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SW Lures-Fast Troll

Zuker 6
Down deep where it counts, the Zuker "broom" is a beautiful lure. It catches fish. The lure proved it's worth, many times over several seasons, so I'm now stocking them in good supply, and expanding the color selection. The ZG presents a different look and feel to a fish, there may be a different sonic characteristic as well. For some strange reason, this lure was among the most productive trolling lures for albacore tuna the past several seasons.
Zuker Tuna/Wahoo Series
A straight running lure designed for high speed trolling (up to 15 knots for larger game fish).
Yo-Zuri Bonita Lure
$35.99 - $47.99
The Yo-Zuri Bonita Lures are designed to be fished behind a trolling lead or straight off the rod tip. These lures are deadly on Wahoo and Tuna species. These lures are trolling lures that can be pulled from 6-15 knots and features a tight swimming action. These lures also feature Yo-Zuri's patented color change technology on the top of the bait and a smooth scale pattern on the sides.
Williamson Soft Sailfish Catcher
Based on the popular Sailfish Catcher this updated model uses a soft, concave pusher head that reduces feel when mouthed by fi sh. Skirts feature added tinsel and fl ash. Has a large rear cavity for easy rigging of a ballyhoo. Soft Head Features Holographic 3D Eye with Holographic Glitter. Premium PVC, Flashabou Skirt. Pre-rigged with VMC® 8/0 Hook and 5 Feet 130 lb. (1.5m/ 58kg) Sufi x® Leader. Troll up to 7 Knot.
Williamson Soft Dorado Catcher
Upgraded design of the popular Dorado Catcher, the Soft Dorado Catcher uses a flat pusher head that is soft to reduce feel when mouthed by fi sh. Skirts feature added tinsel and fl ash. Large rear cavity for easy ballyhoo rigging. Soft Head Features Holographic 3D Eye with Holographic Glitter. Premium PVC, Flashabou Skirt. Pre-rigged with VMC® 8/0 Hook and 5 Feet 130 lb. (1.5m/ 58kg) Sufi x® Leader. Troll up to 7 Knots.
Williamson Ballyhoo Combo
$21.99 - $22.99
This classic setup comes pre-rigged on a 130lb mono leader with 9/0 hooks and ready to add extra commotion to your spread. Scoop head Sailfish Catcher adds the attraction of smoke and bubble trail to Ballyhoo, an irresistible combination for Dorado, Tuna, Yellowfin, Sailfish and smaller Billfish. The lures are 10 1/2" in length.
Boone Rigged All Eye
All Eye? is an all purpose lure that can be rigged with ballyhoo, cigar minnow, strip bait or used with live bait. The perfect lure for improving natural bait action and adding color to your lure spread.
Boone Tuna Treat
Great tuna, dolphin, wahoo, sailfish, and yellowtail lure. It is rigged with a Mustad 6/0 double hook and 100 lb. mono leader.
Boone Rigged Mahi Jet
The Boone Mahi Jet produces a fish attracting rattling sound and highly visible bubble trail that causes striking fish to charge the bait. Mahi-Jet can be fished plain or with cigar minnows, ballyhoo or strip bait. 6-1/2" in length.
Boone Feather Trolling Jigs
$6.79 - $9.69
The Feather Trolling Jig is killer on dolphin, tuna, wahoo, sailfish and yellowtail. The 6" is rigged with a double hook and 125 lb. mono.
C&H Wahoo Wacker
The 11 1/2" Wahoo Wacker, with its missile-shaped lead head, leaves a minimum bubble trail. This shape allows it to run deeper in the water and can be trolled at any speed. Works great on the downrigger.
No Image
Take your ballyhoo or dead bait to the next level with the all-new "Mini Soft Heads." These high quality, durable, high contrast miniature lures add just enough pop and color to your ballyhoo rig (circle or J-hook) to give you the edge and get noticed. Works great as a short chaser bait behind a daisy chain as well.
Fathom Mo-Head Chugger
$44.99 - $47.99
This rapidly expanding head shape has an aggressive wobble and shake that simply can't be beat. Looking for a new go to lure for bill fish and gaffer dolphin, tie on a Medium Mo' Head and watch this turbulent lure stir up some commotion.
Zuker 6
Having proven themselves time-and-time-again as effective trolling lures for all species of tuna, these baits should have a place in your pattern.
C&H Tuna Tango
$10.99 - $15.99
Designed to run straight and deep. With weighted head, the Tuna Tango is ideal for use in rough sea conditions and higher speeds.
Yo-Zuri High Speed Vibe
This lure is ideal for being trolled up to fifteen-knots, jigged, and casted in open water. This lure features a power body making it more durable than most trolling lures on the market. This lure is designed with strong solid material and through wire technology, connecting each hook to a welded wire shaft that extends throughout the body of the lure. It features Yo-Zuri's color change technology. It can be fished at any range of depth. It's ideally matched for inshore and offshore baitfish of the atlantic and pacific coasts. This lure is a must for your big game fishing arsenal.
Williamson Big Game Catcher
This heavy-duty 8" trolling jig features a concave pusher head face that works an erratic swimming action to elicits savage strikes. Whether you rig it with ballyhoo, strip bait or "naked" this is an all-around lure good for billfish and large gamefish species anywhere in the world.
Williamson Live Ballyhoo
The versatile Ballyhoo lure has a unique nose construction and two nose rigging options. Pro-rigged baits come pre-rigged with a circle hook and 6' of 100 lb. line. J-rigged baits come pre-rigged with a VMC saltwater hook and 6 feet of 100 lb. line. This fast-trolling soft plastic lure is so realistic in color and action that you will never want to use live bait again. Troll from 2 to 8 knots for life-like swimming action that catches all salt predator species. Measures 9 1/2" in length.
Billy Baits Double Cavitator
Designed for smoke or turbulence trails when trolled 2 to 20 knots and used with or without bait.1/3 the size of the Super Magnum and is also precision machined to exacting tolerances and includes Billy's special 360° turbulence ring.
Fathom Prerigged Torpedo Lantern
These bad boys tip the scales at a full pound of Wahoo destroying brass and lead. The all new Torpedo Lantern is a cost effective wahoo lure pre-rigged on 480# stainless cable. Built with two 3oz egg sinkers discreetly hidden within two skirts that cover the fully stainless 8/0 stainless stiff rigged double hook set. The brass head is anodized in several proven effective colors with complimenting hair and mylar combinations.
Fathom Rigged Squeeder
Fathom Offshore Rigged Squeeder Trolling Lures are 11 inches and feature a 8/0 hook size with a 13 oz. lure weight.
Fathom El Nino Loco
With the name "The Crazy Child" understandably this little guy was designed for those calm days when you need to spice things up a bit, the El Nino Loco rumbles and pops throwing a long tubular bubble trail. When trying to put Mahi on the menu, be sure to put Crazy Child in the spread.
Fathom Same Ole Roll
$43.99 - $44.99
A classic fish magnet that leaves a smoke trail long in its wake. The Same Ole Roll is proven irresistible to all species of meatfish along with your smaller billfish. The flat head forces a beautiful 6-8 second methodic chug. Comes in two sizes, light and Medium Tackle.
Boone Chrome Jets With Foil
Boone Chrome Jets? are a great Dolphin, Tuna, Wahoo, and Albacore lure. Their soft life like skirt combined with the flash of mylar makes gamefish want to strike the lure again and again.
Blue Water Candy Jag-A-Hoo
$33.99 - $64.99
One of the latest innovations from Blue Water Candy, the Jag-A-Hoo is possibly one of the most versatile offshore lures to hit the shelf. Based on the principle of a "Wahoo Bomb", the Jag-A-Hoo combines a trimmed down, compact version of Blue Water Candy's most popular wahoo lures (JAG), and a large, gold spinner blade. Rigged on 275 lb. cable with an 9/0 Mustad® hook and terminated with a 900 lb. solid ring. The Jag-A-Hoo is effective trolled both at slower and high speeds, from 5-12 knots. It also excels as a casting bait. The lure is held in place with a fixed crimp to ensure it does not slide up the leader, providing a perfect presentation each cast. Throw Jag-A-Hoo to the horizon, let her sink, and crank like mad you better be holding on!
Boone Rigged Hoo Lili
The Boone Hoo Lili has a concave head that produces a fish attracting bubble trail when trolled at 5 to 10 knots. Rig plain or with natural bait. Great lure for Marlin when combined with horse ballyhoo. Deadly on sailfish, dolphin, tuna and marlin. 7" in length.
Fathom Calico Jack
Long regarded as one of the most productive head shapes ever designed. The Calico Jack Slant features a tapered nose design creating an explosive and sizzling swimming action that make it an ideal lure for all types of offshore pelagics. Features Fathom's Tru-balance technology.
Fathom Double O'
$43.99 - $47.99
A simple but deadly straight running bullet design. The Double O' is excellent on Tuna, Dolphin, and Wahoo. This streamlined low drag head with balanced cone shaped insert really settles into its comfort zone at fast speeds even in excess of 18knts.
Boone Rigged Turbo Hammer
Produces a visible, fish-attracting smoke trail that causes striking fish to nail the bait. Fish by itself or with cigar minnows, ballyhoo, or strip bait. Pre-rigged with 5' of 130-lb. mono and a 6/0 Mustad hook. Best trolled at 2-10 knots.
Boone Sea Minnow
We made a master mold from the frozen anchovy duplicating every detail of the fish. Then on to our paint shop to be decorated and cast into either a bullet or slant-head shape. 2 ounces. 6". Rigged. Slant head.
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