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Marine Supplies & Electronics

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304 stainless steel with black plastic liner. Can be used on vertical or horizontal rails. Adjustable for rails 7/8" to 1" in diameter. 9" length, 1 3/4" inside diameter tube.
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Fuse Kit Mini ATM 12-pc 2 each 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 AMP
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Fuse Kit 12-pc 2 each 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 AMP
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Funnel Round Red W/No Handle
Attwood T-Handle Drain Plugs
$7.19 - $15.99
For 1" diameter drains. A clockwise turn of the T-handle locks the plug in place; turn counterclockwise to release. 11587-4 48 units (without chain) in display carton.
Gear Aid Uv-Cure Adhesive
McNett Aquaseal is a permanent, flexible, and indestructible waterproof repair adhesive and sealant. It applies easily and will cure extremely quickly when subjected to natural or artificial UV light.
Invincible Marine Bow Stops & Bow, Keel & Spool Rollers
$3.79 - $23.99
Holds your spare trailer tire 4-3/4" up and 4½" out away from your trailer frame. Adjust to fit trailer tongues up to 3" W and 5" H. Steel construction.
Gear Aid Seam Grip®
The essential field repair kit for all types of repairs including tents, sleeping pads, rainwear, backpacks, boots and more. Kit includes two adhesive backed Tenacious? Brand pressure sensitive patches, along with a 1/4 oz. tube of Seam Grip Urethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant and brush.
Invincible Marine Nylon Cleats
$2.49 - $3.59
Constructed of high impact, durable nylon. One per card.
Invincible Marine Spare Tire Carrier
Heavy duty ½" steel spare tire carrier. Easily installs to secure your 8",12",14" or 15" tire. Fits 3",4", and 5" frames includes two lug nuts.
Invincible Marine Dock Line
$9.99 - $27.99
Marine grade, 100% nylon double braided dock lines. High resistance to abrasion, chafing, chemical decomposition, mildew and rot. UV inhibitors added.
Invincible Marine Fold Up Drink Holder
$4.79 - $5.19
Holds a variety of sizes of drink containers. Features pop-up adjustable arms, folds up out of the way when not in use.
Invincible Marine Bailer Baitwell Plugs
$5.39 - $6.49
Snap shut to form a secure seal. Brass construction. Sold as pairs.
Calcutta Kite Line Marker
$4.79 - $6.59
Calcutta kite line markers makes finding your baits a breeze. Calcutta's kite markers comes in orange tape and bright colored corks.
Invincible Marine 12 Volt Power Plug
The Invincible Marine BR51417 12-Volt Power Plug with Cover is perfect for cell phones, spotlights, aerators and other 12-volt accessories. This two-prong socket defends against moister and corrosive elements, and requires a 1-1/16-inch installation hole. The item has 16-gauge lead wires and fits standard cigarette lighters or marine sockets. The Invincible Marine BR51416 12-Volt Power Socket with Cover is sold separately and fits standard cigarette lighters or marine sockets. Don't be stranded with dead batteries; this product is perfect for charging your 12-volt accessories on boat and automobile trips. Whether you're outfitting your boat for the first time, or replacing well-worn nautical parts, this product is an essential accessory for your boating and domestic needs, and is perfect for nautical journeys and mechanical maintenance. Precision and reliability are the marks of quality that this product has proven time and time again, guaranteeing steadfast performance with each use. The Invincible Marine BR51417 12-Volt Power Plug comes with a 1-year limited warranty and protects against manufacturing and workmanship defects. Rugged, tough and reliable, Invincible Marine is well-known for their hardworking nautical line. for freshwater and saltwater boating, Invincible Marine designs products for avid fishermen and weekend boaters. Quality, utility and innovation go into every Invincible Marine product giving you more time on the water.
Eagle Claw Boat Drain Plug
$5.89 - $144.99
0848-5963: Features T-handle. 0848-5964: Features snap handle.
Calcutta Kayak Rod Holder Extensions
Keep your fishing rods secure and reels higher out of the water with extensions. Our extenions easily fit right into the molded-in rod holders. Sold in pairs.
Gilmour Hose Couplings
$2.29 - $2.59
Male and female couplings for rubber and plastic hoses. Unique nylon construction is stronger than most. Durable and reusable. Individually carded.
Gilmour Hose Menders
Fits all 5/8" to 3/4" hoses. Unique nylon construction. Easy to attach, durable & reusable. Individually carded.
Scotty Power Grip Line Releases
$8.29 - $283.60
Full range of release tensions, plus an adjustment clip that provides double the holding power if needed. Streamlined design won't snap on weeds or foul lines. No. 1170: 18" heavy monofilament leader with cannonball snap. Included with all downriggers. No. 1175 7" wire cable leader with cannonball snap. Metal trolling snag inches firmly on the downrigger cable allowing line stacking. The Power Grip is easy to handle shape. 1171: 18" leader with stacking, self-locating snap. 1172 30" leader with stacking, self-locating snap. 1173 48" leader with stacking, self-locating snap. 1178 60" leader with stacking, self-locating snap.1176: "Stacker" 6" leader. 1179: "Stacker" with 30" leader. No. 1180: 18" wire leader with stacking, self-locating snap. No. 1183: 30" wire leader with stacking, self-locating snap. No. 1181: 18" wire leader with cannonball snap.
Invincible Marine Thru-Hull Fittings
$4.69 - $4.89
Made of high impact, corrosion proof nylon. For use above the waterline. Includes back side nut.
Invincible Marine Eye Straps
$3.09 - $6.79
The Invincible Marine BR54110 Stainless Steel Eye Straps can be used for domestic, industrial and nautical applications; with dozens of uses, no matter the situation, these stainless steel eye straps are a valuable, must-have item. Constructed of stainless steel, these straps can be used on kayak knee straps, backrest attachments, deck lines, shock cords, bikini-top straps and outrigger halyards. Organize your deck, patio or boat with these nifty eye straps. They provide convenience and strength with sturdy and reliable hold.
Eagle Claw Clamp-On Rod Holder
1-3/4" Clamp-on Blk
Attwood Replacement Lenses For All-Round Lights
Frosted For All-Round Lights
Attwood Pro Series Rod Holderwith Mounts
Large, easy grip cam lock provides easy 160° vertical adjustment. Deep tooth gear lock.
CRC Marine Formula 6-56®
$7.09 - $10.49
Starts wet engines. Lubricates, penetrates, loosens rusted parts, protects against corrosion, fights moisture, and keeps stored tools from rusting.
Coleman EVA Ponchos
Made of 15mm EVA. Attached hood, side snap closure and compact storage in reusable bag.
Lubrimatic E-Z 2 Cycle Oil
No guessing with this handy oil. One bottle treats one gallon of gas, works in any ratio from 16:1 to 50:1.
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