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Anchors & accessories

Minn Kota Talon Accessories
$84.99 - $529.99
Various assorted accessories for your Minn Kota Talon. Brackets, remotes, adapters and more.
Invincible Marine Youth Paddle Vest
$31.99 - $124.99
The Onyx youth paddle vest fits youth 50-90 lbs. and offers a better option for the youth paddler by providing a compact foam design, larger armholes, and side adjustments for better mobility and enhanced freedom of movement.
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Mushroom Anchor Kit- 10lb Coated Anchor- 5/16" X 50' PP Anchor Line with Hook
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$139.99 - $149.99
Fluke Anchor, 3/8" X 100' Nylon Rope w/galv. Thimble, 5/16" X 6' Galv. Chain w/2pcs 5/16" shackle
Calcutta Kayak Anchor Kit
A 1.5 pound folding anchor with shackle. Includes 30 feet of 3/16" white nylon cordage. Perfect for paddle sports.
Invincible Marine Galvanized Anchor Shackle
$1.39 - $2.29
Features galvanized steel with looped end screw pin.
Invincible Marine Anchor Retrieval
Eliminates hauling your anchor up manually or using a winch. Retrieve your anchor with ease.
Invincible Marine Stainless Steel Anchor Shackle
Features 316 stainless steel anchor shackle with looped end screw pin.
Worth Anchormate®
The Anchormate® was designed for total ease and safety in anchoring. Simply turn the button to drop the anchor. The free spooling reel stops anywhere you choose. When not in use, the line stores neatly on the reel and the anchor is held securely in the bow fixture. Anchor, rope and mounting hardware are not included.
Worth Anchormate ll
The big brother to the original ANCHORMATE®, designed for heavier anchors on larger boats. Features the same ease and safety in anchoring as the original Anchormate®. Turn the control button to drop anchor quickly and silently. The exclusive Anchormate II® features a patented bow fixture which has a unique pivot arm that eases the anchor up and over the front roller for the added safety of horizontal storage. Comes with a safety chain. Anchor, rope and mounting hardware are not included.
Attwood Mushroom Anchors
$28.99 - $59.99
Attwood® mushroom anchors are an economical solution for lightweight boats. The wide-area mushroom cup provides sufficient holding power in mud and weedy bottoms. Constructed of gray cast iron with a steel eye. Available with aluminum-painted or black PVC-coated finish.
Attwood Slip Ring Penetrating Anchor
$34.99 - $54.99
Features a slip-ring shank for easy retrieval of a snagged anchor.
Attwood River Anchor
Catch and hold river bottoms where mud, rocks, stumps, and brush are present. Flukes act like a grappling hook to snag rocks or other objects. Gray cast iron with a large, steel eye and black PVC coated finish.
Roloff River Anchor
$44.99 - $114.99
Aluminum or coated finish. Rust-resistant. Great for waterways with muck, sand, weed, gravel and stone bottoms.
Anchor Shock Heavy Duty-Stainless Steel
This Heavy Duty Anchor Shock is made for larger boats. Using the HD Shock will allow you to let out less anchor rope, making it easier to anchor where you want. There is no need for a huge anchor or chain, a pair of 16 pound river anchors will easily anchor a 20' walleye boat in a serious chop. It's easy to use and can be removed when not in use. Heavy duty shrink wrap covers the stainless steel connecting rings to protect your boat from getting scratched.
Anchor Shock Double Shock-Stainless Steel
The Double Shock was designed to anchor the nose of your boat into the wind by using only one anchor. Hook the loops found on each end of the Double Shock to the front two cleats on your boat, throw your anchor out the front of your boat, and clip the anchor line to the hook in the middle. Pointing the bow of your vessel in to the waves versus anchoring sideways creates a smoother ride and keeps you on your desired spot.It can also be used to anchor your boat sideways using one anchor or by dragging a drift sock out the back or side of your boat using two cleats. This is the easiest way to anchor in the roughest conditions.
Roloff Mushroom Anchor
$35.99 - $74.99
Aluminum or coated finish. Rust-resistant. Great for muck, sand or weed bottoms.
Minn Kota Deckhand 40 Remote Switch
25' cord allows you to operate the DeckHand 40 from anywhere on the boat.
Minn Kota Deckhand 25
25-lb. anchor capacity (anchor not included). Includes davit for stowing most styles of anchors. Pre-spooled with 60 feet of 800-lb. test nylon rope. Runs on 12-volt battery (not included).
Minn Kota Deckhand Pontoon
For pontoons, this DeckHand gives you control of the winch from the helm as well as the flexibility to remove the winch from the boat to clear the deck. Automatically raise and lower your anchor at the touch of a button. DeckHand 40 has a 40-lb. anchor capacity (anchor not included) and is pre-spooled with 100 feet of 800-lb. test nylon rope. Universal davit can be mounted at base of DeckHand or in remote position on boat deck. Davit also stows anchor horizontally to eliminate anchor swing. Anchor shackle allows for quick changes between anchors. A special anti-drag system senses the bottom to allow for controlled drifting. Runs on 12-volt battery (not included).
Roloff Navy Anchors
$48.99 - $119.99
Resistant to rust, salt water, oil and acid. Quiet and will not mar finishes. Ideal for rivers and lakes with a stone, shale or gravel bottom.
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The Dock Shock was designed to moor your boat or pontoon. The shock absorption features of the bungee cord reduces damaging jolts caused by the wind and other boats. The kit contains (2) Dock Shocks to attach to each end of your boat. The hook end doubles as a loop to slide through a cleat, slide over a dock post, or clip to your boat. Works great on pontoons!
Invincible Marine Quick Link
$1.89 - $8.19
Made from stainless steel or plated steel. Great for anchor chains and trailer safety chains. Not for towing or lifting humans.
Worth Swivel Pulley & Line Guide
These can be used in virtually any installation. For use with up to 1/4" anchor line, they are made of stainless steel with nylon sheaves to resist wear and corrosion. Fasteners (screws, bolts, etc.)
Economical zinc plate, steel anchor lift. Nylon pulley system. Steel sheave controls anchor from any position. Supports anchors up to 20 pounds.
Dutton-Lainson Sentinel®
The strong, wide flukes penetrate quickly & firmly for maximum holding power. A fully welded crown configuration provides ultimate holding power and secure penetration. Each anchor is carefully hot dip galvanized after fabrication for corrosion protection. Each anchor is identified with a model number and each model number approximates the anchor weight in pounds.
Ironwood Pacific Anchorlift?
Floats the anchor to the surface while the boat is under power. Super tough nylon reinforced with stainless steel.
Minn Kota Deckhand?
Automatically raise or lower your anchor at the touch of a button. Special anti-drag system senses bottom. DH-40 FEATURES: 40lb. anchor capacity, 100ft. of prespooled 800lb. test nylon rope. Mount davit to base of DeckHand?, or in remote position on deck of boat, Stow anchor horizontally. Mounting hole pattern is compatible with older DeckHand models and PD/AP Quick Release Bracket. Anchor shackle allows for quick changes between anchors. 12-volt.
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$2,639.99 - $3,469.99
HOLD YOUR GROUND. Built with legendary performance and durability, Minn Kota® Talon? Shallow Water Anchors deliver a fast, secure hold to keep you on top of fish in shallow water. They're the ultimate weapon in the battle for boat positioning. Made of marine-grade extruded anodized-aluminum, the Minn Kota Talon can withstand a harsh, corrosive saltwater environment as well as the pounding waves of a freshwater river or lake. Operating from the boat's existing battery setup, Talon vertically deploys the spike without fish-spooking noise. Additionally, the indestructible spike, made with fiberglass reinforced composite material, is guaranteed for life.
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