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SW Lures-Witches, Bugs

Sea Striker Ballyhoo Dusters
The perfect dressing for your ballyhoo bait. Tough pearlescent tinsel flows over the ballyhoo for extra attraction. This reverse troll duster is 4" long in the fishing position.
Sea Striker Ballyhoo Lures
$4.39 - $43.90
Nylon trolling lures designed to work effectively with ballyhoo rigs or natural strip baits. Made with smooth nylon in nine color combinations. Available in 1/8 oz or 3/8 oz head sizes.
Sea Striker Chute Rigs
$6.79 - $7.99
Great for Stripers. 8" nylon hair trolls in reverse. Swing hook is ideal to add 6 and 9 shad bodies. Available in 2, 4, and 6 oz*
Sea Striker Tinsel Dusters
Tinsel Dusters are made of a soft pearlescent tinsel. While each lure has a primary color, the change of light reflects a multitude of secondary colors. Excellent dressing for the live bait king mackerel fisherman. Tied on a 1/8 ounce fluorescent red head.
Sea Striker Ultra Mylar Dusters
The ultra flexible mylar strands intensifies the fish catching action. Tied on a 1/8 ounce fluorescent red head.
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The famous No-Alibi Trolling Feathers, introduced in 1926, are a must to millions of saltwater anglers using them plain or rigged with natural baits. A variety of sizes ensures that all trolling needs can be met.... from 2 knots to 20 knots and from surface to downriggers. Lures comes rigged with 100# mono and a 3407 7/0 mustad hook.
C&H King Buster?
$5.69 - $6.19
The C&H King Buster is a deadly, money-making weapon for tournament king fishermen. Used with a strip rig, cigar minnow, ballyhoo or rigged in front of live bait, the King Buster will improve action, adds color and increases strikes. Durable vinyl skirt material. Troll between 2 and 6 knots. 3 per pack.
C&H Pearl Baby
$1.99 - $3.89
C & H Pearl Baby is great on all striking fish. Available in tinsel and super pearl.
C&H Seawitch®
$3.29 - $5.49
The SeaWitch® is at its best when combined with natural baits such as ballyhoo, cigar minnows or strip baits. Nylon skirts are available in solids and stripes.
C&H The Bling Series
Works great on gamefish like tuna, wahoo and dolphin. Ideal use trolling in front of the C&H Sand Eel. 3 pack.
Boone Ballyhoo Rigs
Tournament grade Ballyhoo Rigs are ready to fish. Uncoil and insert the hook through the gill area and out of the belly. Be sure to break the back of the bait and place a small cut along the hook area to allow the bait to swim in a natural position. 3 per pack.
Boone Duster
Gives you an extra edge and improves your chances of winning big. Use it with live cigar minnows, Menhaden or dead bait.
Boone Duster Rigs
Our Tournament Grade Ribbon Rigs are ready to fish. Uncoil and insert the hook through the lip area of the Ribbonfish. Next, pin the treble hooks along the length of the body. Be sure that the Ribbonfish is being pulled by the first hook.
Boone Pearl Duster
$3.79 - $4.89
Made with a bright chrome plated head and iridescent flowing skirt. Designed to be used with dead or live bait. Adds flash and flutter to your natural bait. 2 PACK.
Blue Water Candy 6 Arm Dredge
$29.99 - $299.99
32" 6-arm frame with 31 light weight dredge skirts rigged on 150# mono, mimics a bait ball to attract fish up from the deep into the spread.
Blue Water Candy 73203 Spanish
Spanish Buster Pink, Pink Spanish Daisy Rigged on a Pink Spanish Bird
Blue Water Candy 73205 Spanish
Spanish Buster, Silver Spanish Daisy Rigged on a Pink Spanish Bird
Blue Water Candy Ballyhoo Rig
$5.79 - $17.49
7/0 Hooks with our 1/2 ounce hair and mylar witches in various colors with a nose spring, chin weight & 100 lb. mono. 8/0 Hooks with our 1 ounce hair and mylar witches in various colors with a nose spring, chin weight & either 130 lb. mono or #9 wire. 7/0 or 8/0 Hooks naked on wire or mono with a nose spring and chin weight. Line end of the leader is unterminated to allow you to add your choice of skirt, extra sleeve is included. 7/0 or 8/0 hooks naked on 90 lb. Fluorocarbon leader with a nose spring and chin weight.
Blue Water Candy Bling Skirt
$4.39 - $52.68
With reversing fine cut pearlescent material. Great for dredges and spreader bars, as well as nose baits.
Blue Water Candy Daisy Chain
You are sure to tease tuna, billfish and dolphin into your spread with these squid chains. They feature five octopus skirts professionally rigged on mono with tandem Mustad hooks and mylar inserts in the chaser. 6" squids are on 130# test mono and 8/0 hooks.
Blue Water Candy Double Shot Jig Rigs
Can be used casting or trolling.Skirted sparkle jig with a silver octopus skirt ahead of it. Rigged on 30# mono with a short shot of 30# wire with gold hooks. 1oz. 24".
Blue Water Candy Featherweight Skirts
Ultralight plastic heads. Reversing pearlescent and holographic 4" soft mylar material. Awesome live bait skirts or anytime no weight is best. Packed as twin packs.
Blue Water Candy Gaffer Candy
Gaffer Candy skirts are a 1/2 ounce skirt combination of hair and mylar over an octopus skirt. In the Cape Hatteras to Morehead City area these have long been known to local captains as "lanterns". We named them for what they catch best, gaffer dolphin! They work well on tuna too.
Blue Water Candy Hair & Mylar Skirt
Hand tied reversing skirts on a lead head. Great for tuna, dolphin, wahoo, kingfish and billfish.
Blue Water Candy Hot Shots
Ultralight plastic head with 4" silicone skirts and overlay of pearl flashabou. Twin Pack.
Blue Water Candy Jag Wahoo Rig
Known as a deadly off shore fish attractor, these premium skirts are the "go to" lure of many charter captains as well as anglers all over the east coast. The JAG has a 3-1/4 ounce powder coated bullet shaped head with large eyes and a skirt made from hair and bling, made of a fine pearlescent fiber. These skirts have proven results catching monster wahoo, blue fin tuna and other big game predators. They are heavy enough to run deep for added vertical spread and are about 9-inches in total length.
Blue Water Candy Jags
$15.99 - $33.99
Vivid bullet shaped head tied with the finest combinations of nylon hair and "bling". Heavy enough to run deeper for added vertical spread. Incredible fish attracting qualities. Especially effective for large Tuna and Wahoo. Rigged Jags features 9/0 needle eye hook on #9 wire. Great for large wahoo.
Blue Water Candy Pink/Blu
Hand tied reversing skirts on a lead head. Great for tuna, dolphin, wahoo, kingfish and billfish.
Blue Water Candy Private Stock
The latest in our ultralight family of skirts. Brilliant 4" mirage mylar on your choice of plastic head color gives off tremendous fish attracting color. Great for kingfish,dolphin and often used in billfish tournaments with circle hooks.
Blue Water Candy Ribbon Fish/Dredge Skirt
Wide cut 6½" pearlescent bling on lightweight heads. Great for dredges and ahead of ribbonfish.
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