cover the water from just below the surface to 2' down with the Vibrax shallow runner. A 60-degree blade keeps this little gem close to the surface. It's great for skinny water, over shallow structure or when fish are feeding on top. To catch aggressive fish, burn it fast to create a "bulge" just below the surface of the water.
Mepps Aglia® Ultra Lites
$4.49 - $6.59
Blades are constructed of fine European brass, then highly polished, plated with genuine silver or painted. Feature either natural squirrel or bucktail dressing with turkey quill attractor.
Blue Fox Flash Spinner
Cover the water from 4' to 5' with the Flash deep runner. A 30-degree blade keeps this superb-surface torpedo down deep where the big guys live. A slow retrieve can drop it even dee. After you cast, take advantage of the "fluttering" blade as the lure descends to the desired depth. Laser holographic blade and body finishes create extra fish-attracting "flash."
Joes Short Striker (Classics)
Tie one on and "match the hatch" by switching patterns in seconds with our EZexchange? feature. Dependable Trailing treble will securely hook and hold the short-striking fish! Size 8 is chosen as the standard for Trout and Panfish. No other in-line offers these features. Size 10 has all the desired features of the size 8 but designed for smaller streams and waters with Native trout and Steelhead.
Panther Martin Classic Pattern
$5.29 - $5.69
Panther Martin Classic Regulars are deadly on Trout, Bass, Pike, Muskie, and many other species of fish. They feature the classic and popular look of Panther Martin lures.
Panther Martin Vibrant Image Spinners
$5.69 - $5.99
Vibrant New Colors Patterns To Outsmart the Fish! Here are 3 dramatic new colors. The new Vibrant Image? lures feature a UV enhanced iridescent pearl base finish and colorful graphics optimized for maximum attraction while spinning. Color graphics are digitally applied into the paint for extreme durability and detail for all fishing conditions.
Mepps Aglia-E In-Line Spinner
$4.49 - $6.19
That's "e" as in "egg"...that delicious morsel hungry trout and salmon key on so heavily during spawn season. The Mepps® Aglia-e Spinner takes a proven-great lurethe Aglia® inline spinner that's caught more trophy salmonids than all others combinedand adds this "essential element" from the natural food chain, to take advantage of your quarry's fixation. Impossible to fish wrong, the Mepps Aglia-e brings the same flash and thump that's been fooling game fish for half a centurywith the extra attraction of a natural-looking, high-viz "egg" that salmon and steelhead have basically programmed themselves to look for. Quality solid brass components; undressed treble.
Panther Martin OD3 Opening Day 3
Panther Martin OD3 Opening Day 3 Hammered Holographic Spinner Kit, #4, 1/8 oz, Assorted, 3 per Pack
Panther Martin 9L-PMBBJ-CWH Bearded
This natural hand tied bucktail spinner bait is designed specifcally tocatch Large and Smallmouth Bass, but like many other Panther Martinsthese new lures also work great for Pike, Walleye and Panfsh.Our unique Panther Martin Blade spins on the Free Floating Sonic Armwith bearing bead and creates extra vibration not found in other spinnerbaits. Another unique feature of the Panther Martin blade is the spinningaction that allows this lure to helicopter down into a free fall.Outftted with a Mustad 1/O Black Nickel Opti-Angle Needle Point, RoundBend hook on size 1/8 oz. and Mustad 2/O Black Nickel Opti-Angle NeedlePoint, Round Bend hook on sizes 1 oz. & 3/8 oz. Each lure is outftted with ahand-tied bucktail jighead body.
Panther Martin 0 MNR-S Vivif Style
Great for both fresh and saltwater species. These lures use a very lifelike, soft minnow body with an intriguing fluttering tail action. The smaller size can be used for trout and bass, the larger sizes for walleye, steelhead, salmon, bluefish, striped bass and many other species.
Blue Fox Flash Spinner Kit
The Blue Fox® Flash Spinner Kit includes 5 colors. A laser holographic blade and body finish create flash. Designed to go deep, the Blue Fox Spinner has a 30? deep-depth blade that runs 5 feet. The 30? blade rotates easily but doesn't give as much lift as other blade types. Therefore, your bait stays down in front of the fish. The blade flutters down quickly on the fall, while the flashabou fibers in the dressed tail provide added attraction. Assorted Colors.
Shur Strike Super UV Colorado Harness Rig
Tied with 72 clear mono, Colorado nickel hex blade with UV glow red eyes, UV beads, #12 rolling nickel swivel, #4 folded nickel clevis and two Mustad® Ultra Point? black nickel hooks.
Wordens Single Hook Rooster Tail®
$4.69 - $56.28
The Rooster Tail's pulsating hackle tail and attractive spinning action just seems to make fish strike, many times when nothing else will work. Single hook
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