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Cleaning Brushes & Patches

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3 Pack of Birchwood Casey Looped Handgun Brushes quickly cleans your handguns. Stands up to tough solvents and is offered in multiple handgun calibers. 9 Inch looped nylon cleaning brushes.
Birchwood Casey Gun Cleaning Patches
An American made product. Our patches feature a durable cross weave pattern that enhances the patches scrubbing power and is entirely lint free. The highly absorbent material holds more oil for better coverage and more solvent for those extra dirty clean up jobs. 41160 - 1-1/8" Square (.22 to .25 caliber), 1,000 patches. 41162 - 1-1/2" Square (.270 to .30 caliber), 750 patches. 41164 - 1-3/4" Square (7 MM. to .38 caliber), 750 Patches. 41166 - 2-1/4" Square (.38 to .45 caliber), 500 patches. 41168 - 3" Square (.12 to .20 gauge), 300 patches.
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Birchwood Casey MSR Chamber Brushes helps remove copper, carbon and lead fouling form rifle chambers. Thread size 8-32. Bronze bristles scrub the chamber, neck and shoulder of a MSR. The steel bristles at the base scrub the star chamber of the locking lugs on a MSR.
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Birchwood Casey single pack bronze brushes are tough on removing copper, carbon and lead from firearm barrels. Thread size 8-32 and come in multiple caliber size.
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