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SW Bucktails & Jigs

Blue Water Candy Cobia/Striper Grinning Jigs
$9.29 - $16.49
Beautifully painted Grinning Gus heads with extra strong 8/0 Mustad Duratin saltwater hooks. No more straightend hooks to worry about when fighting large Cobias and Stripers. Hand crafted in the USA using the finest nylon fibers and mylars.
DOA Hot Heads
The Hot Head offers an eye and color contrast to our C.A.L. series offering that extra detail predators are looking for.
Sea Striker Bucktail Jig
$3.69 - $11.99
The colorful lifelike head with holographic eyes swims realistically through water. Natural bucktail is accented with iridescent mylar for added attraction. Made with an extra sharp nickel black hook. This versatile lure can be jigged or cast. When jigging change between fast and slow jerks to determine what the fish are feeding on, or cast and retrieve with just enough speed to keep the lure off the bottom.
Hookup Inshore Premium Series Jig Heads
$8.19 - $8.59
Made with stainless steel Mustad® hooks for maximum durability. All jig heads are "barbed" meaning they can be fished with virtually any soft plastic or using natural baits, live dead or cut.
Hookup Inshore Premium Series Bucktails
$5.49 - $5.89
Made with Mustad® stainless steel hooks for maximum durability.
GOT-CHA ® Multi-Color Grub Heads
$6.59 - $7.69
Airbrushed, multicolor grub heads. Plated Eagle Claw hooks. 1/4 oz.
Hookup Light Tackle Series Jig Heads
$7.09 - $7.19
Designed to be used with all smaller natural baits-live, dead or cut. Made with premium forged duratin Mustad® hooks. 5 per pack.
GOT-CHA ® Grub Heads
$3.69 - $74.99
Several fish-catching chip-resistant colors. Great for grubs and worms. Corrosion-resistant plated Eagle Claw® hooks.
Ahi Squid Jigs
Ahi USA Weighted Squid Jig is an ideal jig when fishing for the larger squid in depths of 200ft or more. The body features a rich glow element that can be seen in even the lowest of light conditions and a 4oz lead body . The jig also comes equipped with an attachment ring on the bottom of the jig for adding weight or light attractants like the Promar GS-715 L.E.D. Stobe Lights.
GOT-CHA ® Deep Lead Heads
$4.19 - $5.59
Heavier bullet-style jig heads to get down deep. Chip-resistant finish and a heavy-duty Mustad® saltwater hook. Ideal for our 6" and 8" curltail grubs and 6" double tail shrimp.
Mustad Elite Inshore Darter Jighead
$4.59 - $5.19
All hooks feature UltraPoint 4.3 technology which makes the hook so sharp and more durable than any other. Forged, Opti-Angle, Forged, Ringed, In Chartreuse, Pearl, Plain, Red, Black Nickel Finish.
Mustad Elite Yellowtail Jig Head
$5.19 - $5.59
All hooks feature UltraPoint 4.3 technology which makes the hook so sharp and more durable than any other. Forged, Opti-Angle, Forged, Ringed, In Chartreuse, Pearl, Pink, Duratin Finish.
Bass Assassin Jigheads
Features top of the line Mustad Needlepoint Wide Gap hooks. The lifelike head gives the illusion of a bait fish. Used for saltwater or freshwater.
Strike King Redfish Magic Spinnerbait
Strike King® Redfish Magic's Glass Minnow softbait is made from a revolutionary new tear resistant material that is soft, flexible and extremely durable which produces more action and enables you to catch more saltwater fish than with traditional soft plastic lures. The Redfish Magic's Saltwater Flats Jig Head has chip resistant paint and 3D eyes. The heavy gauge gold plated stainless steel R bend wire give the Redfish Magic the durability it needs to land the "big red" of your dreams!
Sea Striker Bugeye Jigs
$4.19 - $11.49
A chip resistant head features two large bulging eyes. Nylon hair is accented with iridescent mylar for additional flash. Thread is coated with epoxy for durability. Made with an extra sharp nickel black hook. Great on cobia, stripers and other gamefish.
Hookup Syntail Cobia Jigs
Hookup® Lures SynTail Series are made with premium Mustad® duratin hooks for superior strength and a synthetic skirt for increased durability. 1 pack. All are 2 ounces in weight and are equipped with an 8/0 Duratin hook.
Mister Twister Exude Jigheads
Finally there is a saltwater jighead that works perfectly with Exude® lures. Feature a strong stainless steel hook for maximum corrosion resistance. In addition, three "ribs" hold your lure securely in place under almost any fishing condition. Each size is engineered with an enhanced swimming action, and all feature a large prism eye for maximum attraction.
Hookup Xl Series Jig Heads
$7.49 - $7.69
Ideal for both artificial and natural bait presentations. Made with Mustad® Ultra Point Black Nickel Wide Gap hooks.
GOT-CHA ® Trout Heads
$6.69 - $7.09
The perfect head for our soft plastic shrimp tails. Features chip-resistant paint and a saltwater hook. 10 Pack.
Sea Striker Double Bucktail Rigs
$6.19 - $6.49
Natural bucktail jigs tied in tandem on 30 lb. monofilament. Front bean-style jig comes in several sizes. The trailer jigs are all 1/8 oz. All have saltwater hooks. Individually packaged.
Sea Striker Bucktail Teaser
$3.69 - $4.49
Natural bucktail tied on a brass eyelet. Can be slipped over the leader and used as an extra fish attractor.
Blue Water Candy 23725 1/16oz.
1/16oz. Cross-Eyed Ball Jig Head 25 Pack Unpainted
Hookup Big Jig Series Jig Heads
Designed for use in heavy current and or deep water. All models use Mustad® duratin hooks and are designed for use with most any natural bait, live, dead or cut. Can also be used with large soft plastics.
Wahoo Pompano Bucktail Jig
Hand tied nylon. Epoxy coated thread. Heavy duty forged saltwater hook.
Dons Jigs Glass Minnow Jigs
Diversified jigs, they are used everywhere for every species.
Hookup (St-X) Pompano Jigs
Hookup Lures ST-X Series were designed in cooperation with Capt.'s Rick Murphy and Geoff Page and are made with premium Mustad (r) stainless steel hooks and synthetic nylon skirt for maximum durability.
BayCoast Hyper Striper Hd
$4.09 - $4.69
The Hyper Striper HD is a beefed up and dressed-for-saltwater version of the popular hores-head jig with spinner blade that has been a mainstay in tackleboxes for over two decades. Features include 3D eyes, Mustad Ultra Point black nickel hook and a hand-tied style, two-tone bucktail skirt with flashabou fibers. The nickel turtleback blade turns on a quality stainless steel barrel swivel.
Bagley Jighead
Choose from a variety of sizes and colors
Eagle Claw Trokar Pro-V Bend Bucktail Jig
$7.19 - $8.99
Eagle Claw's® Trokar® Pro-V Bend Bucktail Saltwater Jig Assortment Kit will add a little diversity to your tackle box. The white tails and 90-degree flat eye provide a presentation that is too tempting for hungry predators to pass up. Each jig in the three pack comes in a different weight. The hook features a surgically sharpened point that is sure to secure your catch.
Wahoo Bonefish Bucktail Jig
Special flat head. Hand-tied bucktail w/accent flash. Twin mono weedguard. Holographic eyes. Epoxy coated thread. Heavy duty forged saltwater hooks.
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