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Battery Chargers & Storage

Rig Rite Battery Tray
It features marine grade velcro straps that has over 300 pound mass and breaking strength to hold battery securely. This makes battery installation and removal simple and easy.
Attwood Battery Box Hold-Down Straps & Mounting Hardware
Woven polypropylene straps with "firm-grip" buckles are completely resistant to battery acid. 4 #8, 3/4" screws & 2 footman clamps. Fits battery boxes: 9065, 9065A, 9067, 9082 and 9069.
Rig Rite Red And Black Terminal Covers
Heavy duty PVC covers protect negative and positive terminal. Used with Battery Trays.
Rig Rite Volt Marine Circuit Breaker With Automatic Reset
For installing trolling motor and winches. Will automatically reset itself. Better that a fuse which can blow and ruin a fishing trip. Includes nuts, washers, mounting hardware and 8 ga ring terminal. Skin Carded.
Rod Saver BGTD Battery/Gas Tank
Battery/Gas Tank Tie-Down
Weego 12V Socket Adapter
Connect your 12 volt cigarette lighter plug accessories into you Weego device using this adaptor. The barrel jack fits a 2.1mm plug.
Weego Jump Starter66
The Jump Starter 66, featuring Weego's Detect-o-Matic technology, also fast-charges smartphones, tablets and other USB devices. The Swiss army knife of emergency batteries, the tool can also be used as a tactical-grade flashlight that lasts up to 30 hours on a single charge. A 12V port is perfect for powering portable electronic devices like air compressors to fill tires and inflatables. A 19V port is built in for laptop recharging. A thousand charging cycles and up to three years of standby power on a single charge shows the battery pack's staying power.
Weego Jump Starter44
Weego 44, our most popular high-performance model, quickly and easily jump starts 7L gas and 3.5L diesel engines. It is guaranteed to provide power - 2100 peak amps and 400 cranking amps - when you need it most. Our power output measures are verified and independently lab tested so you know that you are getting what you paid for. Weego Jump Starter 44 was designed and engineered in the USA for safe, simple and worry-free operation for everyone. Patented Smarty Clamps ensure you can't make a mistake. Lights and sounds walk you through a successful jump start every time. The ergonomic clamps have an extra-wide-opening, tapered tips and are powered on both sides, ensuring the best connections possible. Full safety protections are built in, including anti-spark protection, reverse polarity, over-heat and power surge protections. The portable battery pack design of Weego 44 makes it so versatile. It's not just for emergencies it's handy to use every day. The 44 includes an ultra-bright, tactical 500-lumen LED flashlight that lasts up to 14 hours in standard mode and up to 28 hours in SOS and strobe modes. Hang 44 by the included hook and lanyard to turn it into a powerful work or camp light.
Weego Jump Starter22S
Weego 22S, our most affordable high-performance model, quickly and easily jump starts 5L gas and 2.5L diesel engines. Why so affordable? We have stripped away all the extras from our other models to serve one purpose only: jump starting for 95% of what is on the road today. The 22s is guaranteed to provide power - 1700 peak amps and 300 cranking amps - when you need it most. Our power output measures are verified and independently lab tested so you know that you are getting what you paid for. Wee go Jump Starter 22s was designed and engineered in the USA for safe, simple and worry-free operation for everyone. Patented Smarty Clamps ensure you can't make a mistake. Lights and sounds walk you through a successful jump start every time.
Weego Jump Starter22
The Weego Jump Starter 22 is super compact and can fit in your pocket. This jump starter can start motorcycles, boats and 95% of cars and trucks on the road today. The Weego Jump Starter 22S is affordable and features a simple-to-use, jump-starting-only option that's still built with the same safe, premium-quality specifications as Weego's other models. This jump starter includes safe and simple, patented Smarty Clamps to ensure that you can't make a mistake. Get 1000 charging cycles and over a year of standby power on a single charge. Award-winning, USA-designed and engineered, independently lab tested, verified specs (super important with portable jump starters) make Weego Jump Starter 22S the way to go.
Weego Jump Starter Battery+
$89.99 - $169.99
It's time to Ditch the Cable? Mabel! Weego jump starters are powerful and conveniently sized to go with you wherever you go, be it in your car, motorcycle, boat, ATV or Jet Ski. Plus, they can power up your mobile devices and be used as a flashlight!
Weego Tour 2600 Rechargeable Battery
Increased charging speed. Simple to use & charges phones up to 1.5 times. Compact design with soft-touch finish. High Quality Lithium-ion battery offers 500 charging cycles. Plenty of standby power only loses 5% charge per month when not in use. Includes a 12? Micro USB cable.
Weego Tour 10400 Rechargeable Battery Pack
Detect-o-Matic super-quick charging provides the fastest possible charge for your mobile device. Pass Thru charging allows you to simultaneously charge your Tour 10400 & your mobile device 2 USB outputs allow you to share the charge. Charges most phones up to 6 times and most tablets up to 1 time. High quality Lithium-ion battery offers 500 charging cycles. Plenty of standby power only loses 5% charge per month when not in use. Includes a 12? fast-charge Micro USB cord & stores inside of an iconic, retro-inspired tin box.
Attwood Series 24 & 27 Battery Holders
A simple-to-install battery holder that fits into a limited space. For batteries up to 10-1/2" in height. Provides simple installation for changing or replacing batteries. The polypropylene hold-down strap has a positive locking, quick disconnect buckle. Molded base mounts with four #10 panhead screws. 24 series: 7" L x 11"W. 27 Series: 12-3/8" L X 7-1/8"W.
ProMariner On Board Recreational Battery Charger
$94.99 - $154.99
Easily charge, condition and maintain your lead-acid or gel batteries. Fully automatic charging ensures youre always ready for a day on the water. Distributed-On-Demand technology charges your main battery while distributing the remaining charging amps to trolling motor batteries. Epoxy-filled chargers are water- and shock-proof. Safety features include dual in-line DC fuses, along with protection from reverse polarity, ignition and temperature. Two-year warranty.
Attwood Battery Boxes
$11.49 - $13.49
Made of rigid polypropylene, impervious to battery acids. Lightweight and vented. Meets U.S. Coast Guard Specification No. 183.420 as an O.E.M. installed battery hold-down system. Black,
ProMariner On Board Charger Pro Sport
$179.99 - $239.99
Distributed-On-Demand? Technology. Automatically charge and maintain engine crank batteries) while sensing and distributing 100% of the available charging amps to trolling motor or house bank batteries). Automatic Multi-Stage Charging. Fully charge and extend the life of your batteries with ProSport's multi-stage performance charge profiles. Automatically charges and conditions your batteries with a built-in safe maintenance mode for long or short term storage. Digital Battery Type Selector. 3 Charge Profiles - User selectable performance charge profiles for: Flooded (lead-acid)/STD AGM, GEL & High Performance (HP) AGM. Expanded LED Status Center. High Visibility LED Status Center provides at-a-glance status of: AC Power, Charge Mode, Battery Type, and Ready/Maintenance Mode. Extruded Aluminum Housing. For superior heat transfer and durability. Dynamic Thermal Output Control. Controls charging amps while maintaining the recommended charger temperature. Built-in Quality & Safety. Compact and rugged design, 100% waterproof and shockproof, dual inline DC safety fuses for trolling motor / accessory battery banks, dynamic thermal output control, over voltage, overload, over temperature, reverse polarity, and ignition protection. Pre-Wired for easy installation.
Berkley Power Pack Battery
The "Berkley Power Pack Battery 2 AMP" is 12 volts with 2 AMP hours. Itoffersa battery meter as well as USB outlet to power phones, tablets, and other electronics. Posses post for battery clips.
No Image
Dual rated 12 and 6 volt battery charger can be used for all of your marine, automotive, RV and sports applications. The charger is compact and perfect for your bench, garage or shop use. The LED indicators let you know that your battery is fully charged. Overcharge, short circuit, and reverse polarity protection provides years of worry free use.
Minn Kota Precision Chargers
$289.99 - $589.99
Our Precision Chargers charge your batteries faster than any other. Plus, they are optimized to deliver the exact charge you need, creating longer run times and extending the overall life of your battery. .
ProMariner Remote Battery Bank Status Indicator
Remote Battery Bank Status Indicator - ProMariner. Remote "Push to Test" Status indicators for up to 3 Batteries with Easy-to-read LED indicators. Display is Universal Flush or Surface Mount Capable.
ProMariner 31413 ProMar1 On-Board
ProMar1 On-Board Charger 13 Amp 3 Bank
Minn Kota On-Board Chargers
$109.99 - $459.99
Convenient mounting, fully automatic 3-stage charging (bulk, absorption and maintenance). Automatic temp compensation delivers fast charging recovery, even in extreme temps, while protecting your batteries from overcharging. Low line voltage compensation delivers true-rated output, even when input voltage drops. Waterproof, shock and vibration resistant construction. Short circuit, reverse polarity and ignition protected. For use with 12V/6-cell batteries (50-130 amp hour rating) that are flooded/wet cell, maintenance-free or starved electrolyte (AGM) only.
No Image
$64.99 - $94.99
Bank 10 AmpPower TripsYou can take it with you. Our easy-to-use digital portable chargers feature Automatic Multi-Stage Charging to keep you on the water longer and are designed to extend the overall life of your batteries.Digitally Controlled - Digital ControlMicroprocessor design protects your batteries so you can stay on the water longer. It monitors temperature and state of charge to create a faster, regulated, more precise charge. Also includes automatic shut-off when charging is complete to extend battery life.Automatic Temperature CompensationCharging your batteries at higher or lower temperatures can damage your battery over time. So our chargers are designed to sense outside temperature fluctuations and adjust accordingly,delivering a fast, accurate charge.
Rig Rite Boat Side Trolling Plug
3 Wire Male Receptacle. 8-gauge with butt connectors. Header carded. Use with #495 plug only.
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