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Pacific Fly Company Wiggletail - Hare's Ear
A variation of the classic Hare's Ear nymph with an attractive tail.
Jackson Cardinal Elk Hair Caddis
The Elk-Hair Caddis is an immensely popular fly, used to imitate a caddis fly, Caddis flies are among the most popular across the entire United States, and this dry-pattern is easily one of the most easily recognized due to its success across many regions.
Jackson Cardinal Bivisible
The bivisible is a classic trout fly that finds its use throughout the fly-fishing community.
Jackson Cardinal Adams Female
This female version of the popular Adams fly is distinct in appearance by a strip of yellow to imitate the presence of an egg sack.
Jackson Cardinal Parachute Adams
Easily one of the most popular flies in the world, the Parachute Adams is often argued as to be one of the best all-around trout flies. It is used by fly fisherman from every corner of the trout fishing community, beginners and experts alike.
Pacific Fly Company Brassie
The Brassie is a versatile nymph pattern fly imitating midges and well-known to sink very effectively.
Pacific Fly Company Carey Special
The Carey Special is a particularly effective attractor fly, and is very capable of imitating a variety of nymph flies.