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SW Plugs-Lipless Swimming

Sebile Stick Shadd
$7.99 - $11.49
The silhouette of the Sebile Stick Shadd is designed in the image of primary forage fish of the lakes and bays; the Stick Shadd is a winner in fresh or salt water. The distinctive design of these lures, with their understated keel on its belly, creates an erratic, unforeseen behavior with furious movement. The beauty of these lures is that they dart, jerk and walk, operating in accordance to the particular model and its designed depth. The Stick Shadd reacts to each twitch of the rod tip; work the lure with a little slack to magnify the effects even more.
Vudu Mullet 3.5 Inch
$6.99 - $8.59
The New Vudu Mullet is the perfect imitation of a small finger mullet. Great for trout, reds, snook, and other inland species. Rigged with a VMC Saltwater 4.0 hook and choose from an internal 1/4 oz weight or 1/2 oz for great casting distance. The Vudu Mullet is a medium sink lure and best with a medium retrieve. A stop n go retrieve is very effective. Crank a few times then let it fall for a second, then crank it again. Can be burned along the surface also.
Paul Brown Fat Boy
Features a wide bodied profile and suspending action that is deadly on trout and redfish. Fat boy is weighted for long cast and fetures a special vacuumed rattle which completes its effectiveness.
Mirrolure C-Eye Pro Series Suspending Twitchbait
The MirrOdine® C-Eye Pro series features natural clear 3-D eyes, contemporary fish-catching finishes and premium black nickel hooks. Just like all of the other MirrOdines®, the C17MR has that bright, reflective, luminescent insert that attracts fish. With a twitching retrieve, this shallow runner darts from side-to-side, mimicking a wounded baitfish. Trout, Redfish, Snook, Striped Bass and Tarpon find the C-Eye MirrOdine® to be irresistible. With the new black hooks, don't be shy about trying these lures on your favorite freshwater river or lake. Bass will bust them for sure. Fish one of the New C-Eye series MirrOdines® and catch a fish of a lifetime.
Bill Lewis School Bus
Constructed out of polycarbonate with an internal stainless wire harness to give it more strength and durability.
Mirrolure Tiny Trout Rattler
Combines a natural baitfish scale pattern with a highly reflective holographic foil for unmatched realism and effectiveness. Features sonic fIash calling rattles, 3-D fiery red eyes, and MirrOred hooks which trigger aggressive strikes from Trout, Redfish, Snook, Striper, and Tarpon.
Mirrolure Lil John Scented Twitchbait
Don't let this unusual shape fool you! Lil John? is tournament proven and remains a "secret weapon" for many tournament professionals and guides. Lil John? is infused with a special shrimp scent which allows fishermen to catch more trophy fish. Lil John's? special tube-shape body allows for great action and unmatched casting distance. The incomparable durability of this bait makes it the ultimate soft bait. Excellent for Trout, Redfish and Flounder. 3 3/4" in length
Halco Trembler 70XS
The smallest lure of the Trembler range, the Trembler 70XS can be jigged cast or trolled. Troll the lure at 1 6 knots for small predatory species, The rattles make the lure noisy and the action is tight and fast. Jig it at varying depths, but usually near the ocean or river bottom is best. Again, check your jigging action with your lure at the surface then drop it down and let it get results. Often a finer jigging action is more effective.
Sebile grzurn
$11.49 - $17.49
Mirrolure Mirrodine
Suspending Twitchbait. Scaled sardines. Shad! MirrOdine? features a wide body profile and realistic baitfish pattern which produces violent strikes. Luminescent inset, "fish calling" rattles and natural 3-D eyes to enhance its realism. With a twitching retrieve this shallow runner darts from side to side mimicking a wounded baitfish. Trout, Redfish, snook, striper and tarpon find it irresistible.
Mirrolure 4M Series
When the game fish are feeding on Glass Minnows or other small fry, the 4M is ideal for the ultralight enthusiasts. The 38MR resembles a 3" baitfish and is also an ultralight tackle lure.
Mirrolure Spotted Trout Series
Spotted trout and red drum can't resist these tempting offerings. Resembles a spotted trout fingerling.
Mirrolure Classic Series 52M
As attractive as live bait, these twitchbaits are irresistible to many types of saltwater game fish.
Mirrolure Mirroglass Suspending Twitchbait
MirrOglass? and MirrOminnow® Suspending Twitchbait Designed to mimic a Glass Minnow or Rain Minnow, a favorite natural baitfish for cruising coastal predators. Their reflective, transparent, luminescent insert and slender body shape are unmatched in realism.
Mirrolure Mirrodine Mini
Mirrodine Mini is the perfect size when trout, redfish, tarpon, striped bass and snook are feeding on smaller size baitfish. With a twitching retrieve, MirrOdine Mini will dart form side to side, m mimicking a wounded shad or scaled sardine. All features a bright, reflective luminescent insert "fish calling rattle and natural 3-d eyes to enhance their realism, plus extra strong hooks.
Mirrolure Heavy Dine
Features bright, reflective, luminescent inserts, "fish calling" rattles and natural 3-D eyes to enhance their realism, plus extra strong hooks. With a twitching retrieve, these baits dart from side-to-side, mimicking a wounded baitfish. Trout, Redfish, Snook, Striped Bass and Tarpon find the MirrOdines® to be irresistible.
Mirrolure Mirrodine XL
MirrOlure has just taken their best selling bait over the past two years and super-sized it. The popular wht bait imitator can now double as a sardine or threadfin, due to its longer, wider body. The MirrOdine XL is available in 16 colors.
Paul Brown Original
Features a soft bodied mullet profile and is scientifically weighted with the use of an internal wire harness and added fishing calling rattle.
Bill Lewis Saltwater Mag-Trap?
$8.49 - $8.79
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware, is great for close offshore and deeper inland bays. Catch kings, redfish, bluefish, barracuda, dolphin, and many other species of saltwater fish.
Mirrolure Mirromullet?
Mirromullet closely resembles a juvenile finger mullet, a favorite for all coastal predators. This surface walker features a wounded mullet action and subtle presentation which is ideal for fishing the calm shallows. Features a luminescence insert for increased flash, 3D eyes and natural mullet profile.
Mirrolure Series III?
A "coastal classic" witha sink rate of a foor per second. Great lure for fishing the beaches, deep grass flats or channels. Precise weight distribution and body design creates life-like action for terrific results.
Mirrolure Mirromullet?
MirrOmullet® and MirrOmullet® XL closely resembles a juvenile finger mullet, a favorite forage for all coastal predators. These surface walkers feature a wounded mullet action and subtle presentation which is ideal for fishing the calm shallows. MirrOmullet® series features a luminescent insert for increased flash, 3-D eyes and natural mullet profile.
Halco Max
$13.99 - $27.00
This cutting edge bibles minnow can do the lot, be it jigging, casting or trolling. Max has a highly streamlined design that gives the 80 gram winner unbeatable casting ability, while allowing trolling speeds up to 12 knots with minimal trolling resistance. The slender tail section is designed for maximum hook exposure on the strike. Max represents the lure of the future. It goes without saying that Max incorporates Halco's legendary toughness and durability that keep Halco ahead of the rest.
Halco Roosta Popper
$8.75 - $27.99
The Halco Roosta is on the cutting edge of modern popper design, with significant new innovations that improve the action and stability of this spectacular surface lure. The head design which is wide at the top transfers to a widened tail end. This unique design creates a popper that is ideal for a straight fast retrieve or a stop and start bloop with exceptional splash. The design minimises cartwheeling and the rattle ensures significant noise coupled with the water spraying action.
Bill Lewis Mag-Trap
$8.49 - $8.79
Features 30 rattlers that create vibration and sound that can be heard and felt in over 40 feet of water. Tougher hardware makes this lure ideal for larger species of game fish. Saltwater Mag-Traps: Corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware, is great for close offshore and deeper inland bays. Catch kings, redfish, bluefish, barracuda, dolphin, and many other species of saltwater fish.
Halco Giant Trembler
$17.99 - $21.99
The GT is one of the most rugged, robust lures of its type in the world. The noise of the rattles and the tight fast action, make for an awesome trolling lure for pelagic species. Troll at 3 - 15 knots, although 7 - 9 knots is optimum for Tuna and Mackerel. Use this lure to troll your favourite spots or use it as a searching lure and cover vast tracts of ocean - quickly. To obtain maximum speed the towing point may require tuning. If at high speed the lure track a little to the right (when looking at the lure), retrieve the lure and use pliers to bend the towing point to the left, not more than 0.25mm at a time. As with tuning all fixed towing point lures - the rule is bend the towing point in the direction you want it to swim.
Mirrolure Series III?
A replica of a trout fingerling which Trout, Redfish, Snook, Striper and Tarpon find irresistible. STTR has a greater sink rate than S52MR, which allows it to dive deeper. It can be cast or trolled.
Mirrolure Mirrominnow?
This new "Suspending Twitchbait" lure was designed to mimic a glass minnow or rain minnow. Features new prism foil which creates a brilliant flash and natural baitfish profile for unmatched realism. Ideal for snook, striper, trout, red drum and many more. Dives 0-18".
Paul Brown Devil
Features a unique body shape with a ling rat tail which provides terrific action and more strikes. The Devil's built in wire harness, vacuumed rattle and single treble hook makes this lure extremely effective on coastal flats.
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