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Shooting Sports

Crosman Special Purpose Pellets
$5.59 - $7.49
Packed in blister cards. Pointed pellets offer greater penetration and field use.
Crosman Premier Hollow Point Pellet
The perfect pellets for small game hunting. Get a greater impact with these expanding pellets. 500 per tin.
Crosman C11 BB Pistol
This.177 caliber semi-automatic CO2 powered pistol combines hand-held comfort with quality components, at an affordable price. It features a velocity of up to 480' per second and an accessory rail in front of the trigger guard. Also features a removable magazine for BBs, as well as grips that slide back for easy replacement of CO2 Powerlets.
Crosman Lead-free Powershot
As a alternative to traditional lead pellets,use Powershot ammo. The outstanding ballistic properties enhance long range shooting for hunter, target and recreational shooters. Thees belted pointed pellets hold their shape on impact for better penetration. 0617-0435: Gold Flight Penetrators, increased stability for long range shooting. 125 Count. 0617-0436:Fast Flight Penetrators. For Maximum penetration and superior velocity. 150 Count. 0617-0437: .22 Red Flight Penetrators for superior penetration. 100 Count.
Crosman Destroyer .22 Pellet
Heavyweight pellet with exceptional penetration and expansion. One of the most popular hunting pellet designs is now available in .22 caliber! This pointed expanding design wreaks havoc on game, with few followup shots necessary for accurate shooters. 175 count.
Crosman Optimus
The Optimus break barrel is both powerful and elegant. It features a handsome, ambidextrous hardwood stock. With a relatively light cocking force and a two-stage adjustable trigger the Optimus is built to get the job done with velocities of up to 1200 fps*. The barrel incorporates a micro- adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight. If choosing the model with optics, you'll find a CenterPoint®, 4x32mm precision scope.
Crosman 1077 Repeatair
The only reliable semi-automatic air rifle on the market today, the new 1077 is pure shooting excitement. It features Crosman's patented 12-shot rotary clip for true semi-automatic action. Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger. Rifled steel barrel and fully adjustable rear sights. Reliable CO2 power for velocity to 625 fps. Scope-ready receiver. Synthetic or walnut stock.
Crosman 2240 Pistol
This .22 caliber air pistol features an improved bolt design for easier cocking and loading. The rifled steel barrel provides greater accuracy and CO2 power provided by the 12 gram Powerlet provides 460 feet per second of power. A great pistol for target and plinking or small pests. Ergonomically designed ambidextrous grip fits the hand for perfect balance and comfort with checkering and a thumbrest on both grip panels. Rear sight is open and fully adjustable.
Crosman Wadcutter Pellets
Wadcutter pellets are ideal for paper targets. The flat nose punches a crisper, rounder hole in paper targets, for easy scoring.
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$17.49 - $20.99
This rugged and powerful spring powered, single-shot pistol boasts full metal construction in a sidearm that never runs out of power. The heavyweight Stinger has a convenient, quick-release magazine that holds 12 rounds and the repeater shoots at up to 320 fps (.20g). .
MTM Pistol Case 13
This pistol case is sized for automatics and scoped revolvers with barrels up to 6". There is also room for a trigger lock or padlocks (not included) and the case is pad lockable. Polypropylene scratch resistant finish. 2 layers of 1.5" egg crate foam protect pistols with barrels up to 6". Double padlock tabs for secure transportation. 13.1"X 9.7"X 3.2". Black.
Crosman Leg Holster
Attaches securely to belt and leg with fully adjustable non-slip elastic straps. Fits most medium to large frame handguns.
Daisy Powerline®
Multi-pump pneumatic action. Shoots.177 caliber BB or pellet. Hooded blade and ramp front sights, adjustable open rear sight. Grip is checkered beavertail forearm with accent diamond insert. Stock/forearm is Monte Carlo-styled molded woodgrain. Receiver: engineering resin, dovetail mount. 50-shot BB/single-shot pellet capacity. Cross-bolt trigger block safety. Rifled steel barrel. Muzzle velocity up to 685 fps/BB, 665 fps/pellet. Maximum shooting distance: 291 yards.
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Removes Leading Powder Residue and Copper. Fouling from Bore of firearm. Safe to use on metals. Will not cause rust oxidation staining or galvanic corrosion. May be harmful to some paints varnishes and plastics.
Brownells J-B Bore Cleaning Compound
Cuts through toughest bullet jacket & powder fouling. Can't-run paste formulation. Cushioned abrasive action leaves bores sparkling. Easily lifts caked on, baked in moly residue.
Beretta Arx160 Tactical Airsoft Gun
The Umarex Beretta Arx160 Tactical advanced air soft gun is designed to be incredibly ergonomic with its design based around adaptability. The full length top rail allows users to put red-dot sights or scopes on along with peq-style laser systems. The side rails allow other mounting options for other Tactical accessories such as flashlights. To insure a natural feel, the lower rail segment can mount a vertical grip to handle the air soft gun properly. Internally, the V2 hybrid polymer gearbox delivers a velocity of 300 FPS, has full-auto and Semi-Auto capabilities, and an impressive rate of fire of 13 rounds per second. The high-capacity magazine holds 300 rounds. Included is a 7.2V battery and charger.
Daisy Electronic Point Sight
With the flip of a switch this lighted Point Sight puts you on target quickly and easily. Fits any standard 3/8" dovetail mounts and the Powerline 717 and Avanti 747 pistols with adapter. 3 volt lithium battery included. Clampack.
Birchwood Casey Super Strength Bore Scrubber®
A formula bore cleaner that will dissolve all types of barrel fouling including lead, copper, plastic, carbon, and powder. Available in liquid and aerosol.
Umarex PCP Gauntlet
Step up your air rifle game! The affordable Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle is an advanced bolt-action powerhouse for the modern hunter. Its hard-hitting PCP power plant produces 1,100 FPS muzzle velocity, more than enough to shred cans, bottle and varmint with gusto. Great for plinking, pest control, small game and more.
Montana X-Treme Bore Conditioner
A lubricant formulated for extreme accuracy in precision match grade barrels. It is highly a highly refined, low residue oil that has been processed to eliminate the factors that cause oil to gum and congeal. Contains no PTFE, silicones or synthetics that are known to leave residue that will affect accuracy.
Sweets Cleaner 7.62 Copper Solvent
Sweet's 7.62 Solvent for quick removal of Copper bullet jacket material from rifle barrels - Fastest Copper Solvent available. Used by Competition Rifle Shooters the World over, made in Australia. Capacity 200ml.
Umarex .177/.22 Cleaning Kit
Includes 33" flexible cleaning rod. .177 & .22 brass brushes. 177 & .22 cleaning mops. (25) Cleaning pads. Multi-functional handle that converts to screw driver. 6-bit driver set: (2) flat blades, (2) phillips, (1) 3mm hex head, & (1) 4MM hex head. .177/.22 thread adapter. Compact carrying case.
Remington Rem Oil Pro3
$3.49 - $12.49
Premium gun care lubricant that provides lower wear, higher lubricity performance under stress and superior corrosion protection. Rem oil Pro3 was specifically designed to withstand the high pressure, high cycle environments of Semi- or fully-automatic firearms, keeping them protected from harmful rust and corrosion up to 3x-5x longer than similar oils. It is specially formulated to offer premium performance and lubricity to keep actions working smoothly and protects both internal and external components from harmful metal to metal wear.
Mace Pepper Gun
Super Strength Pepper Spray that can shoot a stream of OC spray up to 25 feet. Comes with 1 water tester and 1 28 Gram OC Spray Cartridge. Also included is a bright, L.E.D. light which is activated by a "slight" pull of the trigger. Batteries are included.