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Jackson Cardinal Stonefly - Black
The Black Stonefly pattern is particularly popular during early spring hatches.
Jackson Cardinal Eyed Hornberg
The Hornberg is a kind of multi-use fly that can be fished as a dry fly and a streamer.
Pacific Fly Company Wiggletail Olive
An olive nymph with an attractive tail.
Jackson Cardinal Renegade - Double
The Renegade is a timeless fly still popular on lakes and rivers. Available in a variety of sizes, it is most used to imitate midges and clusters.
Jackson Cardinal Helgramite
The Helgramite lives up to its name, as it mimics dobsonfly larvae, which are commonly referred to as hellgrammite.
Jackson Cardinal Egg Sucking Leech
The Egg Sucking leech is a good alternative streamer to the more famous Wooly Bugger. Its bright head tends to be particularly attractive in murky and muddy waters along lakes and rivers.
Jackson Cardinal Royal Coachman - Streamer
A streamer version of the classic Royal Coachman pattern.