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Game Mount Kits & Accessories

Allen Antler Mounting Kit
Allen's Antler Mounting Kit is a sturdy plaque with a wood grain laminated finish and an engravable plate. Includes a skull cover that can be formed to most horn configurations.
Allen Turkey Tail Mounting Kit
The Turkey Tail Mounting Kit from Allen has a wood grain look and a brass plated cover to highlight your trophy.
Allen Heirloom Mounting Plaque
Save money and mount your own rackwith Allen's Heirloom Mounting Plaque. This do-it-yourself kit has a professional look, and it includes the plaque, an engravable brass plate, and two skull covers: one in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo and one in black so you can create the perfect look to go with your room. Works for whitetail, mule deer, or pronghorn. Perfect for memorable racks, like your first shot with a bow and arrow, or your child's first buck. Laminated wood plaque with black edging. Hardware included.
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