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Boat Maintenance Supplies

3M Marine Adhesive/Sealant
$25.99 - $39.99
This high-performance polyurethane adhesive/sealant becomes tack free in 48 hours, completely cures in 5-7 days with no shrinkage.
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Lucas Slick Mist Interior Detailer is a spray treatment exclusively formulated by Lucas Oil Products designed to clean and protect like nothing you've ever used. Spray as needed onto interior surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, leather, rubber and metal for a like-new look. Cleans and protects, dashboards, consoles, doors and trim. Also works great on household furniture.
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Star brite's ULTIMATE Xtreme Clean is formulated with the latest technology ingredients to be the toughest crud-buster ever. The special chelating agents attack road grime, bug bits, bird deposits, greasy smears and more, breaking the bond that holds them to the surface so they can be wiped away without heavy scrubbing. However, unlike most all-surface cleaners that use cheap, harsh ingredients, Xtreme Clean does not contain caustic, dangerous chemicals that can damage the finish. Xtreme Clean is safe for use on all metal, fiberglass, plastic, chrome, stainless, wrapped, leather and rubber surfaces.
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Ready to use - simply spray and wipe away the dirt, grime, fish blood, waterline marks and more. Safely and effectively removes stubborn build-up on outboard motors and drives - simply spray, agitate, and wipe and rinse away. Safe to use on fiberglass, gel coat, canvas, non-skid, vinyl surfaces and more. Highly effective at removing surface stains on isinglass and clear plastics without staining or yellowing the surface. Safe and effective inside your boat or RV in and around both seating and kitchen areas for removing stubborn stains or spills.
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The Star Brite 3 - 6 Ft Standard Extending Handle is constructed of aircraft grade, triple anodized aluminum to provide years of maintenance free use.
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Star Brite 040051 ultimate 5 gal., Star Brite 040051 ultimate 5 gal., bucket with rope handle. This product is manufactured in United States.
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The perfect way to clean and protect newer rubber & vinyl surfaces, extreme marine vinyl & rubber Protectant is an advanced formula developed specifically for the extreme conditions found in the marine environment. Spray and wipe to provide light cleaning and leave non-greasy, durable UV protection for your vinyl & rubber surfaces. For dirtier surfaces, clean first with extreme marine multi-surface cleaner.
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Formulated for use on all marine electronics and all plastics. Spray on, wipe up excess to remove fingerprints, smudges, salt deposits. PTEF polymers help protect against UV damage. Ideal for use on watertight phone cases. Will not affect touchscreen performance.
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Non-Skid Deck Cleaner is the most effective and easiest way to clean textured fiberglass or painted decks. The special chelating agents loosen dirt and spills without the need for heavy scrubbing. The protective polymers provide a barrier against future stains, making clean up a breeze. It also is ideal for cleaning non-textured areas as well as all fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, metal or rubber surfaces.
Shurhold Deluxe Water Sprite Mops
Most absorbent deck mop available, made with 1 3/8 inch strips that won't mold or mildew.
Star Brite No Damp Dehumidifier
No Damp Dehumidifier is the effortless way to help control the excessive humidity that leads to musty odors, stains or corrosion aboard stored boats, RVs or seasonal homes. The special pellets automatically remove moisture from the air, depositing it safely in the convenient container. Great for cabins, heads, closets, and other enclosed spaces.
Meguiar's Boat / Rv Rinse Free Wash & Wax
No need for a hose & bucket! Just spray & wipe for that clean high gloss finish!
Star Brite Premium Marine Polish
PTEF based polish that bonds to fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. UV inhibitors help stop fading and oxidation. Easy to use-wipe on, let dry, wipe off. Leaves a super smooth, no stick coating which reduces drag and repels dirt grime and stains.
Invincible Marine Brush Head
This brush includes a rubber bumper, gunk-resistant head and medium soft bristles. Lightweight and designed for convenient stowage, this product is perfect for scrubbing decks and scouring hard-to-clean surfaces. The practical handle is especially designed for ease-of-use, and makes washing down decks a manageable task. The bristles are long and durable and easily washed clean with water. Whether you're outfitting your boat for the first time, or preparing for the upcoming season, this product is an essential accessory for your domestic and boating needs, and is perfect for nautical journeys and family vacations. Precision and reliability are the marks of quality that this product has proven time and time again, guaranteeing steadfast performance with each use.
Star Brite 32Oz Boat Wash
Removes dirt, oil and grease from fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Biodegradable. Concentrated for economical use. Citrus extract formula is tough on dirt but gentle to the surface being cleaned. Will not remove wax or polish. Works in fresh and salt water.
Star Brite Mildew Odor Control Boat Bomb
The fastest, most effective way to eliminate foul odors from enclosed areas. Ideal for use in stored boats, RVs and more. Removes mold/mildew odor as well as musty smells, food & smoke odor. Begins working immediately; deep penetrating vapor eliminates tough odors within 4-6 hours.
Star Brite Waterproofing Spray
Safe for all fabrics including Sunbrella®. For boat covers, bimini tops, sail covers, clothing and tents. Does not change the color or feel of fabric.
Marine Master Deck-Style Scrub & Wash Brushes
$13.99 - $17.99
Premium wood grain plastic blocks with wrap-around safety bumpers. Compatible with any quick connect/disconnect or standard threaded handle. Will not split, crack, splinter, or break. Will not slip when wet.
Star Brite Instant Black Streak Remover
Instantly removes black streaks caused by water run off. Safe for use on fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Just spray on, let work and hose off. Contains no harsh acids or alkalies. Cleans by patented process of chelation. Can be used for 1,000's of other tough cleaning jobs - bathrooms, tubs, showers, etc.
Shurhold Deck Brushes
$35.99 - $42.99
Hard wood base, premium bristles, wrap around safety bumper and our Exclusive Shur-Lok Quick Release Adapter.
Shurhold Handles
$40.99 - $54.99
"One Handle Does It All"
Shurhold Marine Mate Brush
This 7" soft brush with varnished wood handle features a hard wood block and a wrap around safety bumper. Perfect for all you general cleaning needs. 1950 - Stiff Brush - For those areas you need to be more aggressive.
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$22.99 - $25.99
Protecting against corrosion caused by salt is an issue that ranges from boats used in saltwater to snowmobiles ridden along roads treated with rock salt. Star brite's Salt Off with PTEF is formulated to quickly and effectively remove salt deposits from all metal, fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, glass, plastic and painted surfaces. An applicator allows it be used to flush engines or to quickly spray the underside of trailers and vehicles that have been exposed to salt. Available in a handy, ready-to-use spray as well as larger concentrated sizes to treat larger areas, Salt Off can also be used with Star brite's Trailer Spa system.
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Star brite® Polyurethane 8200 Marine Sealant/Adhesive is a premium grade, one part, non-sag polyurethane sealant that offers outstanding performance. Ideal for use above and below the waterline where a permanent bond is needed. Best suited for applications such as joining decks to hulls, joining wood to fiberglass or for hull seams.
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Instantly erases dirt, grime, scuff marks, streaks and more. Removes scuffs and stains from vinyl, plastic and fiberglass. Also removes tough shoe scuff marks and ground-in dirt and is good for: walls, appliances, tiles, faucets and more.
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After a day on the water, you need to rinse and then dry the boat. The best way to dry large expanses such as large sunpads or the foredeck is to use a mop. The best mop for this job is Star brite's new Reggae Mop. The wide microfiber strips are made of the same super-absorbent material as the Reggae Mitt, Reggae Pad and Reggae Sponge so it absorbs water without scratching fiberglass or polished metal surfaces. It is also ideal for traditional mopping and boat wash chores too.
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