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Drain & Livewell Plugs

Invincible Marine Garboard Plugs
$4.09 - $10.49
Kit includes female, threaded plug with receptacle. 1/2" NPT.
Invincible Marine Drain Plugs
$3.89 - $184.99
Twist and snap styles are available in brass & stainless steel. Both fit 1" drain tubes.
Invincible Marine Bailer Baitwell Plugs
$4.89 - $5.99
Snap shut to form a secure seal. Brass construction. Sold as pairs.
Digger Bail-R-Matic: Pt-500
The Bail-R-Matic drains your boatwhen you reach full throttle and whenyou lift your boat out of the water by liftor trailer. The Bail-R-Matic will alsodrain rain water that can cause stresson your lift and trailers.
Eagle Claw Boat Drain Plug
$5.39 - $5.59
0848-5963: Features T-handle. 0848-5964: Features snap handle.
Attwood T-Handle Drain Plugs
$7.19 - $15.99
For 1" diameter drains. A clockwise turn of the T-handle locks the plug in place; turn counterclockwise to release. 11587-4 48 units (without chain) in display carton.
Attwood Livewell/Bailer Plugs
$13.49 - $15.49
Cam-action neoprene plugs snap shut to form a stopper for livewells or baitwells. Brass snaps and plates. Not for use with chemicals or fuels.
Attwood Snap Handle Drain Plugs
Snap-handle drain plugs for 1" diameter drains. A clockwise turn of the handle tightens the plug in its tube, and the handle flips down to lock. 11586-4 48 units (without chain) in display carton. 7524D1 75 units (without chain) in display carton. One UPC sheet for use with all 75 units. 7524D1
Invincible Marine Plastic Garboard Plug
Plastic garboard drain and plug. Ribber outer casting designed for tight, no leak fit - installs in a standard 1" hole.
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