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Boat Maintenance Supplies

3M Marine Adhesive/Sealant
$14.99 - $39.99
This high-performance polyurethane adhesive/sealant becomes tack free in 48 hours, completely cures in 5-7 days with no shrinkage.
Marine Master Deck-Style Scrub & Wash Brushes
$14.49 - $17.99
Premium wood grain plastic blocks with wrap-around safety bumpers. Compatible with any quick connect/disconnect or standard threaded handle. Will not split, crack, splinter, or break. Will not slip when wet.
Marine Master Iron Style Scrub Brush
Crimped, white, polypropylene bristles set in a durable plastic block. Easy to hold, with a pointed end to clean difficult areas.
H&M Orpine®
$24.99 - $84.99
Highly concentrated washdown soap cuts salt, leaves no residue. An excellent cleaner for brightwork, fiberglass, painted or varnished surfaces, bilges, fish boxes, windows, canvas, sails, rugs, and much more. Has clean, fresh pine scent.
Invincible Marine All Purpose Cleaner
All Purpose Cleaner 32oz Spray Bottle.
Invincible Marine Aluminum Pontoon Cleaner
Aluminum Pontoon Cleaner 64oz
Invincible Marine Bilge And Deodorizer
Bilge Cleaner and Deodorizer 32oz.
Invincible Marine Mildew Cleaner & Stain Remover
Mildew Cleaner and Stain Remover 32oz Spray Bottle.
Invincible Marine Spray Wax
Spray Wax w/UV Protectant 32oz Spray Bottle.
Invincible Marine Vinyl Cleaner And Stain Remover
Vinyl Cleaner and UV Protectant 32oz Spray Bottle.
Invincible Marine Wash And Wax
Wash and Wax w/Corrosion Blocker 32oz.
Star Brite Hull Cleaner
$22.99 - $23.99
Wipe on and rinse off formula makes cleaning your hull quick and easy. Contains no strong acids or harsh chemicals. Will discolor some antifouling bottom paints so take precautions to prevent contact. Much safer to use and less aggressive to your hull then competitive acid based bottom cleaners.
Meguiar's Boat Wash Gel
$7.69 - $33.99
Rich, biodegradable wash formula gently lifts boat scum, dirt, salt spray, grime, bird droppings and other loose contaminants without stripping wax protection. Sheeting action greatly reduces drying time.
Star Brite Silicone Sealant
$13.99 - $24.99
100% marine grade silicone, wont turn yellow. Remains flexible from -70oF to +480oF. Bonds to fiberglass, plastic, wood, glass and metal. Unaffected by sunlight, weathering, most chemicals and solvents. Will not shrink or sag. Can be removed easily. excellent for deck hardware. Special marine formula can be used above and below the waterline. Dries tack free in less than one hour, cures completely in 24 hours.
Star Brite Screen Cleaner & Protector
Formulated for use on all marine electronics and all plastics. Spray on, wipe up excess to remove fingerprints, smudges, salt deposits. PTEF polymers help protect against UV damage. Ideal for use on watertight phone cases. Will not affect touchscreen performance.
Meguiar's Hard Water Remover
Thick low drip formula remains on vertical surfaces for easy cleaning. New technology chemically embraces and lifts mineral deposits and protects surface from future water spots. Easy to apply and easy to wipe off.
Shurhold Deluxe Water Sprite Mops
Most absorbent deck mop available, made with 1 3/8 inch strips that won't mold or mildew.
Meguiar's High Gloss Polisher
Restores brilliant gloss on fiberglass and painted marine or RV surfaces after cleaning. Restores valuable oils to feed and nourish the fiberglass or painted surfaces. Especially effective on dark colors. *Use polish only after the surface has been cleaned and restored to a "like new" or "average" finish.
Meguiar's Marine Boat Soap
Safely removes grime and dirt without stripping wax protection. Biodegradable, economy size wash produces long lasting suds with a refreshing scent.
Meguiar's Heavy Duty Oxidation Remover
Removes moderate oxidation, scratches, stains and tough water spots on all fiberglass gel coat marine or RV surfaces. Restores color by effectively removing surface degradation.
Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Color Restorer
Safely removes light oxidation, stains and blemishes on all fiberglass gel coat marine or RV surfaces. Revives faded, oxidized surfaces to their original vibrant color.
Meguiar's Marine One Step Compound
This advanced aggressive, yet safe compound will clean and restore gloss to the gel coat surface in one step. Removes moderate to heavy oxidation, scratches, stains and tough water spots. Restores color and leaves a rich gloss on the treated surface. Incredible results by hand or machine.
Sea Foam Bugs B Gone
Bugs B Gone is a highly versatile auto and truck cleaner that is specially formulated to safely remove bugs and other organic residues from windshields, front grilles, bumpers or any vehicle surface. Bugs-B-Gone cleans bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, mold, mildew, exhaust soot, tough road grime and brake dust from your vehicle's chrome, plastic and painted surfaces. When sprayed on, Bugs-B-Gone chemically neutralizes the acid in bug remains, exhaust soot and road grime, softening and loosening them within 30 to 45 seconds. The addition of water activates Bugs-B-Gone making it a highly effective detergent, which lifts that dirt and grime so it easily washes away.
H&M Orbilge®
A highly concentrated, heavy-duty bilge cleaner that dissolves oil and grime and keeps engine rooms and bilges clean and brighter. Biodegradable and environmentally-safe.
Shurhold Mops
Exclusive Shur-Lok Quick-Release Adapter. Shurhold Mops are over sized.
Invincible Marine Brush Head
This brush includes a rubber bumper, gunk-resistant head and medium soft bristles. Lightweight and designed for convenient stowage, this product is perfect for scrubbing decks and scouring hard-to-clean surfaces. The practical handle is especially designed for ease-of-use, and makes washing down decks a manageable task. The bristles are long and durable and easily washed clean with water. Whether you're outfitting your boat for the first time, or preparing for the upcoming season, this product is an essential accessory for your domestic and boating needs, and is perfect for nautical journeys and family vacations. Precision and reliability are the marks of quality that this product has proven time and time again, guaranteeing steadfast performance with each use.
Star Brite Saltoff With Ptef
Removes salt deposits from all marine surfaces Use as a motor flush in I/O and outboard engines Rinses away salt buildup on hulls, decks, rails, towers, trailers, diving equipment, rods, reels and more Leaves a protective PTEF® coating to prevent future salt damage. PTEF® is Star brite's registered trademark name for polytetraflouroethylene. 0226-0055:This is a concentrate for refilling spray bottle or in filling hose applicator.
Shurhold 2461 5 Gallon White Bucket
5 Gallon White Bucket KIT incl. bucket, caddy, grate, and lid
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