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Game Seed Feed & Nutrition

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Trophy Clover Mix is Antler Kings hardiest and longest lasting perennial mix. Trophy Clover Mix is a mixture of 4 perennial varieties of clover, a unique variety of chicory, and a variety of rape seed. Trophy Clover Mix can be planted in the spring or fall and provide the deer a 30%+ protein diet during the spring, summer and fall.
Wildgame Innovations Apple Crush
$16.49 - $19.99
Available in a MIx, juice and block.
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Our Spread & Sprout Seed is easy-to-establish in a variety of conditions and fast-growing, so you get a thick plot that attracts bucks fast and keep them coming back. It's a hearty mix of quality Grains, Clovers, Brassicas, and Grass proven to attract deer to a wide menu of the foods they crave. It's designed for low-till planting, so only minimal ground prep with seed to soil contact is required to ensure optimal growth per square foot. Use Spread & Sprout as part of your Take Out? Seed & Feed System to implement a simple, proven, and effective plan in your area. Find out more at 5 Lb Bag.
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It's pure, quality seed so you provide deer with a more attractive plot of highly digestible nutrients. We specifically selected these species of clovers to give you fast germination and dense growth in a wider variety of conditions and regions. It's designed for low-till planting, so only minimal ground prep with seed to soil contact is required to ensure optimal growth per square foot. Use the Clover Mix as part of your Take Out? Seed & Feed System to implement a simple, proven, and effective plan in your area. Find out more at 5 Lb Bag.
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Our Brassica Mix gives you a fast-growing plot that keep deer coming back throughout the hunting season. This quality mix of Turnips, Canola, and Rape provides deer foods they crave with early-season protein, mid-season sugars, and late-season nutrients. It's designed for low-till planting, so only minimal ground prep with seed to soil contact is required to ensure optimal growth per square foot. Use the Brassica Mix as part of your Take Out? Seed & Feed System to implement a simple, proven, and effective plan in your area. Find out more at 5 Lb Bag.
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The Take Out? Apple Protein Block gives hunters the ultimate in convenience with a proven, easy-to-use, and long-lasting block attractant. The apple aroma is an instant, long range draw for all deer in every season and condition. Bucks move in fast and keep coming back to feed on premium ingredients scientifically formulated to aid bone formation, antler growth, energy, and reproductive health. Use the Apple Protein Block as part of your Take Out? Seed & Feed System to implement a simple, proven, and effective plan in your area. Find out more at 20 lb Block.
Evolved Deer Co-Cain Liquid?
The original Deer co-Cain formulated into a concentrated ready to use liquid mineral attractant that drives deer crazy. Designed to deliver an easy to apply option combined with the amazing results of our original powdered mix. Once you put it out, watch out.
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$12.49 - $18.99
Antler King's Apple Burst Deer Attractant is an intense apple flavored mineral designed to grow Bigger Bucks and Healthier Deer. This mineral fortified attractant offers the nutrients necessary to help bucks and does reach their genetic potential. The Apple Burst will not only attract deer to your property, but it will provide them with critical nutrients necessary for proper nutrition.
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Charge up your hunt with Tink's Boost 73 Power Station! The intense aroma of Boost 73 suspended by the included hanging strap attracts deer from their hiding spots, giving you your best shot, whether it's a trail camera location or hunt stand. With minerals for antler growth and enzymes supporting healthy digestion, tip the odds in your favor with a Boost 73 Power Station. 4.8 Lbs.
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Amped Deer Minerals Design To Attract And Hold Deer, Powder, 5lbs
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Wildgame Innovations' Persimmon Crush combines the strong fragrance and flavor of real persimmons with a super-high 16 percent fat content and carbohydrate blend to create a tasty and nutritional supplement that big bucks can't resist. It's a highly palatable and tasty treat that the bucks can't resist. It's also great for late season when native food is scarce!
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Don't give away your spot with an obvious attractant, you need something discreet to draw in and hold deer in a place only you know how to find. Vanish? entices deer to camera locations and hunting spots with the power of pitch-black persuasion. A proprietary formula years in the making, Vanish is a high-powered, long-range attractant that's as stealth as it is lethal.The powder is a highly palatable blend of protein, fat and complex carbohydrates that deer not only crave, but need for sustained overall health. Vanish delivers enhanced levels of security to hunters worried about camera theft and other forms of human intrusion. Its charcoal-gray formulation virtually disappears when deployed ensuring that big buck will find it, while uninvited guests won't.
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Antler King's No Sweat No Till Plot Mix is an excellent mix for minimum or no till plots such as logging roads, shady areas or where you cannot use equipment. No Sweat contains the ideal mix of perennial and annual seeds, which have been chosen because they are shade tolerant, pH tolerant, easy to establish, fast growing and deer love them.
Whitetail Institute 4-play
The Imperial Magnet Mix 4-Play Break-Away Block provides four licks in one! The block is convenient, economical and effective. Simply break the block along the score line and create four instant lick sites loaded with top quality minerals and vitamins needed for optimal antler growth and overall body health. The 4-Play Block provides up to 20% more product at the same price as other blocks.
Biologic Winter Pea
BioLogic's Winter Peas? blend is an additional fall planting of extremely attractive cool tolerant peas that establish quickly and provide lush attractive forage. Whitetails are strongly attracted to this planting and have been known to destroy these plots with browse pressure. This makes Winter Peas an excellent plot for bow season and early rifle season. Their attraction cannot be denied.
Biologic Lab Lab
A vigorous, twining legume specifically formulated for outstanding performance in food plots from spring well into autumn. It's resistant to insects and disease, grows well even in rough or acidic soil, proves resilient under heavy browsing and produces an incredible amount of forage, plants often grow two to three feet in height. deer are strongly attracted to LABLAB's large, succulent leaves, an excellent source of protein and phosphorus for antler growth and development. Landowners and managers appreciate how vigorously it grows. a favorite blend for those who manage their plot year-round for optimal deer herd health and maximum antler production.
Evolved Pro-graze
Blend of forage Brassicas, Chicory & Deer-proven Clovers to provide Deer with perennial forage and fall attractant.
Evolved Plot Additives
The Plot Mixers family of premium food plot additives allows you to customize your favorite food plot blend to add extra nutrition and increase palatability for your deer herd. Plot Mixers are available in three unique forage plant varieties including forage Radish, perennial Chicory and the hybrid T-Raptor forage rape and turnip cross. Each variety has been carefully chosen to enhance any food plot mix by adding one bottle of seeds to 2 - 10 pounds of your favorite food plot blend.
Evolved Shot-plot Forage Attractant
A premium mixture of Forage Brassicas that were developed to supplement & attract your deer herd. Forage brassicas are among the most palatable and nutritious annual forage that can be planted for deer. Shot Plot provides forage quickly by growing over 24" tall in about 45 days and once the Brassicas are mature, deer will begin to devour them as well as the forage plants surge with growth to replace the devoured leaves. 2.5 lbs. plants 1/2 acre.
BIG&J Long Range Attractant
$14.49 - $37.99
BIG&J attractants feature a powerful and intense "Get Noticed" aroma that draws deer from far and wide. It all started with BB2 and a proprietary refining process that resulted in an aroma that even humans can smell from afar. No artificial ingredients or flavors have been added, and deer come back for more because of the nutrient- and protein-rich formula. BIG&J continues its success with a full line of attractants that will draw deer from farther away to your property, stand or camera.
Whitetail Institute Arrest Max Food Plot Grass Herbicide
Grasses and weeds can crowd out your carefully planted perennial food plots. Using the right herbicide can help ensure that your food plots perform their best and last much longer. Arrest max is a selective grass herbicide that will control most grasses, without harming clover, alfalfa, chicory or any Whitetail Institute perennial food plot. Adding Surefire Crop oil plus to the spray tank can increase effectiveness of Arrest max on perennial or mature grasses. Arrest max is rain fast in one hour. 1 acre.
Antler King Energy Plus Block
Antler King's 7.5lb. Energy Plus Wildlife Block. Antler King's cutting edge deer nutrition shows that energy (fat) may be as critical in antler growth as protein. Energy Plus Wildlife Block contains five times the amount of fat (energy) as most deer blocks on the market.
Evolved Deer Co-Cain Black Magic
$16.49 - $21.99
A premium formulation with more mineral & flavor attractants that require no mixing and begins instantly attracting deer. Once placed on the bare ground, "Black Magic" immediately begins releasing vapors to lure deer into the beneficial mineral site. "Black Magic is enriched with calcium, phosphorus & sodium to continually contribute to the health of your deer herd.
Evolved Deer Co-Cain
$13.99 - $15.49
A beneficial attractant based on the undying desire of deer to find and consume calcium and sodium. Deer co-CainĀ® is highly active which reacts with moisture to release calcium and sodium vapors to attract deer that desire nutritional supplements. Once activated, deer will lick, paw, urinate, and eat the soil consuming the needed minerals. Available in an gel, liquid, block and a mix.
Evolved Buck Lickers Flavored Salt Blocks
Irresistibly flavored mineral blocks are pre-packaged with an extra punch of calcium and phosphorous to provide beneficial mineral nutrients, saturated with the taste that deer, elk, and moose crave. 4 lb blocks.
Evolved Black Magic
$13.99 - $14.49
BLACK MAGIC is enriched with Calcium, Phosphorus and Sodium to increase the overall health of your deer herd. This Beneficial Mineral Attractant is available as Deer co-Cain Black Magic and Deer Cane Black Magic. Available in an Insta*Lick formula, liquid, block and a mix.
Wildgame Innovations Hog Heaven
The most unbelievable hog draw on the market, BOAR NONE. Big Boars and Super Sows will come running' to this all-new granular attractant that will have 'em rootin' for days. The irresistible aroma causes piles of pigs to create a huge wallow and return back to the site for more.
Moultrie Trophy Maker Mineral & Vitamin Supplement
Promote antler development and boost weight gain with this advanced nutritional supplement containing calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, D and E. Features: Irresistible smell and tastebucks and does can't get enough! Contains phosphorus and calcium to encourage weight gain and antler development. Fortified with vitamins A, D and E for mineral absorption and overall herd health. Low salt content means more nutrients and less filler. 4 lb. bag.
Biologic Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets
Inspired by the proven success of our late season brassica bulbs, Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets is a great diverse food plot offering. The sugar beets are browsed early and the brassica bulbs powered by the "green" top bulb (the highest preferred bulb we've tested) making this a plot attractive early, but a strong late season food source. For years many people have been amazed as they watched deer dig up the BioLogic bulbs late season. Not all brassicas make bulbs. This blend guarantees plenty of bulbs plus it has the added attraction of sugar beets.