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Game Feeder Accessories

American Hunter Economy Solar Chargers
$27.99 - $39.99
Great for keeping batteries charged in deer feeders, camping lanterns and flashlights. Constant trickle charges your feeder batteries. Will not overcharge. Includes convenient mounting brackets. Alligator clips attach directly to any spring top or F tab battery.
American Hunter 6V Solar Charger for R-KIT & RD-KIT
Converts sunlight into electric power for charging 6 volt rechargeable batteries. Weatherproof, rust proof and corrosive resistant. For R-Kits, RD-Kits and Pro Series Kits.
American Hunter 6/12V Battery Charger
Using a switch, you select 6 volt or 12 Volt charge. Output is 500 ma DC. This charger will charge most 6 and 12 volt rechargeable feeder batteries.
American Hunter Rechargeable Batteries
$12.49 - $29.99
Rechargeable batteries for decoys, alarms, game feeders, flashlights and more.
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