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Marine pumps & accessories

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$99.99 - $174.99
State-of-the-art water sensing technology. Pump turns on when water level rises and shuts off when water is removed. No float switch required Straight & 90deg hose barb included. Anti-fouling impeller.
Attwood Tsunami Series Aerator Pump
No mounting brackets necessary. With its bold unrestricted 1-1/8" discharge outlet.
Rule Rul20F Bilge Pump
Designed for smaller boats, the 800 GPH pump provides unique mounting features and versatility. 36 variations of mounting. Modular design for easy installation. Nylon impeller design. Stainless steel shaft. Replaceable power module. 12-volt, 4 amps. Height: 4", width: 2 1/2", weight: 4 oz. No switch adapter. Hose: 3/4" diameter. Thru-hull fitting: 3/4" diameter.
Attwood Sahara 4507 Automatic Bilge Pump
Includes 36" lengths of 16-gauge tinned copper wire. Wire is caulked to prevent water from wicking through insulation jacket. Permanent-magnet motor, stainless steel shaft, and steel-reinforced seal assure powerful, durable performance. Sized for larger recreational boats. Attwood's most powerful 3/4" outlet automatic pump. 750 GPH at open flow, 625 GPH at 3.3' head. 3/4" hose outlet. Backed by Attwoods 3-year warranty.
Attwood Bilge Pump Installation Kit
Complete kit to install manual bilge pump with 3/4" I.D. hose outlet. One 2-way on/off switch with bezel plate. One 3/4" I.D. X. 5' corrugate hose. One thru-hull fitting for 3/4" I.D. hose. Two Snap-It hose clamps. One 2-conductor 16-gauge wire, 20' long. One in-line fuse holder with 2-amp fuse.
Invincible Marine Plumbing Kit Bilge Pump
Includes flexible bilge hose, plastic thru-hull fitting, and 2 stainless steel hoe clamps.
Attwood Tsunami Series Bilge Pump
$29.99 - $59.99
No mounting brackets necessary. Three year warranty.
Invincible Marine Bilge Pumps
$24.99 - $30.99
Choose the bilge pump that is best for you!
Invincible Marine Thru-Hull Fittings
$4.69 - $4.89
Made of high impact, corrosion proof nylon. For use above the waterline. Includes back side nut.
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High Flow - optimized impeller to provide greater flow at the same amperage. Built-In Thermal Cut-Off (TCO) provides added protection for pump and vessel. Back Flow Prevention - reduces the amount of water left over in the bilge, reducing odor and helping keep your bilge cleaner. Hidden Air Vents in the Body helps prevent air locking in challenging plumbing installations and helps with the check valve. Threaded Discharge - easier installation, easier maintenance.
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Keep fresh bait alive, comes with airstone, hose and clip-on attachment. Operates on D-cell battery (not included).
Invincible Marine Automatic Bilge Pump
800gph Automatic Bilge Pump.
Rule Rul10 Bilge Pump
Engineered to commercial standards. Double insulated motor. Runs 100° cooler for longer life. Nylon/fiberglass impeller for strength. Heavy 5/16" stainless steel shaft. Housing of heat-resistant acetal resin. Height: 6", width: 4 1/4", weight: 2 lbs. 14 oz. Switch adapter. Hose: 1 1/8" diameter. Thru-hull fitting: 1 1/8" diameter. RUL10 - 12-volt, 12 amps.
Rule Livewell Debris Strainer
Screw-on filter prevents debris from clogging livewell pumps. For use on all Rule® straight threaded livewell pumps. Stainless steel wire mesh with 3/4" NPS female threads.
Attwood Automatic Float Switch
Converts any bilge pump that draws 10 amps or less at 12-volts DC to fully automatic operation. The compact, low profile design allows the switch to be installed in confined area. It can also be mounted on any surface from horizontal up to a 35° angle. The integral cover dampens bilge sloshing to reduce pump cycling and prevents debris interference. The switch mechanism is completely isolated and sealed to resist moisture, fume-ignition and electrical shock, and contains no mercury or flexing wires. Activates pump at 2" water level.
Attwood Waterbuster®
This patented, hand-held cordless water pump removes excess water from just about anywhere. It runs up to five hours on three "D" size alkaline batteries. Completely submersible. Comes with a 42". Pumps 200 GPH at open flow, 125 GPH at 2' head (4' maximum head). 6 3/8" high X 5 1/4" diameter. Weighs 2 pounds.
Rule Rul20A Bilge Pump
Designed for smaller boats, boats with deep V hulls and applications with height restrictions. Replaceable power module. 12-volt, 4 amps. Height: 4", width: 2 1/2", weight:14 oz. No switch adapter. Hose: 1 1/8" diameter. Thru-hull fitting: 1 1/8" diameter.
Attwood Hand Operated Bilge Pumps
Safely remove unwanted water, or other liquids, from kayaks and other small boats.
Attwood Tsunami Recirculating Aerator Kit
Recirculates livewell water to keep it cooler and rich in oxygen. This self contained system feeds a separate aerator spray head and works even while you are underway and cannot use a thru-hull connection. Add this kit to any tank that already has a freshwater fill system. Or use as a backup pump for a fail safe system.
Invincible Marine Kayak Hand Pump
12" in length. Includes mesh bag.
Invincible Marine Manual Bilge Pump
Anti-leak design with removable hose for easy storage. Self-priming. Reach small, compact areas with ease. Lightweight, corrosion resistant. Large ergonomic, easy grip, high impact handle. Tube cap- caps the tube and forces the water out of the outlet and also supports the plunger shaft. Plunger space keeps the shaft from coming up too far and damaging the plunger washer.
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