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Water sports accessories

Onyx Manual Rearming Kit
24 gram CO2 cylinder. Green indicator tab. 1/2" thread. Fits Onyx M-24 (manual) inflatable life jackets (1300, 1310).
Mustad Dry Duffel Bag
Mustad Dry Duffel Bag is constructed of waterproof PVC with lots a dry space for clothing gear and electronics Decorated with a reflective logo Has a practical out mesh pocket for wet items
Invincible Marine Ski Tow Harness
$23.99 - $24.99
Poly rope ski tow harness with a center-pull tow pulley.
Invincible Marine Tow Rope With Float
60' heavy duty tube tow rope for inflatables 7/16". Use with 1-2 rider floats. 16 Strand polypropylene.
Invincible Marine Kayak Pull Handle
Kayak Pull Handle is made of high impact plastic, and has a comfortable contoured grip handle with braided cord.
Mustad Dry Bag
The Mustad® Dry Bag is a waterproof roll top bag, providing safe storage for your wallet, keys, camera and phone. It features a waterproof outer phone pouch, which is accessed from inside the bag, for maximum protection. This mini bag is the perfect choice for the boat fisherman. Made in durable 500Denier waterproof Tarpaulin, fitted with practical carrying strap.
Full Throttle Double Action Hand Pump
Double action - pumps air on both up and down stroke to make inflation twice as fast. Universal adaptors to fit various valves. Includes hose wrap to keep hose and adaptors conveniently attached. Inflates up to 14 PSI. Great for inflating towable tubes, inflatable boats, air beds, air mattresses, pool and beach toys.
Attwood Kayak Foot Braces
Lightweight design fits both sit in and sit on top style kayaks. Trigger lock design allow for easy adjustment. Just. Tracks use a universal mounting hole pattern. One pair. Mounting hardware not included
Onyx Automatic In-Sight Rearming Kit
24 gram CO2 cylinder with Halkey-Roberts bayonet assembly. Water soluble bobbin. Fits A-24 In-Sight (automatic) inflatable life jacket (1332).
Attwood Shock Cords
Replacement deck cords for worn and broken deck rigging. Perfect for securing boat covers and paddles and using as an attachment point for leashes and tethers.
Calcutta Kayak Gear Cooler
Calcutta is one of the most widely recognized brands in the recreational fishing industry. Calcutta uses information from recreational anglers as well as captains to help us improve and bring to market new productsthat feature the latest industry advancements. Anglers across North America rely on Calcutta gear to withstand the harshest saltwater fishing environments. Cooler that fits just right in the back of your kayak. Length: 17. Width: 13. Height: 7.
Calcutta Kayak Personal Dry Box
Keep your belongings dry when you are out on the water! Store your valuables around your neck. This Personal Dry Box ensures your wallet and gadgets stay safe and dry.
Kwik Tek Ski Rope Float
This durable ultrasonically welded plastic float is great for ski ropes, anchor lines, marker buoys and crab traps. Size: 5" long X 3" diameter with a 1/2" hole in the center.
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Full Throttle 60' Towable Tube Rope.Towable tube line with float.Designed for 1 to 2 rider towable tubes.60' line - 16 strand, 960 filaments, tensile strength - 2500 lbs., 16 mm dia.Loop at each end
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Full Throttle 60' Heavy-Duty Towable Tube Rope.Heavy-duty towable tube line with float.Designed for up to 4 rider towable tubes.60' line - 16 strand, 1920 filaments, tensile strength - 4100 lbs., 20 mm dia.Loop at each end.
Kwik Tek Tube Tow Rope
This heavy-duty 16-strand 9/16" X 60' tube tow rope is rated at 4,150 lbs. tensile strength. Engineered to pull the big 3 and 4 rider tubes, this rope will stand the test of time. It has a unique reggae color scheme with a 6" loop spliced at each end. A Rope Keeper is included for tangle-free storage.
Kwik Tek Bungee Tube Tow Rope
This 9/16" X 50' tube rope has a 3/8" diameter bungee cord spliced inside. It's rated at 4,150 lbs. tensile strength, conforming to WSIA recommendations for 1-4 rider tubes. You'll enjoy brief surges of speed as the bungee stretches and contracts. It reduces wear and tear on tubes and riders too, by absorbing sudden jerks from slack in the line. A Rope Keeper is included.
Kwik Tek 75 Ft. 1 Section Ski Rope
A high quality 1 section ski rope for skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding. The 12" aluminum core handle has a performance "Tractor" grip and molded finger protectors. You'll love the blue and white candy stripe color scheme of the UV-treated 16 - strand rope. A Rope Keeper is included for tangle-free storage.
Kwik Tek Airhead® Ski Rope
The 12" aluminum core handle is wrapped with textured high density EVA for a great grip. The 75' long 16-strand rope and handle float and are brightly colored for your easy retrieval. A Rope Keeper is included for convenient storage.
Kwik Tek Tow Deamon Harness
New higher strength versions of a classic and very popular water sports tow harness. The high-impact molded plastic float / pulley system allows for easy attachment of ski ropes, wakeboard ropes and tube ropes. Connect quickly and easily to boats with the 2 large corrosion-resistant snap hooks. Available in vinyl-jacketed steel cable and floating rope versions. Recommended for recreational water skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding and towing 1 rider tubes.
Kwik Tek Deluxe Tube Tow Rope
This 3/8" 16-strand braided tow rope is rated at 2,375 lbs. tensile strength. There's a 6" loop spliced at each end. A Rope Keeper is included for tangle-free storage. Designed for 1 and 2 rider tubes.
Kwik Tek Airhead® Tow Harness
This 5,000 lb. tensile strength tow harness is perfect for pulling skiers, wake boarders and the big 5 rider towables. Simply clip it onto your boat with the 5,000 lb. tensile strength hooks, and attach your ski or tube rope to the heavy duty Kwik-Connect. A 6" float keeps the Kwik-Connect floating on top, away from your propeller. 12' long to fit larger boats and pontoons.
Kwik Tek 12 Volt Air Pump
This high-volume (290 liters/minute) 12 volt portable air pump inflates and deflates quickly and effectively. The universal valve fittings fit all popular valves. For added convenience, the cigarette lighter plug is equipped with a 10' long power cord.
Kwik Tek Airhead® Ski Rope
The ultimate in quality, this 16-strand rope has 8 color-coded sections and take-up loops. The 13" aluminum core handle has a high performance "Diamond" grip and full-length molded finger protectors. You'll love the candy stripe color scheme of this UV-treated, 16-strand, 1,600lb. tensile strength rope. A Rope Keeper is included for tangle-free storage.
Kwik Tek Airhead® Ski Rope
This 1 section ski rope has an aluminum floating handle and molded end caps for safety and comfort. The 16-strand 75' long rope is UV-treated & pre-stretched. Rope Keeper is included.
Kwik Tek Bling Tube Rope
$19.99 - $25.99
These ropes will give you swagger! AIRHEAD's BLING Series ropes add another dimension to towing, as they sparkle in the sun and glow in twilight! The extravagant look compliments the luxury of high end boats, adds a little class to lesser boats and makes you look like a watersports pro! BLING series ropes are one of a kind, shiny and reflective material is braided together with top quality polypropylene. These tube tow ropes are 60 ft. long with a loop at each end. A "totally blinged-out" rope keeper is included.
Mustad Roll Dry Bag
$25.99 - $27.99
Modern seaman?s bag features a versatile choice for fishing, beach, hiking or traveling if you want to secure your gear from water, dust or sand. Lightweight and durable design with easy adjustable roll top closure and shoulder strap with D-rings. With ample room for clothing, camera, mobile, navigator and all the fishing gear you need for a weekend trip.
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The Glide PolyGlass SUP paddle features a carbon fiber reinforced Fiberglass shaft with durable polycarbonate blade. The Qwik Levr adjusting lever allows for infinite length adjustments, and the EVA handle provides a comfortable grip. This strong, yet lightweight paddle won't mark up your board either! When adjusting your paddle generally, the paddle height should be 8-10 inches above the paddler's height. Starting with no shoes on and arm raised, your paddle handle should sit in your palm.
Kwik Tek Hi-Output Air Pump
This 120 volt canister style air pump inflates and deflates towables, pools, air mattresses and beach toys. The accordion-style hose locks onto the pump and valve fittings, eliminating annoying disconnections. Three universal valve fittings fit all popular valves. For added convenience, there's a carry handle and a 10' long power cord. It pumps air at 300 liters/minute and draws 1/45 amps.
Sevylor SUP & Water Sport Pump
Make inflating your stand up Paddleboard a breeze with the Sevylor® 12V SUP Pump. The adjustable auto-shutoff lets you connect the high-pressure hose to your board, select your pressure and the pump does the rest and automatically stops at the selected pressure. Because this pump is powered by your vehicle outlets, you transport your board packed up in the car and wait to inflate it after you get to the water. For the times when you plan on doing more than Paddleboarding, this pump is also compatible with other low-pressure inflatables, such as boats and lake floats.
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